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Discover how to make money online free of charge by distributing Instant Commission Viral Reports.

Are you tired of promoting affiliate products that take forever to pay you your hard earned commissions?

After spending your money on pay per click campaigns, buying solo ads and various other campaigns, most affiliate programs only pay you your commissions after 60 or 90 days!

After investing your limited time in creating promotional videos, writing enticing articles, posting helpful comments on forums and a wide variety of other promotional strategies, you have to wait months before your first paycheck!

I’m willing to bet that you are sick and tired of such slow commissions. There has to be a better way.

Because the truth is that if you are like most people starting out online, you need your commissions to help you build your online business faster. Perhaps you need them to also pay your bills and put food on the table. I know I did.

So the last thing you want is to have to wait for excessive periods of time before you are rewarded for your efforts. Especially when countless studies have proved that lack of cash flow is one of the main reasons why so many businesses fail very quickly.

So what is the solution?

Glad you asked. :)

The solution is to promote products that pay you your commissions instantly. Simple. And that is where my Instant Commission Viral Reports come into play.

These are well written persuasive reports that you can use to make money online free of charge. They will educate your prospects on various aspects of internet marketing because each of them is jam packed with informative editorial content on a specific topic.

On the other hand, YOU will get money instantly deposited into your PayPal account every time a prospect buys one of the products recommended within a report. How, you may ask. Well, every report will recommend a few products that your prospects can buy if they want to further their education.

When they buy, you will get paid immediately. No more waiting for months or even weeks! That’s why I have made sure that these Instant Commission Viral Reports are both informative and persuasive. They have to be both for your prospects to buy and for you to make money online free of charge.

Now, what makes it possible for you to get paid commissions when someone buys a product from a report you are distributing?

Simple. My Rebranding Software. It allows you to replace my strategically positioned links with your own affiliate links. And so, when you distribute these reports, you get to distribute YOUR affiliate links all over the web as well!

And the best part is that, unlike other rebranding software, you do NOT need to host a webpage, have a website or even a blog. All you have to do is distribute a special link and when people click on that link, they will be able to download the report that has your affiliate links.

This makes distribution VERY EASY.

You can easily distribute your unique link by placing it in articles that you post on forums, directories and various other websites. You can distribute it by including it in short videos that you post on YouTube (this could be a simple PowerPoint presentation) or by using it as a signature line on certain forums.

Quite frankly, you are only limited by your imagination.

But please don’t just post your link all over the place by itself. No one responds to that type of marketing. Instead, the smart way to do things is to wrap helpful content around it. Remember, I’ve done the hard yards for you by creating the short reports.

So all you need is to write short articles or create short videos, or simply include the link in your signature line every time you post a helpful comment on a forum. Just make sure the forum allows your link. (You can read up on forum marketing here).

Of course if you have your own website, blog or short report, you can include you link within your content.

If you follow this advice, I guarantee you will make more commissions than if you just throw your link all over the place. I guarantee it.

Unique Advantage

What makes the Instant Commission Viral Reports so special? Well, obviously the first thing is that you get paid instantly every time a prospect buys through your affiliate link.

Secondly, you get to speedily make money online free of charge just by distributing persuasive and helpful reports. In some circles, you have to pay for this privilege.

But the third thing is that when a prospect buys through your affiliate link, that prospect becomes your customer for life! What does that mean?

Well, if a prospect buys one product through your affiliate link, every other product that he or she buys from the same product owner will earn you more commissions. In other words, you will get paid over and over again, every time that prospect buys another product from the same seller!

This will happen without any extra promotional effort on your part!

That, my friend, is what is called “Economic Advantage”. It is putting math on the side of your online business because your profits can add up very quickly.

Now, in order to make this a profitable venture for both you and I, every report will only be available for a limited amount of time. Why?

So that you don’t have too many competitors. A little competition is always great. But too much competition may not be so good for you, especially if you are just starting out. If you have too much competition it may be hard for you to profit.

And if you don’t profit, you will stop distributing my reports. I also have a stake in this you see. If you succeed, I succeed. I succeed because I get to market my website through the reports. You succeed because you get to make instant commissions.

In some cases, we both get to market our websites and you still get to make instant commissions. At other times, we both get to market our websites and we both get to make instant commissions, depending on the nature of the report.

So I hope you find strong confidence in the fact that it is in my best interests for you to succeed. It’s a win-win relationship. And if you consider the fact that the prospect who reads the report will also benefit, it is a win-win-win scenario.

So I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity right now. A lot of other people are reading this information as well, so you never know when I decide to pull down a report. That’s the truth of the matter.

Don’t miss an easy opportunity that can enable you to quickly make money online free of charge. Especially when you can get paid instantly for life every time your referral buys another product from the same merchant.

So take action right now and start distributing the available Instant Commission Viral Reports now!!


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