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Earn money blogging…sounds good, doesn’t it?  If you have been on the internet for any length of time, then you’ve probably heard a lot about blogging already. It seems like everyone and their pet has a blog these days. 

But even though the market seems to be saturated, there is always room for another blog, especially if you do things correctly.

If you put in the right effort on a consistent basis, your blog could significantly increase the amount of success you experience online. And that’s just not just another cliché as you will soon see.

So let’s look at 10 things you need to keep in mind if you want to successfully earn money blogging.

1. Find a subject you know a lot about. This critical. The most profitable blogs have useful, interesting information and that comes from authors who really know what they are talking about. 

So find a subject that you know a great deal about and make that the focus of your blog.  As time goes by more and more people will start to read your blog and spread the word about the interesting and helpful information that you have to offer.

2.  Secondly, you need to sell yourself not your product.  Remember, blogging is not the same as hawking a product.  The way to earn money blogging is by selling your expertise in your field. 

If you just talk about your product or services, it will become clear to your readers that all you are interested in doing is bombarding them with offers.

They will form the impression, and quite rightly so, that you are not interested in helping them.

So focus on selling your expertise by providing very helpful actionable content. You can promote your products and services by adding links to your sales page or website in your blog content whenever it makes sense to do so.

For example, if you write an article about how to lose 30 pounds in 30 days, you can promote your weight loss product within that article. The trick is to weave your promotion gently into your article without doing any hard selling.

3.  Thirdly, repurpose your content. Different people consume information in different ways. That’s why the concept of repurposing your content is one of the best ideas since sliced bread.

So another way to earn money blogging is to transform your content into different types of products.

For example, you can further enhance your image as an expert by converting your blog content into an eBook.

If you add an introduction, a conclusion, a bit of extra content and do some intelligent editing you could create a word class ebook in a very short period of time.

You could then sell that ebook on Amazon and Apple and enjoy a nice passive income stream. And as they say, NOTHING beats multiple income streams. They have a point.

4. Make those clicks add up.  By using pay per click services like Google Adsense or Kontera you can set up ads on your pages that can help you earn money blogging. 

Whenever someone clicks on one of the ads on your page, you’ll receive a share of the revenue.

You can also set up affiliate links on your blog pages so that you can earn commissions whenever someone buys a product through those links.

If you reach the stage where your blog is receiving a good number of visitors, a good percentage of them will click on your Adsense or Kontera ads as well as your affiliate links.

This will help you increase your profits without really doing any extra work. The trick is to test in order to see what works best.

Which ad program is making you more money, Google Adsense or Kontera? Which affiliate products are selling really well? Once you discover what’s really working, focus on it.

5. Use straightforward advertising.  Similar to the pay per click programs, you can also earn money blogging by selling advertising space on your blog.  In this case, other businesses would pay you a fee to have their ad appear on your pages. 

It’s a really simple yet profitable online business model. The key thing here is to make sure your prices are fair when compared to the results that your clients get.

So you need to set up tracking software in order to be able to be accountable to your clients. Tracking software will help you say, “Look, you paid $100 and you got 1,000 clicks”.

If your blog targets a responsive niche, your content is well written and you have a credible reputation, people will click on the ads that you sell. As they spend more time on your blog, they will eventually see the ads and decide to click on them.

And since your reputation is credible, they will believe that the ads that appear on your blog probably have something worthwhile to offer.

Better still, they will probably buy the advertisers products. When this happens, you would have won yourself a long term client. Why would advertisers stop buying ads on your blog if they are making money?

But it all starts with providing your niche with high quality content and using traffic generations strategies to get them to your blog. With this in place, making money through advertising becomes very easy.

6. Enter into a Joint Venture.  Joint Ventures, or JV’s, are another great way to earn money blogging. For example, you could agree to allow another blog owner to place their link on your blog while you place yours on theirs.

That way each of you would be doubling your exposure and consequently increasing your potential customer base. So if you already have a bit of blog traffic, joint ventures are an excellent way to quickly increase business.

 7. Create your own domain name.  Most people start out by using free blogging sites and that is perfectly understandable. Setting up your own blog can be a headache when first starting out.

The problem however, is that free blogging sites usually provide you with a free domain name. “Bruce, how is that a problem? Have you gone crazy?” Let me explain. The free domain names that these sites provide look like this: www.blaa.blaa.com.

That is a very unprofessional look. It will turn away most people who see it in seconds. Every professional domain name has this format: www.blaa.com. For example www.wordpress.com.

So make sure you use a professional looking domain name. It costs a bit of money, about $10 a year, but it’s well worth the investment.

8. Don’t forget to market your blog!  Once you have established your blog, you want to drive as many readers there as possible.  So use social media to increase awareness of, and interest in your blog.

Include a link to your blog on forums. Make comments on other blogs and link back to your blog. Write and distribute articles containing your blog address. Advertise your blog on other blogs.

Basically, do everything you can to get as many people as possible to visit your blog. If you go a bit further and even include a sign up form, people will join your list and you will have a viable durable online business.

Infact, in my opinion, list building is the best thing you can do if you really want to earn money blogging. It allows you to have a list of prospects you can market to at will. And that’s truly liberating.

 9. Don’t engage in click fraud.  The number of clicks on ads that are displayed by Google Adsense or Kontera on your blog is directly related to how much money you make.

But that doesn’t mean YOU should click on those ads as much as possible to increase your earnings.

That’s cheating, and it will definitely get you banned from the ad programs. If you want to increase your earnings, just increase the quality of your content, the quality of your traffic and the amount of that high quality traffic.

That’s the route that will serve you best in the long term.

10. Keep your blog up to date.  In order to earn money blogging, you need to make sure that you are offering something your readers will be interested in.  That means updating your content regularly so that the blog doesn’t become stale.

If readers keep returning to your blog and finding the same old content, they will quickly lose interest. You need to keep it fresh and engaging in order to keep them coming back over and over again. And when they become repeat visitors, they will probably become customers too.

So those are 10 things you need to keep in mind if you want to earn money blogging.

There is no doubt that blogging can be a very effective tool for marketing your services and products, but as with any tool, it will only work to your advantage if you use it properly.

Focus on the needs of your readers, and do the best you can to exceed their expectations and eventually, you will start doing well.


You can learn even more about how to earn money blogging here.

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