3 Ways To Get Massive Amounts Of Free Viral Traffic

Viral traffic is one of the very best means of building a stable and profitable online business. And yet, it is a strategy that is severely underused.

This presents You, the budding internet marketer, with an amazing opportunity to get ahead of your competition by utilising simple but effective viral strategies.

But before we get into these strategies, there are a couple of things you need.

Firstly, you need something to give away. Why? Because the essence of viral traffic is providing other people with something interesting that they are willing to give away to their contacts.

The reason they are willing to give it away is not only because it is interesting, but also because it serves their business interests as well.

Preferably, it helps them make money online while doing the same for you. A true win win scenario.

When many people are interested in your free give away, AND in sharing it with other people, you can receive tremendous exposure for your online business.

That is the power of viral traffic.

The second requirement has already been stated in the previous paragraph. That is, you need something to sell.

If your viral free gift is not leading people to eventually buy something from you, then in my view, you are wasting your time distributing it and getting others to do the same for you.

You must have something to sell.

So those are the 2 things you need to use viral traffic to your advantage. If you already have something free to give away and a product to sell, then you are already halfway there.

If you do not have either of these, do not worry. You can easily buy high quality private label rights products to sell and give away from Special Report Cub. I have bought countless reports here and they are ALL of great quality.

Now, while there are many things you can choose to give away for free, the focus of this article is viral reports. The reason for this is that they are the easiest for you to get started with. And they also tend to spread very well.

So, what are some of the strategies you can use to distribute viral reports to a HUGE number of people in order receive insane amounts of free viral traffic?

Here are 3 proven strategies. They are the first three of seven strategies included in this series. You can find the remaining four in Part 2.

Let us get into them!

1. Firstly, you can use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media has an inherently viral nature. In other words, viral traffic is just naturally built into it.

If you tweet about your free viral report on Twitter several people will see your tweet and some of them will decide to download your free report. If they love it, many of them will decide to retweet about it and the viral effect will start kicking in.

You will get more and more eyeballs on your report and therefore, more and more downloads. And that is exactly what you want.

On Facebook, you can build a fan page and offer your report to people on condition that they first become a fan of your fan page. The power of this strategy is this.

When people become fans, a small icon of your fan page picture and title will appear on their profiles. And so, your fans will be advertising your fan page for you!

All their Facebook friends will be able to see your fan page ad and if they like what they see, many will visit it. Some of those visitors will want your free report and so will become fans in order to get it.

Your fan page will get yet more exposure. So clearly, using social media to distribute viral reports is a very effective strategy.

2. Secondly, another way to distribute your free report is to write viral articles. What are viral articles? These are articles that other people are more than happy to publish on their websites.

Here is an example of a viral article. You could write a Best Of article that features the top 10 most informative articles about a specific topic in your niche.

For example you could write a Best of Amazing Fishing Locations article if you are in the fishing niche.

This article would feature 10 articles that each talks about one amazing fishing location. You would then include a link to each of these articles.

Of course one of those links would point to your own article. And your article would point to your free viral report.

Would the owners of the articles that are featured in your Best Of article be willing to publish your article on their websites? Most of them would, especially if it is well written.

Why? Because they would be able to show their audiences that their article featured as one of the best in their niche. And this would only increase their status in the eyes of their respective audiences.

So this strategy would give you exposure to potentially 10 other individuals audiences and that would most certainly be hugely beneficial to your online business.

3. The third way to distribute your reports is by using article distribution software. This strategy is similar to the one above but different.

What you need to do here, is to write a highly informative article and distribute it using software like Distribute Your Articles.

The purpose of this article is to provide readers with quality information and then promote your free report at the end. Usually, your promotion will feature in the bio (author information) box rather than in the article itself.

So you could say, If you want to learn even more about the secrets of effective ad writing, grab a copy of my free report entitled bla bla at www.blabla.com.

That would entice several of your article readers to download your free viral report that gives them deeper information on a topic they have just enjoyed reading.

But where does distribution software come in? Well, after you write your article, you can load it into distribution software like Distribute Your Articles or your favourite software and automatically send it to dozens of publishers.

These publishers will include website owners, blog owners and newsletter publishers. Imagine what could happen if your article is featured in 10 newsletters, on 10 websites and on 10 blogs.

I can tell you what would happen right now. Your  report would gain amazing exposure and bring your online business a huge amount of viral traffic over time.

So use article distribution software. It can be a game changer when used correctly. I recommend Distribute Your Articles because it is the one I use and trust.

So those are 3 sure-fire ways you can use to distribute your viral reports and start enjoying free viral traffic.

I encourage you to get started right now because the quicker you start, the quicker you will see results. Start with one method and get it up and running.

Then start to incorporate the other strategies one by one. Eventually, you will have a significant amount of free viral traffic coming through the doors of your online business on a consistent basis.

And THAT, is a wonderful thing indeed!

To Your Success


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