4 Ways To Get Massive Amounts Of Free Traffic Through Viral Marketing Strategies

When all is said and done, viral marketing strategies are still one of the most powerful ways to get free traffic on the internet.

Unlike other free internet marketing methods, viral marketing has the ability to spread news about your website, promotions and offers all over the web very quickly.

And if you want speed but lack the money to invest in paid advertising which typically produces faster results, it is most probably the solution you are looking for.

So in this article, you will discover 4 powerful viral marketing strategies that you can use to effectively distribute your viral report.

If you do not have a report, no need to worry. You can get a quality report from Special Report Club. If you take the time to use the viral marketing strategies revealed here, you will eventually create multiple streams of warm prospects who are interested in what you have to offer.


Because they would have read your viral report and formed the view that you are someone worth doing business with based on the value provided by your report.

So let us get started, shall we?

1. The first of the viral marketing strategies you can use to distribute your report is to offer it to product sellers to use as a bonus. This way, whenever someone buys the sellers product they will also receive your viral report as a bonus.

If your report offers quality information, many product owners will be happy to use it to add value to their product offering.

And if a seller who sells a huge amount of his products includes your report as a bonus, wonderful things can happen for you.

So where can you find product owners who would be willing to accept your viral report? Well the first place is ClickBank.com.

It has a huge market place of sellers in various niches and many of them are already used to making this type of arrangement. Only digital products are sold here.

The second place is Amazon.com. As you most probably know, it is the largest retailer of digital books online. You can also find many physical products in several other categories.

So it is a great place to seek out product owners who you can collaborate with.

2. Secondly, one of the most effective viral marketing strategies you can use to gain vast exposure for your viral report is video distribution sites. This is a powerful method because it taps into a whole new market.

If you only distribute articles, you will miss out on all the people who prefer to consume information through videos.

Further still, videos are an effective way to communicate with others because you can convey your message in more ways. You can use sound effects, pictures, the tone of your voice etc.

That can really help you communicate in a way that causes more people to download your report.

You do not have to create a fancy video for this. A two minute video that simply reveals one powerful tip and asks people to download your report to learn even more powerful tips is all you need.

You can use screen capture software like Camtasia to quickly and easily make a short informative video. No need for fancy cameras and the like if you do not want them.

After you have made your video, you can use video distribution sites like TubeMogul (free) and Traffic Geyser (paid) to distribute your videos to several video sites.

And with a message about your free viral report at the end, more and more people will download it, visit your website and buy from you or join your list.

3. The third way to widely distribute your viral report is through joint ventures. Of the viral marketing strategies listed here, this one can really set you up for long term profits. All you need to do is allow other list owners to advertise to your list if they distribute your free report to theirs.


You can do the same thing with website owners and blog owners. You can allow them to advertise on your website or blog in exchange for a free ad or article about your report on their website or blog.

But what if you are just starting out and have no list, website or blog? In that case, you can offer to provide some services for others in exchange for free exposure to their audiences.

For example, you could offer to write articles for a list owner in exchange for free advertising to her list.

If you have samples of quality articles you have written, you could potentially land yourself a lucrative joint venture deal.

You could even offer other services like graphic design, blog commenting, forum posting etc. If you let your creative juices flow, the sky could be the limit.

4. Perhaps one of the easiest viral marketing strategies you can ever use is to  submit your report to free ebook submission sites.

People usually visit these sites to look for helpful free ebooks and there is no reason why you cannot submit your free report if it is of good quality and helps people solve their problems.

Here are a few of these sites.

1. http://www.ebookdirectory.com
2. http://www.wisdomebooks.com
3. http://www.free-ebooks.net
4. http://books.google.com
5. http://www.getfreeebooks.com
6. http://e-library.net

Distributing your report to these sites will allow you to easily get free exposure to several potential customers.

So there you go!

You have just discovered 4 sure fire viral marketing strategies for ensuring that your internet marketing business receives a consistent flow of interested prospects for a long time to come.

At this point, there is only one thing left for you to do.

Take action! Because only action will take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

To Your Success


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