What Is Targeted Internet Marketing and How Does It Work?

Targeted internet marketing is the name of the game. It truly is the game changer for any online business. It’s the thing that you need to fully grasp if you want to take your current online success to the next level.

So what exactly is targeted internet marketing? The truth is that it is difficult to explain it in a single sentence. But, in a nutshell, it is internet marketing that is completely focused on catering to the needs of a specific market.

It is not marketing that aims at everyone and then hopes that some people are interested. Targeted internet marketing aims, with laser beam accuracy, at a specific group of people and then only talks to that group.

Now, you may be asking why it is important to know and implement targeted internet marketing. The answer is simple, though perhaps, a little counter intuitive. Simply put, targeting your audience will help you make more money online.

You would think that marketing to as many people as possible would help you succeed faster but it’s not quite the case.

Targeted internet marketing enables you to get far better returns on the money that you spend on advertising. It makes people much more responsive to the articles, videos and other information that you publish.

When people visit your sales page, more of them buy your products and services. When you build a list, the people on it buy from you for years to come. That’s the amazing power of targeted internet marketing.

So if targeted internet marketing can have such a profound effect on your online business, let’s look at its 3 core elements. These are the 3 things you must have in place if you want to enjoy the benefits of this marvelous marketing method.

Niche Selection

The first important aspect of targeted internet marketing is choosing a niche. The process of niche selection is a critical component of succeeding online. It involves finding a niche that you are passionate about and that has people who desperately want to find solutions to their problems.

Once you find this specific group of people you can then direct all your efforts towards solving their particular problems. By definition, it is impossible to do targeted internet marketing without identifying a specific niche or market of potential buyers.

If you don’t identify a specific niche, who will you target? Your marketing will tend to be scattered and unclear because you won’t know who you are talking to. People also won’t know if the solutions you provide are for them or not.

So make it your top priority to find a specific niche that has people who are eager to find solutions to their problems. It can be a small niche or a huge niche. It doesn’t really matter for our purposes.

Right now, the important thing is that you direct your internet marketing towards a specific group of people with common needs, and more importantly, common wants.

Choosing the Right Product or Service

The second core element of targeted internet marketing is selecting the right products to sell. It would be a sheer waste of time if you spent all that time choosing the right niche and then failed to provide them with the products or services that they wanted to buy.

So how do find the right products or services? Well, you need to do some detective work and find out a few things about the people in your selected niche. For example, you need to find out their fears and frustrations.

You need to discover their wants and desires. You need to know the things that keep them awake at night and that they wake up thinking about.

Once you find out these things, you then need to find products or services that would eliminate their fears and frustrations and that would provide them with what they want and desire. These would be specific products or services that provide specific solutions.

As you can see, it’s all interconnected. Starting with finding a niche helps you find products that solve specific problems. It is really essential to find out these things because product selection is not something you can do just by guessing.

As I’ve said before, it’s always amazing to find that what people think is a solution to their problem is not what you would initially think. So it is imperative to get out of your own head and get into the minds of your prospects.

Now, you may be thinking that figuring out the fears, frustrations, wants and desires of your niche is hard work. I won’t lie to you, it does take some effort. But the good news is that it gets easier as you do it more often.

Furthermore, there are other ways to select a product or service. The easiest method is to simply look at what people in your niche are already buying.

In other words, after you choose a niche, you can do some research on websites like Google, Amazon, eBay and Clickbank to find out what they are already spending their money on.

Then your task is simply to sell similar products or even the exact same things but with added value. If you sell products or services that solve the specific problems of people in your niche, they will buy from you.

Why shouldn’t they do so, especially if you blow them away with extra added value?

Marketing Message

The third core element of targeted internet marketing is using the right marketing message. What do I mean by that? Well, you need to communicate with your niche in a way that ultimately causes them to buy your products or services.

So you need to communicate in a way that lets them know you are talking to them, you know what they are currently going through and you have the solutions they have been searching for all along.

This means that if you create a website, your domain name, headings, sub heading and various titles should all be clearly directed at your niche.

They should know in a nanosecond that your website is designed specifically to help them out in some way. That way, they will be interested in staying a bit longer and finding out more.

For example, if your website is about martial arts, the domain name could be www.learnmartialarts.com. I suspect someone has already taken that name but check it out if martial arts is your niche. You never know.

Personally, I think it is a myth that all the valuable domain names have already been snatched up. You will be amazed to discover what domain names are still available if you just take the time to try out a few word combos.

Anyway, back to the martial arts website. Your video headings would clearly point out what specific martial arts technique your visitors would learn if they watched a video.

The subheadings within a video would clearly indicate what aspect of a technique was currently been shown. That’s targeted internet marketing. It’s talking to your audience about what they are interested in.

Getting your marketing message right also involves writing advertisements that clearly speak to people in your niche.

For example if your niche is “how to stop hair loss for women”, then your ads should only speak to women who have hair loss and want to stop it from happening.

They should not speak to everyone in general. So for example, you shouldn’t write ads that say “discover how to stop your hair loss right now”. Quite alright that ad will get more people but not as many will buy your products. It’s counter intuitive, I know.

With such an ad, you will attract both men and women. But the men who come to your website won’t really relate to your marketing message about the fears, frustrations, wants and desires of women with hair loss.

And so they won’t buy your products. Infact, many will leave your website immediately they realize it’s for women. They will think your solutions are tailored to women because your website is about preventing hair loss for women.

A better ad to write in this case could be, “Discover How Several Smart Women Are Quickly and Easily Preventing Their Hair Loss and Amazingly Growing All Their Hair Back in Less Than 30 Days!”.

Of course I have not tested this ad because I currently don’t sell hair loss products for women.

But an ad like this would most probably attract only women who have hair loss problems and so more of the people who come to your website would buy your products. More women would respond to this ad than an ad that spoke to everyone.

So in order to properly implement targeted internet marketing it is imperative to tailor your marketing message to your specific niche or market. Your marketing message does not stop at your ads and the information you publish on your website.

It also includes how you write your free reports and your ebooks, the words you use on your lead capture page (squeeze page) and how you write your sales letters. If you get your message right your niche will be far more responsive to you.

Your marketing message is also known as “copy” and how well you write your copy will determine how successful you are online. Period. So learn copywriting. There aren’t many better investments that you can make in yourself.

Of course once you choose a niche, decide on a product or service and come up with an appealing marketing message, you need to focus on advertising only where you prospects are likely to be found.

So you need to find the websites, blogs, forums and newsletters where they can be found and then focus all your advertising on those places.

If you focus on creating a targeted internet marketing plan and refining it constantly, you will be well on your way to creating a satisfying profitable online business.

Your prospects will trust you because all the solutions you provide them with will be solutions that actually solve their problems.

They will feel that you understand them because your marketing message will spell out their exact problems and the exact benefits they desire. And as a, result they will probably buy from you over and over again.

And that’s what it’s all about!

You can learn more about targeted internet marketing here.

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