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Nowadays there are several article marketing services online. While they all seem to provide high quality services, the devil is in the details.

And so after looking at several services over the years, I have concluded that Distribute Your Articles is one of the best article marketing services online. Here are the reasons why.

1. It helps you to get results the right way. What this means is that it is set up in a way that allows you to widely distribute your articles without fear of breaking Googles rules. So for example, your articles will only be distributed to websites that actually want them.

You don’t need to be afraid of spamming anyone. And when you think about it, this is a really huge benefit because spamming can ruin your reputation and destroy your online business very quickly.

2. The second reason why distribute your articles is one of the best article marketing services online is that it allows you to choose exactly which websites, blogs and newsletters you want your articles to feature on.

This allows you to make sure that your articles only feature in places where your target market is. So your articles don’t just go to several websites, blogs and newsletters. That’s not effective.

If your article features on 1000 websites that have nothing to do with the topic of your article, your results will still be very poor.

Rather, you can choose to place your articles only where people are interested in reading them.

3. Thirdly, Distribute Your Articles has websites, blogs and newsletters in a huge number of niches. So regardless of your niche, you can most probably use it to effectively and profitably distribute your articles.

4. You are allowed to submit as many articles as you want. There is no limit to how many articles you can submit. So you can distribute different articles until the cows come home… and then some.

5. Equally great is the fact that Distribute Your Articles is a very flexible service. It allows you to easily change the websites, blogs and newsletters that you want to receive your articles at any time during your campaigns.

So you are not stuck with your first decision. You can always change things until you start getting the results you want.

6. Distribute Your Articles enables you to create a huge number of backlinks to your website. You can do this by including your website address in every article that you distribute. This will significantly increase your websites rankings and the amount of traffic it receives.

 7. Last but not least, when you distribute your articles widely using the channels that Distribute Your Articles has created, your articles will get picked up by people who will share them on social networks.

People can’t help but talk about what they are interested in so if your articles are interesting and well written, they will be marketed further by your raving fans on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

So for all these reasons, Distribute Your Articles is the article marketing service that I recommend.

You can create a free account here.

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