The Internet Marketing Secret You Need To Know About

Are you looking for the ultimate internet marketing secret? Well, I believe there is no such thing. Why because a lot of things are required in order to succeed online. Getting all those things right is critical. There is no one thing.

But, if there is, it has to be having your own profitable newsletter. It is a secret that is out there for everyone to utilize, but very few people do.

The online guru’s on the other hand, they get it.  Most of them quietly use a newsletter to milk serious profits from their subscribers.

In fact, I would go as far as suggesting that it is the best money making tool on the internet. The reason for this is that it allows you to create a relationship with your audience.

Once that relationship is created, people trust you more and develop greater belief in your recommendations, products and services. Why? Because in the final analysis it’s all about trust.

And one of the easiest ways to build trust is to share valuable information with people in your own newsletter. That is an internet marketing secret worth knowing. Think about it. Would you buy from someone you don’t trust, someone you are suspicious of?

Now, how easily do you currently buy products and services from those you trust? So a newsletter is a powerful internet marketing weapon indeed.

Another great thing about having a newsletter is that when you provide free information on a consistent basis, eventually, people will want to pay you back in some way. I found this hard to believe the first time I heard it, but it’s true.

Whenever you provide valuable information that helps people solve their pressing problems, you make a deposit into their “emotional bank account”. Naturally, they develop a desire to pay you back in some way. Usually, that means they want to make a deposit into your financial bank account.

So if having a newsletter is that important, why don’t more people have one? The answer is simple. It takes some effort to write new content on a consistent basis. If you want to provide a weekly newsletter, you need to commit (the scary word) to writing fresh content every week.

On the other hand, if you decide to provide a monthly newsletter, it needs to have sufficient information to keep people reading it month in month out. Or, the information needs to be of very high quality if you are only providing a page or two of content.

Most people can’t commit to that sort of task.

If you are one of those people or if you just don’t have time to create your own newsletter for a number of perfectly legitimate reasons, don’t despair.

You can still enjoy the benefits of this marvelous internet marketing secret by using other people’s content. How, you may ask?

By simply going to Google Blogs and finding bloggers in your niche. Once you find these bloggers, simply offer them the opportunity to write a column in your newsletter. Most of them will readily say yes because featuring in your newsletter will give them exposure to a whole new audience.

It’s a true win win scenario!

If a blogger doesn’t want to, or can’t write a column for you, you can ask them if they are willing to provide you with some of the articles they have previously written. Then all you need to do is feature those articles in your newsletter whenever it goes out.

If you are creating a monthly newsletter, all you need are 12 articles from 1 blogger and you have enough information to fill that blogger’s column for one whole year. If you can find 5 to 12 bloggers to each write a column for you, you can create a valuable newsletter with a great readership.

It’s THAT easy to start using this internet marketing secret to your advantage.

Another place you can find people to write for you is You will find several writers in several niches. Using Google Blogs and Technorati will enable you to easily find enough writers to feature in your ezine, at least in most cases.

Once your newsletter is up and running, you can easily monetize it by selling advertising space just like major magazines do. All you need to do is register it in The Directory of Ezines and you will eventually start receiving offers from advertisers. Of course you can find even more advertisers by proactively advertising your newsletter and offering advertising opportunities to your readers.

So start a newsletter as soon as possible! It can be quite profitable and few people are willing to invest the energy it takes to provide quality content on a continuous basis.

I guess that is why it is such a powerful internet marketing secret!

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