The 5 Essential Qualities Of Successful Blog Marketing!

Many people dream about the day when they will start enjoying multiple streams of passive income through blog marketing. The problem is that very few know what it takes to actually start a blog that will make their dreams come true.

We have all been there. If you are like most people starting out on the internet, then you’ve probably felt the frustration that comes from knowing about blog marketing but not knowing how to make it work in your online business.

But you need not be frustrated anymore because I have some good news for you. In this article, you will discover the 5 essential qualities your blog must have in order to make it a powerful marketing tool rather than a device that empties your pockets through ruthless hosting fees!

So let’s get into them!

1. In order to engage in successful blog marketing, the first quality your blog must have is good content that really helps your readers solve their problems. You’ve probably heard the saying that “content is king”.  

On the internet, this is absolutely true. The reason for this is that the internet is really made up of lots and lots of content. Think about it. Google is such a huge company because it helps you find…the content you want.   

So make it your aim to provide great content that really educates your blog visitors and leaves them feeling like they have they have gained something after they leave.  

Doing this will cause your visitors to remember you and keep coming back to your site and that will probably mean more money in your pocket!  

Great content will also quickly elevate you to the position of an expert in your field because people will start to trust your advice and the recommendations you make.  

That’s a very powerful position to be in because people will more readily buy your products and the products you recommend on behalf of other people. 

The flip side of the coin is that poor content can really hurt your online business. If you give advice that just doesn’t work, people won’t trust you and you will fail faster than you can say “bankruptcy”.  

So make sure your content is absolutely great. It’s the foundation of a successful blog marketing strategy. 

2. Secondly, your blog must target your audience. If you seriously want to make money through blog marketing, let your blog speak to your audience.  

What this means is that your headlines and your titles should clearly show your readers what benefits they will get from reading, watching or listening to what is on your site.  

In other words, your visitors must relate to your headlines and titles.  In order for this to happen, you will need to learn how to create headlines that have emotional impact.  

For instance if your blog is about weight loss, then you may want to have an article or video or podcast with a headline like “3 Easy Ways to Lose 25 Pounds In Less Than 30 Days Even If You Have Never Lost A Single Pound Before!”.  

If you have weight loss challenges then this headline would probably grab your attention and make you want to know more. So it’s vital to learn how to speak to your audience by using “emotional impact” headlines. 

3. Thirdly, it is critical to make sure your blog looks credible. That’s absolutely essential to successful blog marketing. Nothing scares away people faster than a blog that does not have a credible, trustworthy feel and look.

If they can’t trust the look, they can’t trust the content. So for example, try to use colours that are suitable for your audience. If your audience is made up of macho business men (no offence ladies), then using Pink would not be a good idea! Colours like blue, black, grey and white would be better. Can you see that? 

Furthermore, try to make the content as easy to read as possible. So your paragraphs should be no longer than 5 sentences. Some experienced online marketers even suggest 3 sentences.  

Each sentence should only contain one thought or idea. Avoid grammatical mistakes at all costs. Too many mistakes such as poor spelling will make people distrust you even if you know what you are talking about. So hire a proof reader if you have to. 

The advantage of making your site look credible is that other sites will then want to link to your site. This means that they will take the time to read your content and link to you if your site looks great and also has great information.  

The great thing about this is that the more people link to your site the higher it will rank in Google’s and other search engine’s results.  

So don’t be afraid to make your blog look like the major authority in your industry.  

4. The fourth thing you need in order to enjoy successful blog marketing is a “hook”. By this I simply mean that it should have something unique about it that gets people to come back over and over again.  

For instance you could create a weekly newsletter that people subscribe to. This way you have an excuse to email them every week to provide them with great content and encourage them to visit your site to learn even more. 

This alone can double the amount of money you make online. Several internet marketers have more than doubled their income this way. 

Other hooks you could have are video tutorials or free ecourses that you constantly update. This way, people will keep coming back to see what’s new. 

But the main point of this strategy is to use the hook to collect the emails of your blog visitors. Doing this will help you build the all important list of prospects. And that will only add oomph and power to your blog marketing. 

5. Last but not least, it’s important to use a search engine optimisation strategy when doing blog marketing. If you have been on the internet for any length of time then you have probably heard about search engine optimisation or SEO.  

This is simply the process of getting your blog to rank highly in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The reason this is important is that the higher your blog ranks, the more visitors it will get and ultimately, the more money YOU will make.  

This is especially important if you don’t want to spend too much money on advertising your blog. 

I’ve written an article on search engine optimisation that you can read to learn more about how to get free traffic from search engines. You can find it here. 

So there you go!

You now have 5 powerful proven tips for succeeding with blog marketing. Here are a few action steps you can quickly take to setup a blog that has the qualities we have just looked at.

1. Write down the MAIN aim of the blog you intend to set up. For example, “to help mums make money at home”.

2. List the five most important things you need to talk about on your blog in order to achieve your main aim.

3. Write down a list of 3 or 4 keywords that you know people in your niche (industry) are already searching for.

4. Decide what type of hook you will use. Will it be a newsletter, podcast, free ebook of the week or something else? Write it down.

5. Find a good software program and use the above points to create your own profitable blog. I suggest you use to create your blog. It’s 100% free and you can have your blog up and running in minutes!

If you stick to the tips laid down in this chapter you will be way ahead of most people trying to successfully use blog marketing. You will be able to succeed using a proven set of blogging tactics. And before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to a shiny new era of profitable blog marketing.

Now THAT’S an Awesome thing indeed!

You can learn even more about blog marketing here.

To Your Success


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