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If you want to build a highly successful internet marketing business, it's extremely important that you start by understanding the internet marketing basics first.

But the temptation when starting out is to try and learn everything all at once.

Most of us can’t help but be curious about knowing a little bit about EVERY aspect of internet marketing. The problem with this approach is that it only leads to severe frustration because it’s hard to make any real progress that way.

Unfortunately for me, I learnt this the hard way. During my earlier years of learning internet marketing, I had no system for making progress. I bought every online marketing course available. Sounds familiar?

What Has Your Online Journey Taught You About The Basics So Far? Share Your Discoveries and Lessons With The World!

I bought some that could actually help me get started considering the skill level I had at the time.

But, I also bought some that were just too advanced for me to act upon at the time. I was like a builder trying to build a house in the wrong order.

I started laying the foundation, but before I finished it, I moved on to build the walls. Soon I got bored and started building part of the roof before I had finished the foundation and the walls!

As you can imagine, it was horrific. My efforts amounted to nothing, literally. I consumed so much information and yet made absolutely no money whatsoever.

Unlike some people, I even acted on that information. In fact, I really really acted on it.

But because I did not start with the internet marketing basics, I failed miserably and wasted a lot of time and money in the process.

Frankly, I wasted about 4 years and thousands of hard earned dollars. I wasted somewhere in the neighbourhood of ten thousand dollars as a working student. No wonder I was always broke!

So what did I do to change my fortunes? Well, you guessed it. I decided to restart my online journey by first focusing on the basics alone. I stuck to the internet marketing basics before I tried to implement more advanced strategies.

I did everything I could to control the raging impatience and greed that were trying to make me jump steps in order to make money fast.

Was it difficult? Of course it was. But it wasn’t until I understood that I had to get the basics first that I started making real progress online.

So from experience, I’ve realized that grasping internet marketing basics first will help you lay a strong foundation for the rest of your online business. When you have a strong foundation, you can then start learning and implementing more advanced strategies.

In fact, you will find that those advanced strategies will work really well when they are used in an online business that has first implemented the basics very well.

So in this guide, you will discover the 7 internet marketing basics that you need to firmly understand and implement  in order to start a successful online business as quickly as possible.

You will also find a table of contents at the end of this page where you can access other pages that will really help you grasp other important basics of online marketing.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

A Market to Sell to

Once upon a time, I was watching an interesting business training DVD over my usual fresh cup of coffee. Around about halfway through his presentation, the speaker said something that I think was very profound.

He said that most problems in a business come from mistakes that you make at the very earliest stages of starting the business. Now, though not readily apparent, that is a really powerful truth.

But it didn't sink in right away. I sort of forgot about it for a while but came across it again when I took an internet marketing course that an Australian marketer recommended to me.

And now after having started my own internet marketing business, I really agree with this. Most problems in online business and any business for that matter, come from mistakes made at conception.

What point am I trying to drive home?

Well, one of the biggest mistakes internet marketing beginners make is to fail to choose the right market to sell products to BEFORE they start their online business.

It is absolutely imperative to choose a market that has problems it wants to be solved.

I would say that this is the first of the internet marketing basics that you need to be aware of. It’s so basic, yet so profound. You need to make sure you plan to sell stuff to people who are willing to pay for solutions to their problems.

This way, when you start your internet marketing business and start selling products to them, you know that there is a very high chance they will buy from you.

Getting this part wrong will cause your online business all sorts of problems for its entire life span. Infact, you will doom yourself to quick failure if you select a market that does not have problems that they are willing to pay for solutions to.

I’ve written an article about how to find a niche where you can learn more about profitably selling products to a starving crowd of people, a group of people who desperately want their problems solved.

It will help you gain more understanding on this critical area of market selection so I recommend you read it when you can.

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