The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Seo Company

In a short while, you will discover what I and many others have come to consider as the best seo company on the internet. Big claim? Well, results speak for themselves. But more on that later. First, let's look at...

The Correct Way to do Search Engine Optimization (Seo)

Before we look at seo companies, it is important for you to know what great seo looks like. This way, you will not be in the dark when looking for someone to provide you with seo services.

You will know how to spot a company that can help you get the results you want without breaking Google’s rules. As you obviously know by now, Google is the 800 pound Gorilla when it comes to search engine traffic. That makes it highly imperative for you to abide by its rules.

The consequences of not doing so can be catastrophic to say the least. Your website could be inflicted with various Google penalties like panda (thin, keyword stuffed content) or penguin (dodgy link building strategies).

So if you hire a company that claims to be the best seo company on the basis that it will get you to the top of Google, but, you are not able to tell whether or not that company uses proper seo strategies, you could waste a lot of money and time.

The time that was spent on the wrong strategies could have been used to implement the right ones.

So this article will serve as your guide, a “lamp unto your feet” as you traverse the internet marketing terrain looking for the best seo company. You will know what to look for and will not fall into the pitfalls that often ensnare the blind and uninformed.

Black Hat Seo

So let's start by looking at how NOT to do seo. It’s no secret that seo is one of the best ways to get highly targeted visitors to your website. Done correctly, it can become a passive stream of several daily visitors to your website. That certainly has been my experience.

But seo has a dark side. The so called “black hat” seo strategies that some companies use to propel websites to the top of Google, seemingly at will, can never be the basis upon which you can build a lasting online business.

The simple reason for this is that the result of using black hat strategies is temporary success followed by a thunderous fall. That is almost always the case. You have no doubt heard about the several victims of Google algorithms whose entire websites have completely disappeared from Google’s result pages literally overnight!

I have, several times.

So if the consequences of using black hat strategies are that severe, it is critical for you to be able to tell when a company you plan to hire uses such strategies. And the following five classic examples will help you do just that.

Examples of Black Hat Seo

1. Listing your website url on thousands of directories, many of which have nothing to do with the theme of your content.

2.Links from link farms. This one is probably the worst. You simply list your website url on a webpage that is designed solely for people to list their link on. !?! Then what? Doesn’t make sense.

3. Link exchange programs where, as the name suggests, you exchange links with other websites. These can work if done correctly. But generally speaking, they don’t because most people swap links with none related websites and with sites that exist solely to swap links. The situation is exacerbated when software is doing the exchanging for you. Bad, bad, baaad for business.

4.Buying a bunch of links that are all made to link to your website.

5. Getting links from unrelated sites. We have touched on this point in some of the points above. Even if you go about building links to your website carefully and meticulously but all the sites linking to you have nothing to do with your website topic, the result will be very ephemeral success at best.

So please stay far away from anyone who claims to have the best seo company but uses any of the strategies above in order to improve your rankings. Google thoroughly frowns upon ALL of these strategies. You can verify this by looking at what Google itself has said.

As you have probably noticed, all of the strategies above involve getting links from other websites in some shape, manner or form. That is because link building is at the heart of seo. It’s the biggest part of the process of improving you page rankings in search engines. And the strategies listed above are the black hat way of doing things.

Let’s move on to…

White Hat Seo

Now this is where the fun starts and your online business starts to pick up serious momentum. You see, unlike black hat seo, “white hat seo” involves optimization strategies that focus on long term success. For sure, success can come quickly, but it will also endure.

It won’t just be a fleeting puff of smoke that fades away before your online business gathers any real steam. The reason for this is that Google loves and rewards white hat strategies on a consistent basis. It does this because websites that use these strategies provide real value for others.

They have to, otherwise white hat strategies won’t work, guaranteed. And so if a website is providing value to others, it is in Google’s best interests to feature that website on the first page of its search results for several keywords.

Why is that the case?

Simply because people use Google to search for information they are interested in. And so for Google to stay at the top of the market, or perhaps, merely in business, it MUST provide accurate search results that provide the valuable information that people are searching for.

White hat seo strategies help Google know that your website is providing that information. That’s the reason why Google rewards you with high rankings when you use those strategies.

So what are some examples of solid white hat strategies? Here are 5:

1. Joining the Solo Build It Value Exchange Program. This is an initiative by Solo Build It, the company that hosts the highest traffic websites on the web (proof here). When you join the program, you can get other high quality value providing websites that are related to your theme to link to your site. You can also provide a link in exchange if you want to. The reason site A will link to site B is because site B provides value to site A’s visitors. That’s why it’s important to build a website that provides genuine value. If you do, related websites will link to yours and send you targeted traffic that will spend significant time on your website. Google will notice this and reward you with consistently high rankings.

2. Guest posting on high quality related websites. Here, you appear as a guest and write an article that informs, educates or entertains the audience of another website. At the end of your article, you include a link back to your own website. The same sequence of events as in the first point will then transpire.

3.Occassionally linking to your websites from quality informative posts on niche forums. I don't mean including your link as your signature line under EVERY post. Rather, you can link to your website once in a while when you post a comment that requires elaboration and your website has information that will do just that. If you are in the internet marketing niche, the warrior forum would be a good example of such a forum.

4.Listing your website in active niche directories. I’m not just talking about any directory here. The directory has to be designed solely to list websites in your niche. Links from such directories have weight.

5. Using a “permission based” article distribution service. This is a service that you can use to distribute your articles to several related websites at once. But you have to be careful to not just use any service. What you want is a service or company that follows Google’s rules. And according to Google, the websites that you submit your articles to must be able to either accept or reject them. This is because Google wants to make sure that the sites that link to you do so because of the value you provide. This way, each link will be a genuine vote of confidence that your site provides real value and should appear higher in search engine results for several keyword searches.

And that brings us to what I consider to be the best seo company!

I use it and it has provided me with great results. I’ve used it to get several of my website pages to rank highly and I’ve also used it to get a friend’s website to rank highly for its brand name keyword.

I’m talking about Distribute Your Articles. That’s right, it's a permission based distribution service that has worked really well for me and so I believe it can work for you as well.

Every time I use it to distribute an article, I get a significant amount of backlinks (links from other sites). I usually get over 80 backlinks per article. When my headline is really good (a big part of the game) and my content is really informative, I get over 100 backlinks from a single article.

Of course once in a while, I get lazy and write articles that are somewhat below par. But even in those circumstances, I get at least 30 or so backlinks to my website.

The result of this is that my rankings for several of my webpages have significantly improved and continue to do so. That is why I believe you can also enjoy the same results.

But remember, your articles and website content must be top notch. If they are not, there is no seo company in the universe that can help you achieve long lasting success. It doesn’t exist. And that is great news for all web surfers!

Another thing that makes Distribute Your Articles a great seo company is the fact that you can choose who gets to publish your articles. We talked about other people having the power to accept or reject your articles. Well, you also have the power to choose who, in the first place, gets the opportunity to accept your articles.

The result is that you can choose only highly targeted websites, websites that are closely related to your site’s theme. When you do this, two things will happen.

Firstly, your website’s rankings in search engines will increase. But secondly, the websites that link to yours will directly send you highly targeted traffic that will be inclined to do business with you.

That’s why I use and love this service. In my opinion, based on the results I have obtained and the results I have seen others obtain, it is the best seo company on the net today.

For the solo or small business owner, it is all that you need to get your seo campaign off to a good start and on the right path for the long term.

Of course there are other seo companies like Majestic Seo and Moz. I think they are probably great but I have not used them so I don’t know for sure. But their reputations are solid so I suspect you would not go wrong if you used their services.

One last Key

Whichever seo company you choose to go with, please don’t build too many backlinks all pointing to the same website too quickly. That will cause your link building to look unnatural to Google and you may be penalized. It is better to build your links steadily and consistently.

A 100 or so backlinks per week has worked really well for me. That is equivalent to distributing 1 or 2 articles per week.


That brings us to the end! Here are a few key points to remember:

1. White hat seo strategies will help you gain high rankings for the long term.

2. Black hat strategies on the other hand, will only get you short term success.

3. You cannot build a real online business on short term success.

4. Even when you use white hat strategies, your website must provide valuable content otherwise no seo company in existence can help you out.

5. Last but not least, never give up. As Calvin Coolidge said, “Persistence alone is omnipotent”.

Warm Regards,


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