Email Marketing Services You Can Use To Market More Profitably To Your List!

When it comes to email marketing services that you can use to market to your own list, the leading service is Aweber. It leads the field because it is the best at making sure that your list of prospects receives your emails.

And that’s what you want because if your emails don’t arrive, your messages won’t be read. If they are not read, you won’t build a relationship with your list. You also won’t be able to effectively promote helpful products to them.

In addition to ensuring that your emails arrive, Aweber provides the following benefits.

1. Firstly, it provides done for you templates that make it extremely easy for you to create emails that look great. If you’ve always wanted to create a newsletter that looked visually appealing, Aweber makes your job as easy as pointing and clicking.

2. Secondly, Aweber is a massive time saver because it has software that can turn your blog posts into emails. This means you can easily gather up some of your most popular blog posts and convert them into emails to use in your email marketing. If your blog readers found the information interesting and helpful, your email list probably will as well.

3. Thirdly, Aweber’s autoresponder enables you to set up a sequence of emails that can be sent automatically over a period of time. So for example, you can write 52 emails, load them into the autoresponder and set them up so that an email is automatically sent to your prospects every week. That’s a years’ worth of emails all sent on autopilot!  

4. Fourthly, the customer support is terrific. You are never alone. If you don’t understand how to use any aspect of Aweber, there is a customer support team ready to promptly help you out.

5. The fifth benefit of using this email marketing service is that it has software that enables you to easily sort your subscribers into different specific groups. For example, you can sort them into those who have bought a product from you before and those who haven’t.

Or you can separate the subscribers who have bought product A from those who have bought product B. These are just 2 of the many ways you can sort your subscribers.

Why is this feature important? Because it helps you create targeted email campaigns. For example, if you sort buyers from none buyers, you can craft different messages for each group and get better responses from each.

6. Aweber also enables you to create convincing sign up forms that you can use to build your list for no extra cost!

7. Last but not least, you can track the performance of the emails you send. For instance, you can track how many people opened your email and how many people clicked a specific link in your email.

This means you can test different email subject lines to see which ones cause more people to open and read your emails. You can also test your offers to see which ones cause more people to click the links within your emails and visit the websites you would like them to visit.

For these key reasons, I recommend that you use Aweber’s email marketing services to market to your own list.  There are many more benefits of using Aweber so the good news is you can get started for only $1 here.

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