How To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing Programs!

Affiliate marketing programs are one of the most popular ways to make money online. And for good reason. It’s very easy to get started and you can start seeing results in less than a couple of days.

You don’t have to spend any money or time creating your own product before you start enjoying an income from your efforts. All you need to do is refer people to products that other people have already created and get paid whenever one of your referrals buys something.

It’s that easy. Well actually, it’s easier said than done. The truth about succeeding with affiliate marketing programs is that there is more involved than meets the casual eye. That’s the reason why so many newbies fail badly at it when they first start out.

They can’t see those extra details that experienced affiliate marketers focus on in order to succeed with affiliate marketing programs.

But you don’t have to worry about failing like most newbies because in this article you will discover 5 key things that will help you start your affiliate journey on the right note. You will be way ahead of 99% of affiliate marketing newbies starting out. I guarantee that!

So let’s get started.

1. The very first thing that you to do in order to succeed with affiliate marketing programs is to choose the right programs to join. This is critical. Getting this wrong could destroy your chances of success before you even get started.

Getting it right on the other hand will make your life much easier and will help you make progress much faster. So if it’s that important to choose the right program, let’s look at a few traits of a good affiliate marketing program.

First and foremost, a good program is one that offers products that are of high value and solve people’s problems. This is the only type of program I join and so should you. Why? Because the last thing you want to do is rip people off.

Why on earth would you want to promote a product that does not solve people’s problems? Doing that WILL ruin your reputation in nanoseconds. No one will trust your recommendations because the products you promote don’t give them value for their money.

So only join programs that offer great products. Buy the products first if you can. If you can’t look around for reviews of the products. Doing this will give you a pretty solid idea of whether previous customers have been satisfied with that product.

If they haven't, new customers probably won't be satisfied either.

The second thing good affiliate marketing programs have is a high conversion rate. This simply means that when you refer people to a product offered by that program, a good number of them will buy the product.

This will obviously help you make more money from your efforts. If on the other hand, products offered by a program have a low conversion rate, you won’t succeed as an affiliate.

Unless of course the products you are promoting have a high profit margin so that you make $1000 per sale or something like that.

So it’s highly important to promote programs that have a high conversion rate.

Thirdly, good affiliate marketing programs offer great pre-sell content that you can use to promote their products. This means they provide quality articles, reports, videos and other content that you can use to get prospects in a frame of mind where they are willing to buy a particular product when you send them to the sales page.

The power of using pre-sell content cannot be over estimated. It’s been proven beyond argument that providing people with pre-sell content before sending them to a sales page dramatically increases the number of people who buy a product. Dramatically.

People love to know “more” about what they are getting into before they buy and pre-sell content like free educational articles, videos and reports give them the information they want. So only join programs that offer quality pre-sell content.

2. The second thing you need to do in order to succeed with affiliate marketing programs is to find ways to increase the amount of money you make from your existing “customers”. These are the people who you have successfully promoted products to before.

They read your reports or article or saw your video and decided to go to the sales page to learn more about the product. When they got there, they bought the product because they were persuaded that it would solve their problem. And sure enough, it did. Just like you promised.

These people will be open to buy from you again because they trust you. So how exactly do you increase your income? Well, the easiest way is to promote recurring billing products to these happy and satisfied people.

Recurring billing products are simply products that pay you time and time again, for example monthly, until a customer unsubscribes or dies! A good example of such products is the popular health pills that people love to take nowadays. It could be diet pills or iron pills or whatever else is there.

These products provide tremendous profit because the sale is made once but you get paid over and over again until the cows come home and then some. You don’t have to spend more money on advertising or more time on distributing articles or sending emails to your list. You do the work once but get paid several times.

But what’s the missing link that you need in order to promote products to your “existing customers”? You guessed it. You need to build a list of prospects first and then market various products and services to them. If you don’t build a list first, you will never have existing customers and so you will find it harder to promote recurring billing products.

Your list of “existing customers” will easily trust you enough to spend more money on recurring products that you promote. Random strangers won’t. So build a list first by sending traffic to your squeeze page (lead capture page) and then start promoting various products.

3. The third key thing that will really help you succeed with affiliate marketing programs is to create products through which you promote multiple related offers.

What does that mean? Well, for example, you could write an eBook that explains how to set up a coaching business. You could then promote various products within that eBook that thoroughly teach people specific aspects of building a profitable coaching program.

The eBook could promote a product that shows you how to effectively coach any type of person, another product that shows how to market your coaching program and yet another that shows you how to keep your clients coming back to buy more products from you, more often.

This is obviously just an example. You can use the idea of promoting several products within your own product in any niche. It’s a smart way to do things and very few people are willing to “go the extra mile” and write their own eBook, short report, or ecourse. This means you will stand out.

4.  The fourth thing you can do in order to succeed with affiliate marketing programs is to co-author an eBook or report with other affiliate marketers. I’m getting excited just writing this. Honestly, for a guy like me who loves to find the easiest ways to do things, this strategy is right up there with the best I’ve come across.

What you need to do here is to team up with several other affiliates, say 12 and produce an information product together. So let’s say you choose to write a free eBook. Each of you could write one chapter. Each chapter could provide 5 pages of pure actionable content.

That would allow you to create a 60 page eBook in record time. Here comes the real kicker. Each of you could then insert your affiliate links into the chapter you write in order to recommend quality products and services. When people buy those products or services, you would get paid a commission.

Furthermore, all 12 affiliates would promote the product to their lists and do their own advertising. So your affiliate links would be exposed to a huge number of people in record time, literally. Imagine the power of 12 affiliates all promoting an eBook that has their affiliate links in it!

I really recommend you try this one out. It’s the power of cooperative money making ventures and it absolutely works!

5.  Lastly, a good strategy you can use to succeed with affiliate marketing programs is to negotiate lower prices for your prospects and customers.  This is a very effective strategy because everyone loves a bargain. We all love to know that we are getting more than we are paying for. It’s human nature.

But it’s critical to know in what cases it makes sense to use this strategy. The best time to negotiate such a deal is after you have proven that you are able to make several sales for a product owner.

So start buying promoting products at their usual price and prove that your list will buy when you recommend a product.

This will give you immense power because then you can say, “If you reduce your price for my list, they will buy in much larger numbers. This means you will build a larger customer base that you can later sell other products to at their full price”.

That will convince almost anyone to lower their prices for your list. And when that happens, you will, for all practical purposes, attain rock star status in the eyes of your list members.

So there you go!

Succeeding with affiliate marketing programs does not have to be difficult. It does not have to be a draining and frustrating experience. It really doesn’t. If you follow the suggestions I have made in this article you will succeed with much less hustle. These are the things experienced affiliate marketers do so why not imitate them.

It’s the smart thing to do!

You can learn more about success with affiliate marketing programs here.

To Your Success,


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