How to do Affordable Internet Marketing

How do you do affordable internet marketing? This is a great question and it is one that you have probably asked yourself before. And rightly so.

It is important to know how to make online progress affordably because it will help you create a long term plan for starting and growing your online business that fits into your budget.

And with that plan in hand, you will be able to chart your way across the sea of online marketing with less hassle.

So I hope you have your maths hat on because we are about to add a few numbers. But do not worry, it is really simple maths, the type we can all do.

But before we get into the maths, I would like to quickly point out that many internet marketers have their own views about how affordable internet marketing can be done. Depending on who you listen to, "affordable"  can mean as much as $1000 or more.

Then there are those who say you can start a susseccful internet marketing business without spending ANY money and you do not even need a computer, electricity or an internet connection.

Believe me, people say this sort of stuff. Personally, I think you at least need an internet connection.

It also really helps to have your own laptop or computer. They make life much easier. You can use them to write articles, create reports and eBooks from cover to cover and much more.

With that said, let us delve more deeply into affordable internet marketing models. The costs we will look at involve models I recommend.


Because I use them and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that even though that are affordable, they work as well as any other more expensive model out there.  But YOU have to make them work for you.

So let us get started!

Model 1

For $299 you can get a Solo Build It package that comes with a domain name, website creation software and hosting.

With these 3 things in place, you are completely ready to get started online. You can create a website and promote affiliate products in order to earn a passive online income.

You can get affiliate products from an affiliate network like ClickBank. It is 100% free to join.

You can also join an advertising program like Google Adsense and starting featuring Google ads on your website. Whenever your website visitors click on an ad, you will get paid. It is also free to join.

If you want to sell advertising space, you will need an extra $2 or less to activate a PayPal account and start receiving payments. So that will be:

$299 + $2 = $301.

Once your PayPal account is activated, you can then include a PayPal button on your website and sell other things such as your own services. For example, you can offer article writing services or write paid reviews for others.

So for $301 you can own a fully functional online business. Of course you could use cheaper services than Solo Build It to build your site and host it. But the advantage of using Solo Build It is that it comes with every business building tool you will ever need, at least when starting out.

There is a link at the end of this article where you can check out all these tools for yourself.

After checking these tools out you will agree with me that this affordable internet marketing at its best.

Model 2

This model carries on from the previous one. So it asumes you already have Solo Build It and a PayPal account. In other words, you have already incurred a cost of $301.

Let move on.

If you want to quickly own an information product of your own like many people do, you can buy a private label rights (plr) product from Jimmy Brown for $97 or so and sell it from your website.

You can modify a private label rights product and put your name on it in order to create a brand new product.

If you use Solo Build It, you will be able to use its autoresponder software to deliver your product to your customers on autopilot. So now the maths will look like this:

$301 + $97 = $398 

$97 may seem like a lot but Jimmy Brown’s products have incredibly high quality. They are the sort of products your customers will find really helpful and thank and respect you for.

You could also buy plr information products from Special Report Club for around $42. They are of good quality as well.

In this case your costs will be $301 + $42 = $343

So for only $343 or $398 you can start an online business that has access to several quality tools and sells high quality products. In other words, you can engage in relatively high level and yet affordable internet marketing.

Model 3

If information products are not your thing and you want to sell physical products instead, the best place to find a wide range of suppliers who will allow you to sell online and to only pay for their product AFTER you make a sale is WorldWide Brands.

For around $299 you can get life time access to this incredible resource. I have used it many times so I know that the products provided are high quality ORIGINAL products, straight from the factory. No middle men involved.

So now, the maths will be as follows:

$301(Site Buld it and PayPal) + $299 = $600

So for $600 you can start an online business that you could monetise by selling physical products, affiliate products, advertising services and your own services.

Now of course, there are other ways to do affordable internet marketing.  But the above models will help you start a real and legitimate online business that will be sustainable for the long term.

As you may probably have noticed, Solo Build It is at the center of every model we have looked at. There is a good reason for that.

Even though it costs you $299 to get started with Solo Build It, the value you receive is worth more the $1 000. As mentioned earlier, you get access to several different types of business building tools.

For example, keyword research software, autoresponder software, survey forms, access to a link building program, niche selection software that helps you choose the best niche for YOU specifically and a whole lot more.

So in actual fact, you will save money with Solo Build It. I guarantee that you will spend much more money if you decide to get all the tools that Solo Build It provides from different online businesses. I guarantee it. So the $299 that it costs to get you started with Solo Build It is a real bargain.

But in the end, it is up to you to decide what sort of model you start with. The above models work well for me and thousands of other people and I believe they can work for you as well, provided you work them.

So give em a go!

Here is the page where you can check out the SBI! tools as promised.

To Your Success


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