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Reading a good internet marketing book every now and then is a very wise idea when starting out online. You have obviously heard the saying, “knowledge is power”.

There is a lot of truth to that statement. And in internet marketing, gaining some new information about how to succeed online can seriously propel your online business forward. The same is true in business of any kind.

But as you probably know by now, knowledge is only power when acted upon or used in some way. I suggest you keep that fact at the fore front of your mind as you read this article.

Now, you are probably wondering what internet marketing book I am going to recommend you read. If you are, you are in luck because you will shortly discover 5 books that reveal information that can seriously impact the success of your online business.

And the best part is that they are all digital so you can start reading them right away!

But before we get into them, please allow me to share a golden nugget that I have learned the slow and hard way.

Golden Nugget

As you embark on reading one internet marketing book after the other, it is critical to remember that your reading must have direction. Don’t waste time like I did reading every book out there without having any specific goal in mind other than a desire to “know more”

The problem with that approach is that it tends to lead you to a place where your knowledge on any one internet marketing topic is superficial and shallow… at best.

In other words, you know a bit about everything, but you can’t use your knowledge to get any results.


Because you don’t know enough to enable you to implement any one strategy effectively. So make a decision to read books that will help you rapidly know one thing really well. Then move on to the next thing.

For example, learn everything about Google Adwords. Read the very best books on the subject. If you do that, soon you will be able to get results using that strategy and consequently, you will be considered an expert. What you say will then carry more weight. And that’s when good things start to happen.

Ok, enough rambling.

Let’s look at 5 books to read in order to give yourself a solid overview of the important aspects of online marketing.


Make Your Content Presell

The first is an internet marketing book written by Ken Evoy of Solo Build It. The reason it is worth reading is that it reveals the one internet marketing skill that can help ANYONE start making serious progress online.

It’s interesting because you and I should both have realized that this skill could help us a long long time ago. It took me 4 years to know this. Yet so many people utilize this skill right before our very eyes every single day!

I’m talking about writing to communicate in such a way that your readers understand and enjoy reading what you have to say and become more open to buying from you in the process.

In other words, Make Your Content Presell will teach you how to presell.

Now, preselling is very different from selling.  Selling is all about telling people about the benefits of your product or service in a way that causes them to buy.

Preselling on the other hand is about communicating in a way that makes your readers like and trust you without trying to sell them anything. So it essentially involves giving away valuable content for free. Content that will help your readers achieve a result before they buy anything from you.

The beautiful thing about this is that when you write to presell, selling becomes much easier. In other words, when you offer your readers something for sale AFTER they are presold by your free content, a lot more of them tend to buy from you.

So remember, preselling comes before selling. And it can seriously increase your performance online. Better still, it’s not difficult to learn. It’s certainly easier than learning how to sell. And it can help you significantly if you are an affiliate marketer.

Imagine only sending presold visitors to various sales pages online!

So I suggest you do yourself a big favor and learn how to presell. You can instantly get Make Your Content Presell by subscribing to my email newsletter. I believe in it that much and you will too...soon.

How to Make Big Profits from a Small Mailing List

This internet marketing book is by Charlie Page. As the title implies, it teaches you how you can make money online from a small list of your on subscribers.

It is now a proven fact that email marketing is the most profitable type of marketing you can do online. Especially email marketing to your on list of subscribers.

Aweber, the internets’ leading authority on email marketing has reported that marketers who used its software to email promotional messages to their lists, made about US$40 for every US$1 they spent in 2012.

That’s the profitableness of marketing to your on list.

But there are certain keys you need to be aware of to effectively sell your products and services to your own list of subscribers, however small or huge. And that is what you will discover in How to Make Big Profits from a Small Mailing List.

For example, you will discover that one vital key to successfully marketing to a small list is taking time to develop a relationship with them before you sell anything. You will also discover how to maintain your relationship with your subscribers for the entire duration of their subscription to your list.

You will learn the specifics of how to build relationships. Once you learn that, as sure as night follows the day J, you will start making more sells online.

Charlie Page makes more money online from his list than most marketers with lists FAR huger than his, so he is especially qualified to write this book. I know he out performs most marketers because he is usually a top selling affiliate.

You can get How to Make Big Profits from a Small Mailing List here.

The Affiliate Masters Course

I promise, this is the last internet marketing book written by Ken Evoy that we will talk about in this article.

I couldn’t help it because The Affiliate Masters Course is probably the best book about affiliate marketing on the entire web.

You may or may not be aware that Harvey Segal is the go-to authority on all things pertaining to ClickBank. He has written a book on how to be a successful affiliate on ClickBank, the most popular affiliate network.

I’ve read that book and was reviewing it again to decide whether or not to recommend it to you. Ultimately, I decided not to because of one or two outdated pieces of information. Still a great book.

But my point is that even Harvey Segal himself recommends that you read The Affiliate Masters Course if you want a deep understanding of affiliate marketing. So it’s a no brainer for me.

If you want to seriously learn how to make money online through affiliate marketing, it is the internet marketing book to read.

Even though affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and quickest ways to succeed online, very few people attain any significant success with it. But your story can be different.

When you read the Affiliate Masters Course, you will learn exactly how to plan and create your entire affiliate marketing business.

You will know what to do first, second, third and so on until you are successful. Imagine having that kind of clarity.

For example, you will learn how to build an audience of people before you start promoting any product.

Then when you roll out any promotion, you will have a crowd of eager people willing to buy through your affiliate link. That’s how most “instant” success happens. But it wasn’t instant. It was just strategically planned out.

You can get the Affiliate Masters Course here for free.

Definitive Guide to Google Adwords

This internet marketing book is by Perry Marshall. It’s all about succeeding with Google Adwords, a program you are most likely familiar with.

It’s an important book because Google is such a huge source of traffic. Like it or not, Google can send your online business a lot of targeted traffic through its Goggle Adwords program. So it is worth spending time to know how to make the most of this enormous traffic source.

And there is no better person to teach you how to do that then Perry Marshall. He is the ultimate authority on Google Adwords and his book will set you way, waay, ahead of the rest of the field.

Sort of like Usain Bolt against the rest at the Beijing 2008 Olympics 100m final. You will have time to spread your hands and pump your chest before crossing the finish line!

That far ahead.

For example, some of Perry Marshall’s students have learned how to pay Google a meager $1 per day and make sells within that amount!

Such numbers are virtually unheard of today. The general experience of most businesses is that Google Adwords is getting more and more expensive.

Not if you are a student of Perry Marshal though. Imagine how your life could change if you read his internet marketing book and learned how to make some sells every day by only spending $1!

In fact, the student who learned how to make sells from just $1 a day only skimmed through the book. When he saw his results then he read the book!

I cannot recommend The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords enough.

Internet Business Manifesto

The last internet marketing book we will look at is the Internet Business Manifesto. It is a book written by Rich Schefren, widely considered as the “coach to the gurus”.

This is a great book to read if you want to have an overall understanding of how to think about online business. It shows you how to see things correctly.

And that perspective is priceless.

For example, rather than playing around with different systems, you will learn how to build a real business around what you are already doing.

If you are not doing anything yet, well, it means you can get things right from day one.

You will also discover how to create a business that eventually enables you to have more and more free time as your systems and other people do the work for you.

And this while your profits are increasing. It’s the work less make more money appeal. Except this time, it’s real.

By the way, this is not a new concept. Many successful business owners know that one of the main keys to business success is learning how to work on your business, not in it.

But the thing with the Internet Business Manifesto is that it is specifically tailored to internet marketing and its unique challenges.

I recommend you read it before building your online business any further. It’s worth the time.

There is an old version for sale on Amazon but you can get an updated version for free here.

So those are 5 internet marketing books that you can read to accelerate your online success.  They are all written by super successful internet marketers who have tried and tested everything they reveal to you.

So the information is coming from “expensive experience” as someone has said before. That makes it extremely valuable, worth paying for in fact. And with the exception of Perry Marshall’s book, you can get all these books for free!

To Your Success


Bonus Internet Marketing Book to help you with writing to sell. ;)

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