21 Internet Marketing Companies That Can Help You Succeed Online !

If you are looking for internet marketing companies that can help you succeed online, you have come to the right place. Below is a list of companies that I have compiled to save you the time it takes to search all over the web for the specific company you would like to work with.

Some of these companies come with my personal recommendation. In those instances, it means I have used their services and products, or I have purchased products that they have recommended or another company that I trust has recommended them.

The rest of the companies mentioned in the top 10 are companies I have researched that appear to provide credible services and products. They seem more noteworthy than those not in the top 10.

However, as with all the companies mentioned on this page, please do you own due diligence before you spend your hard earned money. Find out if any specific company will meet your particular needs.

With that said, here is a list of 21 internet marketing companies that may be able to help you make progress online.

1.       Hubspot.com

This internet marketing company focuses on helping you get leads that will become buyers of your products and services. Specifically, Hubspot specializes on inbound marketing. This is marketing that attracts leads to your online business. It includes strategies like blogging, search engine optimization and social media.

Inbound marketing is the opposite of outbound marketing which pushes leads into your online business instead of attracting them. Outbound strategies traditionally include pay per click, telemarketing, direct mail, newsletter advertising and trade shows.

Hubspot correctly points out that leads obtained from inbound marketing strategies are far cheaper than those obtained from outbound marketing strategies. In fact studies have revealed that they can be up to 61% cheaper.

But that does not mean they are more effective because advertising methods like direct mail and newsletter advertising, though more expensive, can, in many cases, give you a greater return on your investment.

So it is highly important to find the right balance for your online business. You can check out Hubspot’s services at www.hubspot.com.

2.       Internet Marketing Ninjas

If you are looking for internet marketing companies that offer you a wide range of services, Internet Marketing Ninjas may be your solution.

This company has its roots in search engine optimization but also provides social media marketing, web design services, content writing, pay per click services and video marketing services.

The thing I like about it that you will also probably like is the fact that it provides free tools that can significantly help you with your search engine optimization. For example, one of the free tools helps you find any broken links on your website.

And we all know how much Google and your visitors hate broken links. They lead to nowhere and detract from your user’s experience.

Another free tool helps you with your on page search engine optimization by showing you what your site looks like in the eyes of search engine spiders. This allows you to make adjustments that can improve your search engine rankings significantly.

You can try out these free tools and check the services offered at www.internetmarketingninjas.com.

3.       BruceClay.com

BruceClay.com is another example of internet marketing companies that provide a wide range of services. Specifically, it provides pay per click, social media marketing, search engine optimization and web design services.

It also provides analytics that let you know the results you are getting from your internet marketing campaigns.

But unique to Bruce Clay is the conversion optimization tool it provides. This software helps you increase the conversion rate of the website visitors you already have.

In other words, it shows you areas you need to improve on in order for more of your website visitors to buy from or through you. It achieves this by analyzing things like the search intent of your visitors, heat maps and a lot more.

So if you want to get more out of the traffic you are already receiving, you may want to try out www.bruceclay.com.

4.       Moz.com

So far we have looked at 3 internet marketing companies. This is the first one that comes with at least a partial endorsement from me.

Why? Because I can tell it is a high quality internet marketing company from the free information and the free tools it provides even though I have not used any of its paid services...yet. (That’s because I had software that gets me the results I want before I came across Moz! More about that a bit later).

Moz claims to be the only company that provides you with information on ALL your inbound links. It shows you how your content marketing, social media marketing, search marketing, brand mentions and inbound links all interact with which other to produce the results you are now getting.

It gives you insight into the specific things that are causing you to succeed and do badly at various points in time. It also enables you to know what your competitors are doing to gain market share in social media circles.

Moz not only shows you how you are currently doing, it also shows you what you need to do next in order to get ahead.

One last thing about Moz is that it offers a set of free tools you can use to immediately start improving your online marketing. For example it offers a competitor analysis tool that reveals your competitors link building strategy! If you have been online for any length of time then you know that that is worth paying a significant amount of money for.

If you can figure out what your competitors are doing to get ahead, you can get some ideas of how you can make progress as well.

So try www.Moz.com out. Personally, I will be enjoying their free tools to the maximum (including a tool for getting listed in several local business listings) and investigating their paid ones in more detail.

5.       Lezal.com

If you are looking for internet marketing companies to help you reduce your pay per click costs, this could be the company you are looking for.  It claims to provide services that focus on your return on investment. In other words, it succeeds when you get the most bang out of your buck.

It also offers local search engine optimization services if you are in the US and web design services. Now, I have no idea how good Lezal is at what it does so just in case it turns out that it does not deliver the pay per click results it promises, here is my recommendation.

Check out Perry Marshals products at www.Perrymarshall.com. He is the leading authority on the planet when it comes to pay per click, especially Google Adwords. Some of his clients spend only a few cents for every click and get HUGE returns.

But, you can still check out www.Lezal.com and decide for yourself whether or not it is right for you. At Lezal, they do the work for you whereas with Perry Marshall you learn how to do it yourself. Which is best for you at the moment?

6.       Copyblogger.com

Copyblogger, though not one of the main stream internet marketing companies is a high quality company that delivers results. I have spent money on its recommendations so I know this for a fact.

It specializes on content marketing and provides actionable free information on virtually all things content marketing related.

Its products specifically focus on helping Wordpress users succeed with content marketing. These products include solutions for hosting, design, traffic and conversion. These software products are widely regarded as some of the best in the internet marketing industry.

I build my website using Solo Build It for reasons which I have expressed thoroughly so I have not yet used any Copyblogger products which, as I mentioned, target Wordpress sites.

But the free information I have read and the money I have spent on products recommended by Copyblogger (products which belong to other businesses) and Brian Clark’s renowned reputation, leave me with no doubt that this is an internet marketing company you will be happy to deal with.

So if you have a Wordpress website and you want to take your content marketing to the next level, I recommend Brian Clarks Copyblogger.

 7.       Distilled.net

Distilled is a legitimate multi-national company with offices in London, New York and Seattle. It focuses on offering consulting services that help you create an effective search marketing plan. It also offers training courses and seminars if you want more in depth knowledge on how to marketing your online business using search engine optimization techniques.

Indeed, such is the pedigree of these geeks that Moz.com recommends them as one of the go to guys for consultative services on all things seo. Distilled is therefore one of the internet marketing companies worth checking out.

8.       Distribute Your Articles

Of all the internet marketing companies mentioned on this page, this one carries my strongest endorsement. Why? Because I use it and it produces powerful results for my online business.

If you are looking for a company that will help you dominate Google’s search results for keywords that are relevant to your online business, then look no further than Distribute Your Articles.

It is an app supported by Google Cloud that distributes your articles to websites and blogs that have targeted audiences. So your articles are only seen by people who are interested in the information you provide.

But for me, that has not been the biggest benefit. The biggest benefit has been the “seo effect” of having several websites linking to mine. This has greatly improved my rankings in search engines.

Not to brag or anything, my site is now number one for KEY phrases that pertain to my online business. And that is creating a significant, ever growing traffic snowball into my online business.

So I can’t recommend Distribute Your Articles enough. Based on the results I am enjoying, you will do yourself a favor to join today.

Having said that, you need to be able to write informative seo articles and to build your website properly in order to join the full benefits that this company provides.

Fortunately, it has set up a joint venture with a credible company to help you with your article writing if you can’t or don’t want to write. All that is left is for you to build your website correctly. And that is where Solo Build It can make things really simple for you.

I honestly hesitated to reveal this resource here because these are the sorts of things I only reveal to my newsletter subscribers. Moving on…

9.       Mobile Moxie

Let us now change gear a bit and look at one of the internet marketing companies that focus on mobile internet marketing. If you want to start reaching the ever growing mobile audience, Mobile Moxie could be the company you are looking for.

It comes with strong recommendations from other internet marketing companies and can help you leverage your existing campaigns so that they now reach mobile users as well. You don’t have to start creating other separate campaigns.

It offers access to a wide range of unique mobile marketing tools for a small monthly fee and consultation services if you need hand holding, close up help. It also provides training on mobile seo so that you and your team can “do it for yourselves” if you like.

You can try out its services and products at www.mobilemoxie.com.

10.   Think Big Online

If for one reason or the other, you are looking for internet marketing companies in the South East (Australia, New Zealand etc), Think Big Online may be an option worth considering.

Based in Sydney, Australia this company provides Adwords, seo, social media, web design, video marketing and email marketing services. It also helps you improve your conversion rates and offers copy writing consulting services if you want to make your writing more persuasive (Because in the final analysis it is your words that sell).

Based on numerous case studies and opinions of raving fans featured on the website, Think Big Online has helped several companies of various sizes significantly increase their traffic and online sales. From ecommerce stores to old school unbelieving law firms.

So check this company out. It seems worth it in my opinion. But do your own due diligence.


There you go! We have looked at 10 internet marketing companies I believe are worth checking out if you want assistance with your online marketing. But I promised to reveal 21 companies so here are the remaining 11.

Please do your own due diligence as I have never worked with any of the companies below and therefore cannot make a thoroughly informed recommendation as I could with Distribute Your Articles, and to a lesser extent with Copyblogger and Moz.

Here they are:

1.       www.portent.com

2.       www.seobuzzinternetmarketing.com

3.       www.webtalentmarketing.com

4.       www.outspokenmedia.com  

5.       www.webimax.com/

6.       www.bluecorona.com

7.       www.internetmarketinginc.com/

8.       www.bestrank.com/

9.       www.toprankmarketing.com/

10.   www.akaim.com

11.   www.receptional.com/

To Your Success!


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