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The Internet Marketing Dissected Newsletter, Issue #001 -- teaser here
May 01, 2013

Let me start with a question. How many times have you come across a great blog, started reading and had every intention of either bookmarking it or writing down the URL so you could get back and read more posts next week? Maybe you did bookmark, but it’s now sitting there with 400 other bookmarked pages you’ll never look at again. Don’t feel bad; we all do it.

The web encourages short attention spans and as we hop from site to site, we come across some great stuff, never to get back to it again. How can you keep that from happening to your blog? It’s easy… by building a mailing list.

The idea is simple. As visitors come to your blog you encourage them to sign up for your list or newsletter. You then have the ability to email these people and bring them back to your blog over and over again. As an added bonus, lists are quite profitable.

Just recommend a product here and there and you’ll be making a dollar per subscriber (on average) per month.

Getting started with list building can seem like a daunting task at first, but it really isn’t all that complicated. And this list building series is all about getting started with building a list from your blog.

So we’ll cover the following: 11) What is List Building and Why Do You Need to Start Now? 12) List Building Service Of Choice – Aweber 13) Getting Your First 100 Subscribers 14) List Building Strategy #1 – Your Blog 15) List Building Strategy #2 – Create An Opt-In Page 16) List Building Strategy #3 – Article Marketing 17) List Building Strategy #4 – Social Media 18) List Building Strategy # 5 – Guest Blogging 19) Monetizing Your List From Day 1 20) How to Grow Your List Virally

Recommendation: You’ll get the greatest value from this series if you follow along in real time as we discuss these topics. Even better -- you can sign up for a trial that gives you Aweber access for 30 days for only $1. Grab that and learn as you go here:

All signed up and ready to go? Great! Let’s get started.

In the next email we’ll go deeper into what list building is all about.

To Your Success,


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