How to Find and Use Articles on Internet Marketing to Grow Your Online Business 

Using other people’s articles on internet marketing can be very beneficial to your online business if you know how to use them properly.

They can help you save a lot of time and create multiple streams of income much quicker than if you rely only on your own articles.

So in this guide you will discover:

1. How to find articles on internet marketing and,

2. How to use them profitably once you find them.

You will also find a table of contents right at the very end that links to various educational internet marketing articles on this website.

So if you are ready to go, let’s get right into it!

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Finding Articles

How do you find articles on various internet marketing topics? Let us look at four reliable ways.

1. The first method you can use is to find websites that sell private label rights  articles (plr). These are articles that are written by someone else that you can buy and use as your own. You can use them as is or you can modify them before using them.

Most people suggest that you modify plr articles before using them. I agree with them. But, there are also ways to safely use them without modifying them at all. I will show you how to do that a bit later.

For now, it is important to remember that not all plr websites offer high quality articles on internet marketing. Some of them offer outright garbage.

I know that is a strong statement, but it’s the truth and I don’t want your online business to suffer the consequences of using poorly written articles.

So in order to find high quality articles on internet marketing I recommend you check out Easy Plr. They offer the most well written articles about internet marketing that I have come across on the web. 

2. The second way you can find articles on internet marketing is to search article directories. They are the best place to find several articles written by completely different people.

Article directories allow authors to submit original articles so that other people can come and read them and possibly utilize them in their online businesses.

It’s a win win win scenario. The article writers win because they get tremendous exposure for their online businesses.

You win because you get to find articles that you want to use in some way. The article directories win because they create massive websites that provide them with various opportunities to make money by providing people with incredible value.

When you get to an article directory, just search for articles under the “internet marketing” or “online marketing” category. If none of these categories is available, there will usually be one that clearly suggests that the articles posted in it are about making money online.

A few great article directories where you can definitely find articles on internet marketing are,, and

3. The third method you can use to find articles on internet marketing is to search for internet marketing blogs and websites. These are goldmines of well written articles.

What you need to do is search using phrases like “internet marketing”, “internet marketing tips”, “internet marketing strategies”, “internet marketing blogs”, “internet marketing websites” and so on and so forth.

Such searches will help you locate websites and blogs that publish great articles on online marketing. As with every other method, you need to take your time to read the articles yourself and to look at what others say about a website you find. This will help you avoid using poor quality information.

4. Fourthly, you can find articles on internet marketing on forums such as the Warrior Forum. Such forums offer members an opportunity to publish their articles in designated areas.

If you go through some of these articles, you will find that a number of them are really well written and provide solid information.

As much as there are many people who do not yet know exactly what they are talking about, there are many people who have serious experience and write articles that quite frankly, I would pay for.

I remember once attempting to answer someone’s question on article marketing on the Warrior forum. After giving them what I thought was a helpful answer, and I still think it was, I went on to check out some of the other answers.

One of the other members, a particularly helpful lady, had given an answer that included a link to an article on article marketing. The long and short of it is that the article opened my eyes to article marketing insights I had never thought of before.

And I had already done a seriously comprehensive course on article marketing a year or so before and had been successfully publishing my own articles for a while!

So it is always worth your time to check out forums when searching for articles on internet marketing, especially the Warrior forum. Some of the articles are in the article section of that forum while others can be found via links in posts made by members.

Alright, let’s move on to how to use these articles once you find them.


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