What is the Best Internet Marketing System on the Net?

There is an internet marketing system for everyone. In fact, there are several different systems that you can use to create a viable online business. And while this is great for all of us, it also poses us with a BIG problem.

That problem is indecision.

If you are like most people starting out online then you have probably lost count of how many times you started implementing a particular system and then stopped because you became interested in a different one.

For example, when I started out online, I began by working on a content rich website. But before I finished it, I decided it was better for me to start a paid ezine (newsletter) because someone said that were wildly profitable.

So I started working on the ezine and wrote a bunch of articles. But before it was up and running, I heard that Jimmy D Brown became successful online by marketing products using short reports.

So I decided that marketing affiliate products using short reports was definitely the best way to go. I could go on. It is a bit irritating just thinking about it because I wasted so much time jumping from one thing to the next, all in the hope of finding the best internet marketing system .

So while it is wise to find a profitable proven system, it is equally important to stick to it once you find it. Now, I personally do not think there is one system that is the best. Different systems will work better for different people.

Depending on your knowledge, skills, resources and unique talents, some internet marketing systems may work better than others for you. Please allow me to use myself as an example again.

I enjoy reading almost any information about business, including internet marketing. Infact, now that there are audio books, I just kick back in my chair with a fresh cup of coffee and listen to the book being read to me!

I also so enjoy writing, have bought a ton of products online and like to try out stuff to see what works.

A combination of these qualities makes it easy and enjoyable for me to produce a content rich site like Internet MarketingDisseted.com. 

If on the other hand you hate writing and you do not yet have enough money to hire other people to write for you, producing a content rich site may be the worst internet marketing system for you. It may work for others but not YOU.

So it seems that the better question to ask yourself is, Considering my current skills, resources, passions and talents, what is the best internet marketing system for me?

There may be more than one system that would be a great fit for you. But it is important to start with one and get it up and running before moving on to the next one. I guarantee you will progress faster that way. Guarantee it.

Now, in order to help you find the money making system that is right for you, here are a few proven systems for your consideration.

1.       A content rich website that provides your niche with lots of helpful information. You can monetize the website through affiliate marketing, selling advertising space, selling your own products and services, Google adsense and various other methods.

2.       Mini sites. You can create a lot of mini sites and use them to market affiliate products. They are not search engine friendly so you will need more marketing skills to get traffic to them. People who use this model usually have an empire of several mini sites not just one or two.

3.       Ezine Publishing. You can publish an ezine and sell advertising space in it. You can either write all the articles yourself or you get other people to feature their articles in your ezine as well.

4.       Membership Site: You can start a membership site and get people to pay you for access to high quality information every month. This will provide you with a monthly recurring income. With this money making system, you need to have lots of high quality information to provide your subscribers with every month.

5.       Write short reports and sell them on Amazon. Then cross promote the reports. In other words mention that you wrote report A in report B.

6.       Start an eBay Business. Find products for which there is much more demand than supply and then start an eBay store and sell those products.  With this system, it is highly important to be secretive about where you get your products. It is also important to buy the products you plan to sell for as low a price as possible because your profit is made when buying. One other thing. You MUST have an eBay store.

7.       Domain flipping. Buy domain names and then sell them at a higher price. You need to know how to increase the value of a domain name to succeed with this system.

8.       Create an online store where you sell a variety of products in a specific niche. So your online store could be in the health niche and you could sell a variety of supplements. You have probably come across one of these.

9.       Start a content curation website. So create a website that refers people to information on several other websites in your niche. Check out the Drudge Report for an example of one of the best content curation sites online.

10.     Blogging. Create a blog and provide fresh information regularly. A blog is different from a content rich site because it is not static. The information on the home page keeps changing frequently.  You can promote affiliate products, write paid reviews and sell advertising space. You are only limited by your imagination!

These should be enough to get you started. So choose one system that is suitable for YOU and focus on it UNTIL you succeed. If you do that, you will make it YOUR best internet marketing system .

To Your Success


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