The Ultimate Internet Marketing Research Tool Set

Are you looking for an internet marketing research tool that will help you find lucrative markets and build a profitable online business?

Would you like to know which tools to use to give yourself a seriously unfair advantage over your competitors while making your market research an easy and enjoyable task?

If you answered yes to both questions then you have come to the right place. The 10 research tools listed on this page have the power to raise your online marketing to a place where it is hard not to be profitable.

I guarantee that.

So let’s look at each one of them briefly, shall we?


Wordtracker is the leading internet marketing research tool as far as keyword research is concerned. It is the industry standard. On the internet, research starts with keywords because keywords reveal exactly what people are searching for.

And if you know what they want, you can give it to them and make money in the process. A true win win scenario.

But specifically how does Wordtracker help you? Firstly, it allows you to enter a search term into its proprietary software so that you can know more about the people who are using that search term.

In other words, you will discover what other keywords those people are using at search engines and how many of them are using each particular keyword. This will enable you to accurately determine the demand that exists within a specific niche.

Wordtracker will also let you know the amount of competition that exists for each keyword. In other words, how many other online businesses are catering to the people who are searching using a particular keyword?

This is extremely valuable information because it will help you avoid wasting time in overcrowded markets where you can’t possibly succeed unless you have a stupendously large advertising budget.

But perhaps the best thing about Wordtracker is that it has a free tool on the home page that enable you to do some seriously comprehensive research so that you can get a feel of its power before you spend any money.

You can try it out here.

Google Keyword tool

This is a free internet marketing research tool provided by Google. It allows you to quickly determine the supply and demand for a particular keyword. It will show you how much demand there is for a keyword globally or within the confines of a specific region, for example, North America or Europe.

It can also show you global and regional competition for any keyword. So it functions a bit like Wordtracker. However they are huge differences. While it is a very helpful tool, it won’t help you do in depth research to the extent that Wordtracker will. There is no comparison really.

For example, Wordtracker gives you about 10 times more information about any keyword you choose to research on. That means that it reveals way more opportunities that you can capitalize on.

But if you just want to get a good and solid idea of what is going on in any niche or market, the Google Keyword tool is a reliable place to get started.

Solo Build It Brainstorm it Tool

This is the paid internet marketing research tool I personally use. It is powered by Wordtracker but offers its own unique insights as well.

It not only allows you to pick a niche that has reasonable competition and good demand. It also allows you to know if a niche is a profitable one. And for a beginner that is extremely valuable information.

This tool also lets you know which keywords to focus on if you want to monetize your website specifically through advertising. It does this by showing you how much people are spending per click on any keyword.

This information can enable you to build a website that makes more money through advertising than other websites which are just as large but focus on less profitable keywords where advertising is concerned. 

Unfortunately, you can’t buy this tool by itself because it comes with the all in one Solo Build It business building package (a collection of ALL the tools you need to build your online business in one place).

But you can get access to it for less than an annual subscription to Wordtracker. The choice is yours.


This is a cool internet marketing research tool. Who said you can’t have fun while researching! This tool generates a cool graphic of keywords related to any keyword you enter. It gives you a quick pictorial snapshot of what people who are searching for a particular keyword are also searching for.

As a result, it also gives you a rough idea about whether a specific keyword has a market that is deep enough to be profitable for you. However, you can’t rely on this information alone to start an online business. But you can get some great ideas about other keywords that you can do thorough research on.

It’s free. Try it out here.


Terapeak is an internet marketing research tool that is tailor made for eBay and Amazon. If you want to sell successfully on these platforms it is a tool you should seriously consider using.

It shows you which products are selling well on both these platforms. But it does not end there because it also shows you which products are selling well but very few people are selling.

In other words, you get to discover markets where there is more demand than supply, markets in which buyer’s needs are not being met!

Terapeak also shows you what the top sellers of any product are doing to succeed. This is competitive intelligence that you can use to seriously improve you sales. It is a great tool because it eliminates the guess work from your selling.

You can proceed on the basis of solid information about what to sell, how to sell it and how much to sell it for in order to make healthy profits. You can try it out here.


This is an internet marketing research tool tailored to, the largest retailer of digital goods on the internet. If you want to promote any of the several products that people sell on Clickbank, you need this tool.

Why? Because it reveals which products affiliates are making the most money with at the end of the day after taking into account sales and refund rates. You may be able to manually do this by yourself if you have bazillion hours to spare every day.

But the advantage of CB Engine is that it can very quickly reveal information about affiliate products you could never discover on your own. It’s a jungle out there with thousands of ClickBank products to pick from.

So CB Engine can help you quickly find hot products that few people are promoting because they haven’t seen them yet.

Would that give you an unfair advantage? You bet it would. You can try it out here.

Amazon Best Sellers

This is an internet marketing research tool provided by There are few better ways to find out what to sell than by looking at what is currently selling well. That’s where this tool comes in. It shows you which products are selling the best in a specific category.

So if you want to sell products in any category on Amazon, start by looking at the best sellers. That is what people are buying! This is actually a Speed Wealth Law.

You can check for Amazon best sellers here.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a wonderful internet marketing research tool that lets you know what is currently hot on the web. This can allow you to ride the tide of the hottest stories by incorporating them into your advertising.

For example, if the Lakers are trending, you could say, “Want to fly as high as the Lakers?” Assuming you are in the fitness niche or perhaps the basketball niche. This makes your marketing in sync with what is currently going on. It also makes you appear informed.

Yet all you did was use Google Trends! I know your secret!

Ask Database

Ask Database, could be the most powerful internet marketing research tool we have discussed so far. Why?

Well, it is common knowledge that the BEST marketing technique is to simply ask your prospects what they want and then give it to them.

And Ask Database enables you to do this by providing survey software that you can use to find out exactly what your market wants. This software is different from any other survey software I have come across because it enables your prospects to tell you everything that is on their minds.

They can write and write until they have NOTHING left to say and you have ALL the information you need to provide them with solutions they are more than willing to buy.

I highly recommend it. It helps you do extremely accurate market research.


Finally, if you are looking for an internet marketing research tool that has more of a corporate nature to it, Forrester may be your solution.

Actually, Forrester is more than a research tool. It is a full fledge market research company that you can hire to perform customized research for you or your organization.

It is a trusted and established company that is listed on NASDAQ. So if you are looking for high level corporate services, then check out Forrester.

But for most online marketers, the above nine tools will be far more than enough.

To Your Success


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