10 Internet Marketing Classes Worth Attending

When looking for internet marketing classes, it is very easy to become overwhelmed and confused because of all the options available online.

Worse still, if you are new to internet marketing, it is difficult to sort out the classes that provide you with real valuable actionable information from the ones that are shallow, or theoretical or just plain nonsense.

Fortunately, in this article you will discover 10 high value classes you should seriously consider attending if you really want to succeed at internet marketing.

Most of these classes may not be what you consider main stream. In other words, they are not offered by universities (theory) or other educational institutions. They are offered by real internet millionaires who walk the talk and are generous enough to show you how to succeed online.

None of these teachers or coaches needs to offer these classes in order to make money. They can and easily do make money selling non educational physical products. So you can 100% trust the information you gain from their training.

With that said, let’s get into the 10 internet marketing classes shall we.

The Google Online Challenge

The first internet marketing class worth attending is provided by none other than Google itself.  It is completely free of charge but that should not deceive you. The information provided by Google is backed by, perhaps, the most comprehensive and in depth research the world has ever known.

With billions of dollars invested into understanding the nature of all things pertaining to the internet, you can bet your house that Google knows what it is talking about.

So what will you learn when you take its internet marketing classes? Thought you’d never ask.

Firstly, you will learn how to create an effective website. Nowadays, that can be the difference between success and failure online. You will also learn various strategies for promoting your business on the internet.

Further still, you will learn how to create an effective marketing plan, how to build a community of loyal fans and the different types of apps you can use to increase the profitability of your online promotions.

Needless to say (yet I say itJ), I strongly recommend this class. You may even qualify for certification by Google if you choose to take its tests and pass. That can go a long way in helping you and your business make progress online.

GKIC - Modern Grandfather of Advertising

The second internet marketing classes you should seriously consider taking are those provided by GKIC. This is an online company run by Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer, two of the most successful online tycoons.

Dan Kennedy in particular, is considered the undisputed grandfather of advertising in this modern era. He has helped thousands of small business owners dramatically grow their revenue through effective offline and online advertising.

It’s easily no exaggeration to say that most consider him to be the top authority on marketing on the planet.

But how can he and Bill (who is also pretty successful), help you?

Well, both these marketers are able to teach you exactly how to create online marketing campaigns that produce serious results. They have taken what works offline, the things that have been working for hundreds of years, and then customized them for the online landscape.

So most of their internet marketing strategies are based on timeless principles, on a deep understanding of human nature. That’s one of the reasons why they work well both off and online.

I recommend their classes if you want to learn how to create advertising that produces serious results online.  Or, if you want, just ask them to create your campaigns for you. Up to you.

Rich Schefren – Stream Line Your Business for Fast Growth!

If you are looking for internet marketing classes that will teach you how to streamline your business so that it grows rapidly and requires less and less of your involvement at the same time, Rich Schefren’s  classes are for you.

After succeeding in business in the offline world, Rich Schefren decided to finally go online. The interesting thing is that he’s online journey, as narrated by him, reflects the path that almost all internet marketing beginners take.

And this is due to the peculiarities of online marketing such as the availability of a bazillion tools and strategies to use to promote your online business.

To cut the long story short, Rich Schefren found himself working extremely hard but lacking direction and focus and hence not really making any progress.

He has since succeeded of course and is now the leading authority on how to streamline your online business so that you do as little work as possible while enjoying immense success. As they say, every master was once a disaster.

You can get started with Rich by reading his short report, The Internet Business Manifesto which has been downloaded over a million times.

Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula

When it comes to internet marketing classes on how to launch your product successfully, the leading authority is Jeff Walker.

He created the Product Launch Formula and will show you how to launch your product in a way that causes you to see huge results in the short term and consistent results for a long time thereafter.

He is a guru to many of the online guru’s and has been teaching internet marketing strategies for a very long time. So if you are thinking about launching your product online and you want it to be a success from day 1, there is no better place to start than with the Product Launch Formula.

Jimmy Brown – Create Your Own Information Product in 5 Days Flat

We have just talked about launching your product. But what if you don’t have a product in the first place?

That’s where Jimmy D. Browns’ internet marketing classes come in. In these classes, you will work one on one with Jimmy Brown himself to create your product in 5 short days.

This is a product that you will be able to sell from $97 to $497. And it will be finished in just 5 days! If that is not good news, I don’t know what is.

Jimmy Brown is a highly successful internet marketer that has been doing online marketing from the 90’s. He charges close to $2000 per month for one on one coaching access to him and that price is a bargain considering the results he helps people achieve.

But in this specific class on how to create a product, he surprisingly charges a very low price for email access to him. He also only accepts 50 students at any one time in order to give each student enough focused attention.

I have bought several of Jimmy D. Brown’s products so I can absolutely guarantee you that he always delivers more than you pay for.  I recommend his classes if you want to create a big ticket product quickly.

Jonathan Mizel

At Traffic Evolution, he will show you how to buy traffic that converts well as cheaply as possible. This information is based on extensive testing on what is currently working well online.

In fact, last time I checked, Traffic Evolution was closed just so that the information could be updated to make sure it was 100% accurate. That’s the level of commitment to excellence that we are talking about here.

The beautiful thing about non Google Adwords traffic is that it can be much much more affordable. You can spend a fraction of the amount you would spend with Google and yet get better results than someone who spent way more than you on Adwords.

It is also a great thing to be able to diversify your traffic sources. As they say, number one is the most dangerous number in business. Having one traffic source will leave your online business very unstable.

If the cost of advertising with Google using your particular keywords goes up dramatically, perhaps due to an increase in competition, your online business could suffer serious losses.

So I recommend Jonathan Mizel’s classes if you want to ensure that you are not overly reliant on Google for traffic.

Perry Marshall – Undisputed King of Google Adwords

Having said that, Google still remains a huge source of traffic on the internet today. So it is important to know how to use it to get as many visitors to your websites as possible.

The internet marketing classes to attend if you want to master how to succeed with Google Adwords (Google’s advertising program) are those by Perry Marshall. He is the undisputed authority on Google Adwords worldwide. Just Google him and see for yourself.

You see, while most people are complaining about the rising cost of Google Adwords, Perry Marshall’s students are quietly enjoying extremely low costs per click and massively high returns on their advertising dollars.

For example, one of his students reported spending $1 a day on Google Adwords and yet still making sales! How is that for a profitable marketing system?!

Perry Marshall holds classes from time to time so the best place to see when his next class will be held is his website.

But while you are waiting, you can get up to speed by reading his best-selling classic, “The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords”. If you are going to spend money with Google, why not spend it well!

 Armand Morin  - Pioneer Training Programs that Cover Everything!

Are you one of those people who have an insatiable appetite for all things internet marketing? In other words, do you want to know as much as possible about all aspects of marketing online

If so, Armand Morin’s internet marketing classes are definitely for you. Armand is essentially a legend in the world of online marketing. He is a pioneer and has worked with people and companies in several industries to help them succeed online.

Some say that the mark of a genius is when he invents his own language. Well, that is exactly what Armand has done in the internet marketing world.

He is arguably the BEST internet marketer. Arguably. I have bought some of his products and they are top notch. I especially like Autoweb law. It all but eliminated most of my legal costs when starting out online. And that was HUGE.

Anyhow, you cannot go wrong if you want to learn about the various aspects of internet marketing and you attend Armand’s classes or take his courses. You can’t.

Chris Malta – How to Sell Physical Products Online

If you want to learn internet marketing in as far as it relates to selling physical products online, I recommend Chris Malta. His internet marketing classes are designed so that you learn more in one day than most people learn in months online.

He is a successful e-biz millionaire and owns World Wide Brands, a membership site that gives you access to US suppliers of various brand name products.

So he has first-hand experience as to how to deal with suppliers and buy products from them for the lowest prices possible. Personally, I love his software, inside World Wide Brands, that enables you to determine if there is a market for any physical product you plan to sell.

So I strongly recommend Chris Malta’s classes if you want to learn how to sell physical products online.

Brendon Burchard – Personal and Business Branding

If you are looking for internet marketing classes that will teach you how to monetize who you are and what you know online, look no further than Brendon Burchard. Best-selling author of the “Millionaire Messanger” and other books, Brendon has become a leading authority on marketing and branding.

Importantly, he can help you create a brand that your market resonates with and that catapults your online business to the top of your industry. And that is not mere hype. There is a reason why more than two million people consume his information every month.

So if you want to build a strong and profitable presence in your market, I recommend you get started by subscribing to his newsletter at his website. Then check the same site for his products and information as to when he will hold events and classes.

There you have it!

Attending any of the internet marketing classes listed on this page can significantly propel you forward on your online journey. Take your time and decide which classes are best for you. Then, do the thing that separates winners from losers: Take Action!

To Your Success


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