This is What Smart Affiliate Marketing Involves

It is now well settled that affiliate marketing is the fastest way to start making money online.

While there are other internet marketing strategies that can be implemented fairly quickly, it is the easiest strategy for the average person to get started with.

You do not need technical website creation skills, advanced copy writing skills to write a compelling sales page, product creation and packaging skills, and a world class support team to solve your customers several problems.

You do not need all these things to be a successful affiliate marketer.

But you do need certain skills to run successful promotions. And the good news is that you will discover them in this article.

Specifically, you will discover 4 simple but effective methods you can use to increase the profitability of your affiliate marketing.

So if you are ready, let us get into them!

1. Promote What They Are Already Buying.

The easiest money you will make online is by selling products that your market is already buying.

So simply find out what they are already spending their money on and promote it to them. You need to do some detective work here.

For example, you can go to and browse the products in your niche. Take note of those that are the bestsellers. ClickBank, bless them, provide this information.

Once you have completed your research, grab an affiliate link for the hot selling products and start promoting them to your list.

If your market is buying these products from online business A, they will buy them from you as well if you market them well.

2. Provide Honest Reviews

Promoting affiliate products through reviews is one of the most effective affiliate marketing methods.

With reviews, you play the role of a helpful impartial guide that tells your prospects the truth about what they can expect if they buy a product.

So naturally, your reviews will be most convincing when you have actually bought the product and used it. This way, you will be able to provide information that only a product user can.

Now, buying products just to review them can obviously be quite expensive. So if you have an audience that listens to you, it may be better to convince a product owner to send you a free copy of his product.

This creates a win-win-win scenario because you get to provide an honest and insightful review for you prospects, while you and the product owner enjoy increased profits.

Just remember that the key with this strategy is to tell the truth. So reveal both the pros and cons. In the long term, NOTHING will have a better impact on your affiliate marketing.

3. Create Your Own Promotional Materials

Whenever you join a good affiliate program, you will normally find that the product owner has gone to great lengths to provide you with several materials you can use to promote his or her product.

This is a great thing because it can really help you warm up prospects to the idea of buying so that they arrive at the sales page in a ready to buy mood.

But as great as that is, it may also present you with challenges if several other affiliates are using the same promotional materials. These could be ads, articles, free reports, banners or the like.

Things may reach a point where prospects in your market start to say, I have seen that before. It did not work last time, it will not work this time.

This is where creating your own materials will come in handy. You can easily set yourself apart by using your own ads, articles, reports, ecourses and banners.

Of course you should also use the materials created by the product owner, especially if they are provided by a seasoned internet marketer. They have done extensive research to find out what works and what does not.

But the real key is to test. Test to see which works better. Your ads or the program ads, your articles, or the program articles and so on and so forth.

If you test, you will soon find out exactly where you should use your own materials and where you it may be better to use the program materials. In short, you will discover what brings in the most profits.

4. Avoid Losing Commissions

Product owners sometimes accidently create sales pages and selling systems that rob you of your affiliate commissions.

When this happens, your efforts are wasted. You lose both valuable time and money promoting products for which you receive no compensation when sells result.

So here are a few things you need to look for in order to make sure that you get paid for your efforts.

a) Alternative payment options which do not credit you, the affiliate. For instance, a payment button on a product.

This allows people to pay using other payment methods such as phone or fax. When this happens, you do not receive any commission even if someone arrived at the sales page through your affiliate link.

b) Squeeze pages that send subscribers to a different sales page for which you do not get any credit.

c) Pop ups or links to other products for which you do not get any credit.

d) Upsells that do not credit the affiliate.

When you come across any of these scenarios it may be better for you to look for another product to promote.

The first 3 scenarios are particularly harmful to your online business. You may be able to live with the fact that you do not get credit for up sells (further offerings during the buying process).

But generally speaking, stay away from promoting products that rob you of commissions in the four ways mentioned above.

You will do much better if you promote products that fully credit you whenever a prospect visits a sales page through your affiliate link.


Remembering these four points when getting started with affiliate marketing will really help you make progress online much quicker.

For example, promoting HOT products that people are already buying will significantly increase the chances of your promotions resulting in substantial commissions.

So I would encourage you to start taking action based on the strategies you have just discovered. Please do not let this information lie idle in your mind. Rather, use it and watch your online story change.

To Your Success


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