How to Find and Use Articles on Internet Marketing to Grow Your Online Business

How to Use Articles

There are many ways to use articles on internet marketing. Here are four marvelous ways that can help you simultaneously save time and make more money online.

1. The first way is to create your own newsletter. This is my favorite method. I love it because there are no duplicate penalties. Google and other search engines can’t see what is in my newsletter and penalize me for using someone else’s article.

But this does not mean that you should unethically use other people’s articles. In the long run that will really harm you and your online business. And it’s just bad business anyway.

So it’s important to always include the name and website details of the real author whenever you use someone else’s article.

In order to create a newsletter, what you need to do is go to a plr site and buy several related plr articles. Now, it’s not always easy to find a plr site selling a bunch of related articles. Even Easy Plr does not always have them.

This is where creativity comes into play. Rather than just looking for articles on internet marketing, you could also use these plr sites to find ebooks or ecourses on internet marketing.

You could then break those up into several articles and use them to create a newsletter. You could even rearrange the information if it makes sense to do so.

Simple, but effective.

The number of articles you need will depend on the type of newsletter you want to create. If you want to create a monthly newsletter, all you need are 12 articles for a year’s worth of newsletters.

A year’s worth of weekly newsletters on the other hand will require 52 articles. I personally think weekly newsletters are more effective in keeping your online business at the top of your prospects minds.

But it’s up to you to test because some monthly newsletters are really effective.

You could also use articles from article directories, blogs or forums to create a newsletter. As long as you attribute authorship, the authors will be more than happy for you to do so. You will be giving them massive free exposure after all.

You can then monetize your newsletter in several ways including selling advertising, promoting affiliate products or selling your own products and services.

2. The second way you can use articles on internet marketing is to create a content curation site. What this means is that you can create a website that focuses on posting summaries of several articles and then including links to the full article at the end of each summary.

So for example, you could create a site that curates content on one specific aspect of internet marketing, for example SEO. Such a site would have several article summaries linking to full articles that all talk about SEO.

*Specificity is the key*.

You don’t even need to summarize the articles. If you want, you can just include the introduction of each article on your site and then link to the original article.

It is very easy to create a huge site that has the potential to be monetized in various ways by using this content curation method.

You could for example, sell advertising space or build a list using such a website. The Drudge Report at is a great example of a content curation site.

3. The third way you can use articles on internet marketing is to increase the quality of the answers you provide people with when doing forum marketing. There are 2 ways to do this.

The first way is to simply link to articles that provide a fuller explanation of your answer at the end of your post or somewhere within it.

So for example, if you answer a question on affiliate marketing, you could refer people to a well written comprehensive article on affiliate marketing in order for them to learn more.

I know that it is tempting to always refer people to your own website but sometimes it does both you and other people a lot of good if you refer them to someone else’s article.

Especially if that other person has explained things better than you can in that particular situation.

The second way to use internet marketing articles in forum marketing is to use snippets of information from those articles when writing your posts. Articles usually have several snippets of well written insights.

Using those insights can improve the eloquence and effectiveness of your posts.

Some article writers keep on refining their articles over and over again so some of the work they come up with is nothing short of amazing. But remember, as smart as we all want to look and sound, it’s important to always recognize the author of a statement that you use.

So you can say something like, “As Jerry Fox said” and then include the statement. That way you will maintain your integrity and prevent people from accusing you of stealing their work.

4. Lastly, you can use articles on internet marketing to create short reports that you can give away or sell if you want to. In this case, I would advise you to only use plr articles.

Unless of course you get permission from the author of every article that you plan to use in your short report. If you do get the permission, make sure it’s in writing in order to avoid later confusion or drama.

If you are like me, you don’t want any more drama in your life. You can create enough on your own. :) Anyway…

In order to create a short report, you would need to find articles on related internet marketing topics. So you could, for instance, find 15 articles that talk about 15 different ways of getting traffic to a website.

You could then put them together to create a traffic generation report called, “15 Proven Ways to Get More Traffic Now!”.In no time at all you would have a report that you could sell or use to market an even larger product on traffic generation.

If you choose to market a larger product, all you would have to do is include links to that product in your report. But that doesn't mean throwing links all over the place.

You would have to include links in places where it makes sense to do so. That’s why it really helps to know something about copywriting techniques when doing this.

So there you go!

You now know 4 ways to find articles on internet marketing and 4 ways to use them profitably once you find them. I encourage you to try out some of the strategies in this article.

When I look back at my own online journey, I wish I had had the courage to try out some of these things earlier. Like content curation or starting a newsletter for example.

It’s not even difficult at all. It just takes work. I would have gone far further in a quicker period of time if I had just acted.

You don’t even have to get it 100% right the first time. As Zig Ziglar once said, “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly--until you can learn to do it well”.

So implement what you now know on finding and using articles on internet marketing. I guarantee that you will move ahead much faster. As someone once said, “action beats meditation any day”!

To Your Success


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