How to Harness The Power of Internet Marketing Blogs

Internet marketing blogs are everywhere, literally. The emergence of the web as a platform for sharing information and expertise has allowed them to become a valuable tool for any internet marketer.

And since they are very easy to create and maintain, the popularity of internet marketing blogs only continues to soar.

The wonderful thing about this is that it provides the budding internet marketer with a marvelous opportunity to gain an amazing education on internet marketing 100% free of charge.

So in this article we will look at the benefits of following internet marketing blogs, how to choose which ones to follow and how to find them in the first place. Let’s get started!


There are several benefits of following internet marketing blogs. Here are three big ones. Firstly, they provide the opportunity to freely gain information that may prove very useful to your online business.

By following the right blogs, you can freely access information that you would otherwise have to pay an arm and a leg for. You will discover how to find such blogs a bit later in this article.

Secondly, these blogs provide a platform where you can connect and network with like minded people.

If you follow a blog consistently and post comments regularly, eventually you will become known by other people who also actively participate on that blog.

If your comments are sensible and helpful, some people will eventually choose to visit your website or blog. If they like what they see, they will most likely become open to connecting with you.

Can you imagine what can happen if you connect with 10 online businesses owners who sell products related to or complementary to yours?

If they have their own lists, you could have 10 potential joint venture partners to make lucrative deals with!

So all you have to do is post helpful comments on other people’s blogs and create a website that provides real value to visitors and you will eventually start to get the attention of other successful internet marketers.

The third benefit of following internet marketing blogs is that they help you keep up with the latest news in your industry. And when you know what’s going on all the time, your prospects will view you as someone who is “in the know”.

This will help make you more trustworthy in their eyes. It could also give you a leg up on your competition. How? Well, you could find interesting ways to market your online business that very few people know about.

You could also learn about unbelievably valuable services that you would never know about if you did not follow high quality internet marketing blogs.

I would not have discovered some of the services that really give me an advantage if I had not been following certain blogs.

For example, I recently discovered a website that can really help me with my SEO needs at a very affordable price. I will be sharing that information on the internet marketing services page.

It’s the power of utilizing other people’s knowledge and expertise. It helps you get much further much faster than if you choose to isolate yourself.

Which blogs?

Knowing which marketing blogs to follow can be quite difficult. With so many out there, it isn’t always easy to make a decision. So to find the blogs that are right for you, begin by thinking about the information that would be most useful and relevant to you.

What type of information do you need to get to the next level? What would benefit you the most?

Then choose three or four blogs to follow. The trick is to find blogs with high quality information. It won’t help you to follow 100 blogs with low quality information.

I have discovered that blogs that deeply focus on one internet marketing topic tend to provide the highest quality information. So a blog that focuses solely on affiliate marketing could be a great blog to follow. Do your best to find such blogs.

Another thing you need to do is to find blogs that receive frequent updates. In order to stay up-to-date on a particular subject, you need to constantly read and learn. Blogs that aren’t updated often may not offer much in the way of useful information.

Similarly, look for internet marketing blogs that provide news, tips, and instructional information. Instructional information is usually provided by experts.

You’ll be able to take what you learn and apply it practically to solve problems that you are currently facing.

On the other hand, avoid blogs that post content with a lot of hype. These blogs just tend to excite you without really educating you. You want real information that shows you legitimate ways to improve your internet marketing business.

Your aim should be to come away having learned something after reading a blog post. If you haven’t, chances are the information did not provide any real value to you as the reader.

How do you find them?

The best way to start is to search Google for blogs on your topic. So for example you can type “internet marketing blogs”.

This search would bring back blogs on internet marketing. Adding quotation marks to your search would make the search results even more accurate.

Another way to find internet marketing blogs is to visit forums like the Warrior Forum. Many people who post on the warrior forum will include a link to their blog in their signature line.

So if you read their posts and decide that they seem to know what they are talking about, it may be a good idea to visit their blog.

Ultimately, following internet marketing blogs can also make you a better blogger. It gives you the opportunity to read what other marketers are saying and to observe the responses of those who are following them.

This enables you to learn which types of blog posts are most effective and which aren’t.

If you choose to follow blogs that provide useful internet marketing tips and information, you’ll learn more about your online business, and even more about your customer.

So select a few high quality internet marketing blogs and start following them today.

You’ll be glad you did!

To Your Success


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