Discover How You Can Make Money Writing Articles!

If you have been online for any length of time then you probably know, at least on some level, that it is possible to make money writing articles. Infact, it is one of the easiest ways to make money online.

But what you may not know is that there are several ways to make money writing articles. You don’t have to limit yourself to freelancing on websites like Elance or to blogging.

Quite alright, these are effective methods if you know how to use them well. But you could still be leaving a lot of money on the table if they are the only ones you use.

So in this article you will discover 4 easy ways to make money writing articles that you may not know of yet. And the good news is that you can use some of these methods to start making money online write away.

So let’s get right into them!


The first method you can use to make money writing articles is to create a Squidoo lens. Squidoo is a website that allows you to create a page where you can publish your own content.

It’s like having a Facebook page, except you use the page primarily to publish content that you are passionate about.

If you visit Squidoo, you will see that people publish content in various niches. From internet marketing to health to dog training and much much more.

The way to use your articles to make money on Squidoo, is to sign up to their ad program. It works just like the adsense program in that when you write articles, Squidoo will show related ads on them.

When people click on these ads, you will get paid a percentage of what they pay to have their ads displayed.

So in order to maximize your earnings with Squidoo, you need to write a lot of articles. You also need to make sure that those articles are interesting to your niche so that people who read one article come back to read others.

Of course not everyone will come back. But some people will.

The more articles you write and the more visitors you get, the more potential you will have to make money. The thing I like about Squidoo is that articles that are posted on it tend to get found in search engines.

Time and time again, you will find that when you search for some information on Google, a Squidoo lens (page) will also feature in the search results on page one.

That means that that lens will probably get a lot of traffic and provide its owner with some easy ad revenue. You won’t get rich doing this but it’s one of the easiest ways to make money writing articles.

Create Private Label Articles

The second method you can use to make money writing articles is to sell them as private label rights articles. If you really enjoy writing articles this could be a very lucrative business model for you.

Especially if you choose to cater to a niche that needs a lot of content and is underserviced.

What you need to do here is to write a bunch of articles about one niche topic and then create a website to sell those articles from. With website creation software like Wordpress or Solo Build It, creating a website is now a very simple task.

I recommend that you focus on writing articles for one niche when starting out because it is easier to focus your marketing on your ideal customers. 

For example it will be easier to find ezines (newsletters) to advertise your private label articles in if you focus on one niche.

In order to increase the perceived value of your articles, you could limit the number of copies sold of each article. In other words, you could clearly say that only 77 copies of each article will be sold.

Even better, you could sell a bunch of 10 related articles and limit the number of “bunches” sold. You are only limited by your imagination.

Write for Iwriter

The third method you can use to make money writing articles is to write for Iwriter. This is a website that allows you to write as many articles as you want on the topics it has available.

Here’s how it works. First, you need to join this website as a writer. Other people join it because they need articles written. These people list their requests on Iwriter for writers to see and decide if they want to write about that topic.

Usually more than one writer will respond to the same request. It’s then up to the person who requested the article to choose which article she wants. Sometimes she chooses one article.

Other times she chooses 3 or 4 or 10 articles. If your article is chosen, you get paid by Iwriter. The maximum amount you can get paid should be around $10 per article.

In order to make money using this method, you need to know your niche topics really well and how to write well too.

You also need to be able to write quickly enough to get paid the amount of money you want to make. The more articles you write, the higher your chance of making some money.

Article Writing Services

The fourth method you can use to make money writing articles is to create your own website and sell your article writing services.

In this case, you would not be selling private label articles. You would be writing unique articles for each customer.

You could, for example, set up a website that offers to write articles for people in the Personal Development niche. You could offer to write unique 700 to 800 word articles for $15 to $18 per article.

With this method, you will find that if you write high quality articles, you will quickly create lifetime customers.

It is surprisingly difficult to find writers who can produce high quality articles on a consistent basis. The ones who can, tend to charge a lot of money.

So if you can write articles that are good enough to be used without any further editing, then charging $18 per article is a very reasonable price in my opinion.

I would gladly pay $30 per article if I did not have to edit an article that someone else wrote.

The other key to succeeding with this method is to get traffic to your website. Once you learn how to do this, you can virtually write your own ticket. In other words, you can decide how much you want to get paid.

You can even outsource a team of freelance articles writers to do the writing for you and pay them a percentage of the price of each article they write.

Of course you have to test them to see how well they can write and come up with prices that are fair for that level of writing.

If you find high quality freelance article writers, you can dramatically increase the amount of money your article writing business makes. So it’s worth giving it a go.

Those are 4 very easy ways you can make money writing articles. Each method is vastly different from the other so you need to take the time to choose which one works best for you.

Once you find that method, focus all your energy on it until it succeeds.

If possible, also find someone who already successfully uses that method and model after them. If you do that, you will significantly increase your chances of succeeding as well.

And that’s a Marvelous thing indeed!

You can learn even more about how Super Successful internet marketers make money writing articles here.

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