Internet Marketing Basics That Will Ensure That You Get Things Right From The Start!

The Right Tools

Fourth on this list of internet marketing basics, is to know the right tools to use in your online business. As your business advances, you will find that there are several tools that you can use to run it more efficiently and profitably.

But for now, we’ll just focus on 3 fundamental tools. These tools are important to every serious internet marketing business. Virtually all successful internet marketers use them.

So the first tool you need is an autoresponder. It lets you automatically send emails to your list. For instance, you can write 10 emails about a certain product you like and load them into your autoresponder.

You can then set the autoresponder to send your email subscribers 1 email after every 2 days until all 10 emails have been sent. This way, you won’t have to remember to manually send the emails every day!

That's automation at its best and it's how people REALLY make money on autopilot on the internet.

You can also provide automated customer service using an autoresponder. For example, you can include an autoresponder email on your website which people can use if they have any questions about your products or services.

You can then set things up so that when people send their questions to that email, they receive an automatic reply informing them of how long it will take before someone attends to them.

The email could also include a set of frequently asked questions and the answers to those questions so that people can see if their question has already been answered.

Some very smart online businesses use this method to really cut down on the amount of time they spend on customer service. So it’s undeniable that autoresponders make online business much much easier.

The autoresponder I recommend you use is Aweber.

Why? Well because they do the best job at making sure your subscribers and customers receive your emails. And that’s what you want. Peace of mind that the emails you send are actually arriving.

You want your subscribers to receive your information, for example, your newsletter. You also want your customers to promptly get the help they ask for.

The second tool that you will need when starting an internet marketing business is a squeeze page. Some call it a lead capture page. Your mastery of internet marketing basics will be incomplete without knowledge of this tool.

A squeeze page is simply a one page site that enables you to collect email addresses of prospects who are interested in what you have to offer.

If you have been on the internet for any length of time, you have almost definitely come across one or more squeeze pages.

Your task is to simply send prospects to your squeeze page so that when they get there, they hopefully like what you have to offer and enter their email addresses.

The trick, if you want to call it that, is to offer visitors a mouth watering offer which they can ony get after they enter their email.

You can also ask visitors for their names. I do that. Many other internet marketers do it too. It allows you to use people’s names when you send them emails. And that’s always good when you are trying to build a connection with your subscribers.

Why is having a squeeze page vital to your online success?

Well simply because it is the fastest way to build a list of people who are interested in the products you have to offer. It doesn’t matter whether they are your own products or affiliate products.

When you have your own list, you don’t have to spend any money to advertise to the people who are on it. All you do is write an email, load it into your autoresponder and send it.

As you can probably see, your squeeze page and autoresponder work hand in hand. Your squeeze page collects email addresses. Your autoresponder receives them and stores them. Then, you have a list to market to.

So what software can you use to build a squeeze page? Personally I use the software provided by Follow up Selling Systems. It works well with Aweber.

But, you can also use Marketing Makeover Generator. It’s an awesome piece of software created by very successful and trustworthy internet marketers.

Honestly, the only reason I don’t use it is because I found Follow up Selling Systems first and I love it. Internet marketing works that way sometimes.

The third internet marketing tool that you need when starting out is a keyword tool. A keyword tool helps you know what people are searching for in the search engines.

It allows you to know exactly what information they want before you start writing articles or creating videos or any other content. How about that!

So needless to say, keyword research is an indespensible aspect of internet marketing basics. You can't do away with it.

If done properly, it helps you write about things that your market actually wants to know about. You can write or create content that provides the specific answers they are searching for.

A wonderful free keyword tool that you can start using right away is the Google keyword tool. Just search for it using Google and you'll find it.

It allows you to know what people are searching for in your part of the world, other specific parts of the world and even globally. It’s a really great tool to start with.

On the other hand, if you know what you are doing and you need to do some really serious keyword research then a paid keyword tool like WordTracker is exactly what you need.

This tool gives you a very thorough analysis of the keywords your target market is using at the search engines. You can use it to do some very comprehensive market research.

So those are the basic tools you need when starting your internet marketing business.

When you advance a bit more or if you feel you are already ready, you can find even more tools on the free internet marketing tools page and the internet marketing tool kit page.

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