My Private Free Internet Marketing Tool Set Revealed! 

Welcome to my free internet marketing tool set. These are free tools I regularly use. They make my life easy and can undoubtedly do the same for you. Did I mention that they are 100% FREE?...! Since this is a continual work in progress, I will NEVER stop adding to the list. So feel free to visit this page often.


This free internet marketing tool allows you to save information in an orderly manner. It enables you to organise you information in a way that makes it easier to remember. You can save information using any computer, laptop or mobile devices.

And the wonderful thing is that the process of saving information is as easy as highlighting the information you want to save, clicking a button and presto, Evernote creates a note for you! You can even save your entire website! Now that’s a powerful free back up.  


This tool enables you to incentivise social engagement with your website or blog. And if you didn’t know, social proof is huge. The more likes, shares or follows your site has, the more social proof you provide to first time visitors that you are the real deal.

So this free internet marketing tool will allow you to offer coupons and discounts and other special mouth watering deals to your visitors if and only if they socially engage with your site.

Kindle Cover Creator

Well this is self explanatory. But I’ve included it because I did not know it existed for a very long time. That held me back from writing and selling my own unique eBooks on Kindle.

As you probably know creating a cover yourself can be difficult. It can also cost quite a bit of money depending on who creates it for you.

But with this tool, creating a cover is a snap. It’s extremely easy and the covers look great. So don’t let the belief that creating a cover is difficult hold you back from publishing your own eBooks.

Free PDF Converter

I absolutely love this tool. I think it’s a wonderful free internet marketing tool because it allows you to convert your reports into the form that is widely accepted and trusted without any expense on your part.

PDF reports are what your prospects and customers are probably used to more than any other type of format. So when you can convert your documents into PDF for free, that’s a wonderful thing indeed.

Tweak Your Biz

This is a really neat tool. It helps you come up with fantastic titles for your articles and social media posts. You simply enter a topic of your choice and up pops a number of titles that you can use.

Just make sure to go through the titles carefully. Not all of them will make sense but there will be some good ones. And a good title can vastly increase the amount of people who read your stuff and visit your website. It’s no secret that a great title can increase readership by more than 100%.

Yes, that’s double your visitors!


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