What Internet Marketing Results Can You Expect?

When it comes to internet marketing results, what can you expect? At one point or the other we have all asked ourselves this question. It is an important question because it causes us to think about whether or not it is worth spending time building an internet marketing business.

It also enables us to set goals as to how much money we want to make at different points of our online journey.

Now, as with many important questions, the answer to this question is not a clear and simple one. Because the truth is that you have to consider several factors in order to determine what results to expect.

So let us look at some of these factors.

The Opportunity

To start with, the internet presents all of us with an incredible opportunity to create and grow a very profitable business. If we forget everything else and just focus on the opportunity then it is conceivable that your internet marketing results can make you a billionaire. Yes, billionaire with a B.

Theoretically speaking, this is possible because several people have done so and continue to do so. From the famous Mark Zuckerberg to several other less well known people, we have heard of people who have made it BIG time on the internet.

But that is the theory.


In reality, YOUR internet marketing results depend on many things. They depends on the level of your competence at what you do, how well you can market your products and services, your management skills, your emotional intelligence, the type of business systems you create, your ability to uncover profitable markets and a whole lot more.

For example, without good management skills, you will find it very difficult to manage a group of other people who have the skills to perform different tasks pertaining to your internet marketing business.

And if you cannot manage such a group, it is almost impossible to upscale your business significantly.

You can only go so far as a one man team.

Secondly, without being skillful in the specific niche you have decided to operate in, you will lack the competence to attain a high degree of success. Especially if your internet marketing business depends solely on YOUR skills.

Thirdly, it is highly unlikely that you can attain any noteworthy internet marketing results without emotional intelligence. In other words, can you stay calm when everything around you seems to be falling apart? If you cannot stay calm, can you nonetheless continue working on your business in tough situations?

Or when you have a major setback, can you get up again and again and yet again until you start succeeding? You can be intellectually smart, but without emotional intelligence it may be quite difficult for you to make substantial amounts of money on or offline.

So as you can see, the internet marketing results you can expect depend for the most part on YOU.

That is one of the reasons why the law in most countries requires information marketers to include a disclaimer in their products that clearly tells people that they are not being promised any specific results.

How can you promise a person that they will make one hundred thousand dollars when you do not know anything about them?

Now, the good news is that there are many people who make a very comfortable living online. It is not everyone who is a millionaire, though there are many online millionaires. However, far more people make thousands of dollars every month.

So if many people achieve such results every month, consistently, then maybe, if you learn from them and deeply understand what they are doing, you may also get the results they are getting, eventually.

Just remember to keep on learning and to NEVER give up. If you continue to work smart and hard, you will, as the legendary Earl Nightingale said, meet with great success at an unexpected hour.

And that is a marvelous thing indeed!

To Your Success


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