Internet Marketing Basics That Will Ensure That You Get Things Right From The Start!


A critically important aspect of internet marketing basics is website promotion.

You can have a website that’s more beautiful than the legendary Princess Cleopatra. But, if no one knows about it, it's completely useless. You must have website visitors.

This is such a core aspect of internet marketing but so many people miss it. I know I did. I focused more on creating a pretty website than getting and attracting website visitors. You need visitors.

Before we look at some specific methods of getting interested prospects to your website, let’s first consider a very important question.

Why will you send people to your website?

There are 3 major reasons. Of course, these are not all the reasons. But when starting your internet marketing business, they are the major reasons.

The first reason you will send people to your website is for them to read or watch your free content so that they can begin to trust and believe that you know what you are talking about. Why is that important?

It’s important because it makes you an authority in you niche. You become someone who people will go to when they have a problem and are looking for a solution.

So when you recommend a product or service, or sell your own solutions, people will readily buy because you are trustworthy.

The second reason to send prospects to your website is for them to buy the products you advertise there.

These could be affiliate products that you recommend in your free content or products that you sell on a dedicated sales page of your website.

The third reason you send people to your website is for them to sign up to your list. If you create your website properly, you will have a sign up form on every page.

Preferably, you will also have one page that is designed to simply collect emails and nothing else.

These are the 3 reasons why you would send prospects to your website.

With this in mind, here’s how I would recommend you do things.

The best place to send prospects is to the page that solely collects emails. Even better, try and send all your prospects to a standalone squeeze page like one from Follow Up Selling Systems or Marketing Make Over Generator.

Why? Because that's  the fastest way to build your own list of highly interested prospects. And a list is the most valuable asset an online business can have.

If you forget all the internet marketing basics we've looked at and just remember this point, it would have been time well spent.

You can use free strategies like social media, article marketing, video marketing and viral marketing to send prospects to your squeeze page. You can also use paid methods like Google Adwords, Facebook ads (much cheaper) and Media Buying.

If you do this, you will build a list of prospects that you can market to over and over again! Better still, you can even send those prospects to your website whenever you publish a new article by sending a simple email.

So you would be sending prospects to your squeeze page using the above marketing methods and then letting them know about your website once they are on your list.

That’s so important that I have to repeat it.

You would be sending prospects to your squeeze page using the above marketing methods and then letting them know about your website once they are on your list.

In my opinion, sending prospects directly to your website, especially when you are spending your money to get them, is not an effective way to market your online business.

When you send prospects to your website, many of them will look at your content, enjoy it, and then leave to never come back. It’s not personal. There are just too many websites on the internet for them to remember you.

So why not send them to your squeeze page, collect their emails, and remind them to visit your website every now and then by sending them high quality interesting information. That seems like a smarter way to do online business.

Does this mean that you should never send any traffic directly to your website? Well, yes and no.

Personally, I would not use the above methods (social media, article marketing, Google Adwords etc) to send prospects directly to my website.

A better way to get prospects directly to your website is to use search engine optimization or SEO in short. We talked a bit about this earlier. SEO is the process of making your website pages rank highly in the search engines.

It involves all the things you do both on and off of your website to make sure that as many pages of your website as possible, appear on the first page of Google and other search engines.

That’s it in a nutshell.

It involves things like using the right keywords on your website pages and getting other related websites to link to yours.

If many of your website pages appear on page one of Google and other search engines, you can, potentially, receive a substantial amount of free traffic.

In other words, prospects will find your website pages at the search engines and will visit your website without you spending any money!

So you can use SEO to get traffic directly to your website. After all, you can’t really use it to get traffic to a squeeze page. Squeeze pages don’t have that much content and search engines don’t like them.

Another method you can use to get prospects to your website is blogging. I once asked a super successful internet marketer what he would do differently if he was starting internet marketing all over again.

He said he would put more of his time into his blog.

I’ve since learnt that those were very wise words indeed. The reason for this is that  blogging is a powerful way to get people to your website and build a relationship with them at the same time. Further still, search engines absolutely love blogs.

Why? Because a central component of their business model is to provide people with the content they are searching for.

So when your blog is providing relevant content on a regular basis, search engines will send it more and more targeted prospects.

But how does this help your website get more prospects? Simple. You can make your blog part of your website. In other words, just make one of the pages of your website a blog.

That means you will be frequently publishing different content on that page. This is really easy to do with Solo Build It or Wordpress.

When people arrive at your blog they will then see the navigation bar with links to other pages of your website and will most likely decide to visit those pages too.

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