17 Beginner Friendly Ways to Make Easy Money Online

Not all online business strategies are created equal.

There, I said it!

If you’re already making money online or if you want to do so, reading this may be harsh. But once you take a quick look at these 17 time-tested and beginner friendly ways to make easy money online, you’ll understand what I mean.

Let’s take a look at them:

1. Sell Photos Online

Maybe you’ve never thought about taking photos and selling them online; but it is a full-time business for many ordinary people (without extraordinary photography skills) all around the world.

Simply put: Many web projects require stock photos of all kinds to put on their salesletters, blog posts and other websites.

And there’s no reason for you to not to be the provider of these photos!

You may even have some photos in your hard drive like beautiful landscapes, animals, everyday objects or people.

Note: If you’re planning to sell photos of people (as models), you need to be extra careful. There are a few possible legal pitfalls and you need to do your due diligence to avoid them.


2. Make Money on eBay®

Do you have any unwanted or unused items that are just taking up space in your house?

Many people do… and what you don’t need or want at the moment may be appealing to others.

Example: Your old school-books, childrens’ toys, CDs/DVDs or collectibles.

If you have such items that you’d like to turn into cash – without even going out of your house, a quick way to make some very easy money online is to sell them on eBay.com.

Tip: Once you get a feel of how things work at eBay® and/or you start to run out of old items, you can take things a notch up by buying items cheaply on eBay and reselling them for profit on... you guessed it, eBay!


3. Earn Your Life as a Blogger

Different people have different feelings about blogging.

Apparently, some bloggers do it just for fun. Some lucky ones enjoy the fame, while some others actually make a living.

While only a small percent of bloggers manage to run a blog as a full-time business; this strategy makes into this list because when you know the right approach and action-steps to take; it is one of the rare ways to easily make money online – with minimum skills and funds.

All you need is knowledge of your topic, a passion for it and a commitment to regularly producing content for your audience.


4. Make a Living as a Freelance Writer

Do you know your way with the words?

Then you’re only a few steps away from making a living as a freelance writer!

It’s no surprise if you’ve never considered yourself as a professional writer; but by just starting to figure out what your current hobbies and strengths are, you’ll have an online writing business in no time.

Note: As with most businesses, some extra skills like knowing how to get payments and how to deal with clients will help you to jumpstart. You’ll learn these skills as you go along or you’ll get guidance from people who already know what works and what doesn’t.


5. Profit as an Affiliate

One of the easiest ways to make money online does NOT involve you creating a product or providing a service:

Affiliate Marketing.

It’s the quick, profitable and hassle-free way to jumpstart your online business.

In short: You market other peoples’ physical or digital products/services and pocket the commissions.

Tip: As simple as it is, knowing the best-practices of affiliate marketing will give you an unfair advantage over others.


6. Make a Fortune Writing Small Reports

When it comes to writing, writing for others is not your only option.

If the idea of selling your own info-products (either digital or physical) intrigues you; then you can simply start running an online business by writing 7-15 page small reports.

Yes, it is that simple!

You don’t need to be a published author before or write hundreds-page long master pieces. All you need is a small report and guidance on how to market it. In fact, even Dan Kennedy started out with simple Special Reports which he marketed using his own catalogue.


7. Making a Special Offer for Big Profits

Have you ever visited the WarriorForum.com? You should – it could be worth thousands of dollars to you!

You see, the Warrior Forum includes a special section called “Warrior Special Offers” (WSO) where members sell products and services to each other. It’s just $20 to list an offer in front of thousands of other members – but you can rake in a fortune, fast!

But before you post a WSO, there are a few things you need to know:

a.   Some offers work better than others. Study the forum as well as past offers at WarriorPlus.com/WSO to find out what will make you the most money.

b.   Develop a relationship first. The longer you’ve been a member and the more useful posts you’ve made, the more respected you’ll be among other members. And that adds up to more WSO sales for you!


8. Flipping Virtual Real Estate

If you have a few extra dollars to invest, then head over to eBay.com, SitePoint.com, DNForum.com, and DigitalPoint.com to see their website offerings. There you’ll regularly find “under monetized” sites – those are sites with good content, decent traffic, but little if any profits.

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to snap up these under-performing websites, tweak them to make them more profitable, and then resell them. You can resell them on the same list of sites mentioned above.

If you don’t have enough money to buy an existing website, no problem. You can also buy a domain (which is less than $10), purchase hosting (also less than $10), install a WordPress blog script, load it with niche content and resell it. It only takes a few hours to create, and you can be in profit just a few days later.


9. Domaining – Buy, Flip and Profit

Revisit some of the forum marketplaces listed in the previous section, and you’ll also see domain names for sale. You might be able to pick up a few good bargain names that you can flip in another marketplace for a profit.

Alternatively, you can hand register new domain names and immediately sell them for a profit on eBay, SitePoint.com or similar. If you go this route, you’ll need to study past sales to see what sorts of names are in demand. Usually, keyword rich names, names that capture a current trend (like “go green” names) or names that tap into a big news event tend to move fast.


10. Turn Your Talents Into Easy Money

Even though good writers are in demand, providing good writing isn’t the only way to turn a quick buck online. You can make money providing a whole host of services, such as graphic design, web design, programming, script installation and so on.

You can find people needing your services in the same places you’d find people needing writers, including the Warrior Forum, SitePoint, Digital Point, and Elance, Guru.com, Rentacoder.com and other freelancing boards.


11. Make Money… Without a Site, Product or List

If your main assets are the relationships you’ve built up with other marketers in your niche, then you can make money – even if you don’t have a web site, product or list.

How? By becoming a joint venture (JV) broker. Instead of contacting marketers to ask them to promote your products, you contact marketers to ask them to join other marketers affiliate programs. Then you take a cut of each sale (usually around 5% or even 10%).

Your job is to not only recruit affiliates and joint venture partners, but keep in contact with them prior to the product launch, keep them motivated, run affiliate contests and whatever else needs to be done to keep the affiliates happy and making money. In short, it’s a pretty easy way to leverage your existing relationships to make money!


12. Put Your Knowledge to Work for You

Do you have a degree or expertise in something like biology, math, English or another school subject? If so, you can get paid to become a virtual tutor on sites like tutor.com.

Tip: You can also place ads on sites like CraigsList to offer your services as a tutor. Or if you’d rather do this offline in your local area, then you can place ads in your local paper, in the school paper, on a flyer at the grocery store and other high-traffic bulletin boards.


13. Earn Cash by Marketing for Others

You already know you can make fast cash providing a whole range of support services for businesses, such as writing, programming, and graphic design. Here’s another idea: Sell your marketing services.

  • Businesses need all sorts of special marketing services and freelancers, such as:
  • Someone to do a link campaign and build thousands of one-way links.
  • Someone to manually submit articles and press releases.
  • Someone to optimize a site for the search engines.
  • Someone to kick off a viral marketing campaign by launching a viral video and getting others to socially bookmark a site.
  • Someone to build a “friends” list on social networking sites like Facebook.

And so on. You may offer your services by posting ads, or you can seek out jobs by browsing the freelancing boards like Guru.com and Elance.com.


14. Create and Sell T-Shirts and Other Products

Here’s another way to raise some quick cash: Design and sell products like t-shirts, shorts, caps, tote bags, buttons, bumper stickers and a whole lot more using CafePress.com.

The bonus in using CafePress is that you can upload your designs or photos to CafePress and create your products right on the website. Then you can set up a storefront and start selling – with absolutely no out-of-pocket expense for you!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Turn the photos sitting on your hard drive into cool products.
  • If you’re artistic, you can create unique designs.
  • If you’re creative, you can place unusual or funny sayings on the products.

And so on.

Tip: If you’re looking for really easy money, then create products around hot news stories, scandals, local events, etc. For example, you can create “4th of July” t-shirts for your city’s local celebration and sell them out of the trunk of your car at the county fair.


15. Figure Out What People Want – And Give it to Them!

The above title actually should be your mantra for any business you start. If you can figure out what people want and give it to them, you can get rich.

But for this tip, we’re focusing on a more narrow idea. Specifically, you can create and sell in-demand products and services like Facebook Fan Page themes, WordPress plugins and themes, and any other tools and applications.

There are three ways you can do this if you’re focusing on backgrounds and themes:

a. Sell a broad assortment of themes and backgrounds from your website. Here you sell each design for relatively cheap, but you don’t limit the number of people who can purchase the same theme.

b. Offer semi-exclusive themes and designs where only a small number of people can purchase the design.

c.   Offer exclusive, custom designs. Here you’re offering a service rather than a product.

Ideally, you should offer all three and see which sells best for you. Then focus your advertising and efforts on whatever makes you the most money.

Advertising is easy – if you’re selling Fan Page themes or tools, then sell them on Facebook. If you’re selling WordPress themes or tools, then start posting on WordPress forums, blogging forums and marketing forums.


16. Sell Ringtones

If you can consider yourself a musical artist or otherwise creative, then you may be able to make money creating and selling ringtones.

Run a search in Google for “sell ringtones,” and not only will you find information about exactly how to make money with this venture, but you’ll also find places to sell your ringtones.

Here's a powerful secret. From time to time, search Google using "buy ringtones". This may bring up sites that are receiving a lot of earch engine buyer traffic for ringtones. If any of those sites also allows you to sell ringtones, you may have just struck G.O.L.D.

If you don’t have the talent, time and/or inclination to create the ringtones yourself, you can still make money in this lucrative business. How? By becoming an affiliate for a site that sells ringtones.

Tip: You’re likely to encounter a lot of competition online if you start selling ringtones. However, there’s probably very little competition in your local area! In other words, you should advertise offline as well as online… no matter what you’re selling!


17. Make Money Assisting Others

Earlier you discovered that you can make money easy money online offering very specific services such as writing, design, programming and the like. However, if you have a broader set of skills, then you can make money as a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants perform a wide range of office administrative tasks, including but not limited to things like customer service, creating memos, writing the company newsletter, data entry, bookkeeping and the like.

If you have these skills, you can cash in on them by creating a website highlighting your skills and advertising this site on CraigsList and elsewhere. You may also want to “cold call,” mail or personally visit businesses in your area to land clients


You’ve just discovered 17 different ways to make easy money online starting today! And I saved the best part for last:

All 17 strategies are;

·         Time-tested and proven to work.

·         Easy to start with minimal upfront costs.

·         Don’t require any prior knowledge.

So what are you waiting for? Pick one and get started right now!

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