How To Do Effective Internet Marketing

Needless to say, effective internet marketing is about getting others to buy your product. Period. In fact, this is the heart of internet marketing. The very essence.

Why is that the case? Well, imagine a situation where you invest considerable time and money creating a product, its sales page and various marketing materials to promote the product.

In order to get a worthwhile return on your investment of time and money, you would obviously have to be able to effectively promote and sell your product.

Without sells, your entire investment would be a complete and utter failure. And even if you only marketed products for other people as an affiliate, the time and money you spent marketing those products would completely go to waste if you couldn't get others to buy them.

So seeing as your whole online business is nothing without sells, the question that follows is: How do you get other people to buy a product you are selling? In other words, how do you engage in effective internet marketing?

Here are 7 proven ways.

1.  Target People Who Already Want The Product You’re Selling

This is the first step. In order for you to even stand a chance of making a significant amount of sales, you need to offer your product to people who you know are most likely to want to buy it.

This is called target marketing and effective internet marketing revolves around it. Why? Because it helps you focus your marketing like a laser beam on only the people who are interested in what you have to offer. This way, you severely cut costs and significantly increase your profits.

Here’s an example of target marketing. Let’s say you are selling an Italian recipes cook book.

Your target market would be people who are subscribed to a “recipe of the week” newsletter, people who visit websites that feature various recipes frequently and people who shop for cook books on Amazon.

And if you find a website, forum or newsletter that specifically talks about Italian recipes, well, that’s the Holy Grail of target marketing.

People who visit such a website or forum or subscribe to such a newsletter would almost certainly be interested in your Italian recipes cook book. And your marketing would produce worthwhile results.

So target your marketing towards interested prospect only. This, is the foundation of effective internet marketing. Without it your whole business will crumble.

2.      Write A Sales Page That Compels Prospects To Buy

Secondly, effective internet marketing involves creating a sales page that persuades your prospects to buy your product or service. That's if you plan to sell your own stuff.  

Now, this is easier said than done.

But if you follow proven copy writing techniques, you will vastly increase the effectiveness of your sales page. While there are many ways in which you can craft a persuasive sales page, here’s my favorite method.

Firstly, write an attention grabbing headline. This headline should offer your prospects a HUGE benefit.

For example if you are selling a self defense kit to women, your headline could say, “Discover How Thousands Of Ladies Just Like You Are Able to Bring Down Men Twice Their Size In Less Than 30 Seconds Without Breaking A Sweat!”

If you are a lady and you feel that you need to learn how to protect yourself and perhaps your children, this headline would probably grab your attention.

After writing the headline, talk about the problem that your ideal prospect is facing. Then aggravate that problem.

For example, if your prospects problem is crooked brown teeth, you could say, “Do You Currently Have Brown Crooked Teeth That You Are Terribly Ashamed Of? Are These Teeth Causing Men To Flee From You Every Time You Smile?

See what I just did? The first sentence talks about the tooth problem my prospect is facing. The second sentence makes the problem worse, i.e. no love life!

Since this is not an article on how to write a sales letter, I’ll summarize the remaining steps. After you aggravate the problem, provide your solution and its benefits.

So tell your prospects what your product can do for them. This is where your market research will come in very, very handy.

Why? Because if you can tell prospects how your product will solve problems that they already believe they have and already want to solve desperately, your sales page will be very persuasive.

In other words, your market research will enable you to write about benefits that your prospects would truly love to have.

And that is effective internet marketing because you will be talking in terms of your prospect's interests. Not just stuff you thought about while taking a shower.

After you provide the solution to the problem, prove that it works. You can use testimonials for this.

Lastly, give your prospects a call to action. Effective internet marketing tells people exactly what they should do next. So in this context, tell them to click on the order button and buy your product right now. Include an element of genuine scarcity or urgance.

For example, "There are only 97 spots because that is the number of people I can properly cater to".

This is a simple and very effective formula. Extensive research shows that it is one of the best ways to write a compelling, money making sales page.    

3.    Give a Bonus

The third proven way to to effective internet marketing is to offer your prospects a bonus for buying from you.

This technique plays on the emotion of greed. And if you have read “Psychological Selling Triggers” by Joseph Sugarman, then you know that greed is one of the biggest factors that motivate people to buy.

So if you are selling  a course on weight loss exercises, motivate your prospects to buy it by offering them an ebook on weight loss diets as a bonus. 

When you do this, you will be offering your prospects more value than they are paying for so they will buy in larger numbers.

Just remember that with this technique, it’s important to make your bonus closely related to the product you are selling. That way, it will appeal to your prospects.

So offer your prospects a bonus or bonuses if possible. It makes buying from you a no brainer. And that's what effect internet marketing is all about. People being persuaded that buying your product is the wisest thing they can do with their money right now.

4.      Offer a Guarantee

This one is a game changer. In fact, some believe it is the single most powerful thing you can do to make your internet marketing effective. Entire businesses have improved dramatically by just offering a guarantee.

So why is a guarantee so important?

It’s important because your prospects, particularly first time buyers, are a little skeptical about your product. They don’t know if the claims you have made on your sales page are true. They are not sure if your product will give them the results they want.

So you can eliminate their worries by offering a risk reversal guarantee. Essentially, your guarantee will say that if your prospects are not satisfied with your product for any reason whatsoever, they can return it and get their money back without any hassle.

The longer you make this guarantee, the more effective it will be. So, a 90 day guarantee will most likely be more effective than a 30 day guarantee.

It takes some patience on your part to offer a longer guarantee but it is worth it in the long term because it increases sales.

5.   Presell Your Products

Effective internet marketing focuses on preselling rather than selling. So what does preselling mean? As the term suggests, preselling involves certain interactions you can have with prospects before they get to the product sales page.

Specifically, it involves warming up prospects to the idea of buying your product before they even get to the sales page. For example, you can warm prospects up by offering a free report that provides an overview of what the product you are selling covers.

Or, you can offer a free video that shows prospects how to achieve one of the many things that your product will show them how to do.

That’s preselling. And it is very effective when done right because it causes your prospects to arrive at the sales page in a buying mood.

There is a staggeringly HUGE difference between a prospect who is sent straight to a sales page and one who gets there after being presold.

Presold prospects are far more likely to buy than “cold” prospects that have not been warmed up to the idea of buying a product before getting to a sales page.

And the wonderful thing is that you can presell your prospects whether you are an affiliate or product owner. The principle remains the same.

6.  Use Follow Up Selling

Effective internet marketing most definitely involves follow up selling. This is simply following up with prospects who did not buy your product the first time you offered it in order to try to persuade them again to buy it.

You see, most inexperienced marketers engage in one shot marketing. For example, they run an ad in a newsletter and send people directly to the product sales page.

Some of the people buy the product but most of them don’t. In fact, the vast majority of them don’t buy the first time around. So these inexperienced marketers leave a lot, LOT of money on the table.

Why? Because they never get a chance to offer their product again to those who did not buy. I’ve been guilty of this in the past.

So what’s the solution?

The solution is to change marketing models. Instead of sending people directly to a sales page, let your ads or articles or videos send them to a lead capture page.

This way, you can first collect their email addresses. Then, after they join your email list, you can redirect them to the sales page. This makes your internet marketing much much more effective.

And fortunately autoresponder software like Aweber makes doing this super easy.

If you use this marketing model, you will be able to follow up with those who don’t buy your product.

In other words, you will be able to send them more emails over a period of time, giving them more reasons why they would benefit from using your product.

If you do this, chances are you will increase your sells dramatically. Why? Because it is now a proven fact that more people will buy your product if you follow up with them.

Some people forget to buy because they are busy. So they actually appreciate your follow up email. Others just need more reasons or different reasons.

So start using follow up selling today. In my experience, it takes effective internet marketing to a whole new level. It is no secret that some businesses have trippled their sales just by following up.

7.      Test and Track Your Results

Lastly, effective internet marketing involves testing and tracking your sales page, ads, articles, videos, free reports, emails etc, to know what is working and what is not.

This way you can focus your efforts on the things that are working and hence increase you profits and cut costs.

For example, if you diligently track your ads, you will know which ones persuade several people to visit your lead capture page and which ones don’t.

You will then know which ones to stop using and which ones to run more often. The impact this could have on your online business could be life changing.

Strong words I know. But imagine what could happen if you only run ads that people positively respond to.

You would not waste any money on unprofitable advertising and all the money you spent would give you a generous return on your investment.

Eventually, you would be able to create a marketing system that is predictable and reliable in that you would expect certain results every time you run your ads.

I think that makes it worthwhile to invest some time to test and track your marketing and selling messages. Don’t you?   

Please don’t think you can’t create a predictable and reliable marketing system. You definitely can. Many, many on and offline businesses have done it already. There is no reason why you can’t as well.

It just takes time and effort to test and track and continually keep improving your marketing.

So those are seven proven ways to get people to buy more of your products.

They are time tested methods that successful internet marketers quietly use to building one thriving online business after the other. And now you can use them too!

So start taking some action right away and enjoy the independence that comes from really knowing how to do effective internet marketing.

To Your Success


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