Internet Marketing Basics That Will Ensure That You Get Things Right From The Start!

Receipt of Payment

The last aspect of internet marketing basics that we will look at is how to receive payments.

If you are an affiliate, you can receive payments in the form of checks, via PayPal or by direct deposit into your bank account. The affiliate program you join will let you know how you will get paid.

If you sell your own products or services, you will need to set up a merchant account to accept credit cards.

There are various options to choose from, but perhaps the easiest, at least in the beginning, is PayPal. You can easily sign up with them and be able to accept payments from PayPal accounts as well as all of the major credit cards.

So there you go!


Understanding internet marketing basics is the first step of your internet marketing journey. If you start by simply focusing on the basics you will fast track your online success because you will build a strong foundation first.

You will avoid getting confused and frustrated. You won’t jump from one shiny thing to another and then wonder why you haven’t made any progress at the end of the year.

*So focus on the basics first.*

Find a profitable market, choose products to sell to it and create a credibility building website. Set up a squeeze page and an autoresponder to build a list.

Write down a marketing plan that clearly sets out which methods you will use to get prospects.

If you do these things first, you will seriously increase your chances of reaping all the wonderful benefits that an internet marketing business has to offer.

And that’s a Marvelous thing indeed!

To Your Success


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