10 Keys to Writing  Successful Internet Marketing Reviews!

Internet marketing reviews are a tried and tested method for succeeding as an affiliate marketer. They allow you to get past your prospect’s natural defences against sells because they position you as a helpful guide rather than a pitchy sales person.

Unsurprisingly, the number of internet marketers trying to promote affiliate products using internet marketing reviews is massive and will only keep increasing.

But there is one problem. Not everyone knows what it takes to use reviews to successfully market affiliate products. And you may be one of those people.

If you are, the good news is that in this article you will discover 10 keys to writing internet marketing reviews that will get you the results you want.

In other words, you will discover how to write reviews that cause your prospects to trust your opinion and click through to the sales page of the product or service you are promoting. And that’s the name of the game because the more people that click through, the more that buy.

So let’s get right into the thick of things!

1. The first key to writing profitable internet marketing reviews is to take a balanced and honest approach. What does that mean? Well it means you need to point out both the good and bad qualities of a product.

Let me let you in on a little secret. Your prospects already know that whatever product you are reviewing is not perfect. They already know it. So in order to become or remain trustworthy, you really need to point out both the pros and cons of every product or service you review.

That said, the real key is to simply tell the truth. If a product you are reviewing is perfect in your eyes, say it and give your reasons why. Just make sure your review still causes your prospects to visit the sales page by making them curious. You’ll discover how to do this shortly.

2. The second key to writing profitable internet marketing reviews is to let people know from the outset who the product or service you are reviewing is for. This is a critical step because it quickly lets your prospects know whether or not to continue reading your review.

The result is a process of self selection that causes a more targeted audience to read your review and click through to the sales page.

In other words, most of the people who get to the sales page through your affiliate link will be people who are more likely to buy since the product or service is designed to solve their problem.

3. Thirdly, in order to increase your credibly in the eyes of your prospects, your internet marketing reviews need to reveal your experiences with the product or service you are reviewing.

So let your prospects know what you went through when using the product or service. Was it easy to use? Did it solve your problem? Did you get the benefits that were promised? Was it easy to make your order?

How was the customer service after you made your order? Did they continue to be friendly or did they suddenly become unreachable or unhelpful? People will appreciate this sort of information as it allows them to get a glimpse of what their own experience will be like if they purchase the product or service.

4. The next key to writing effective internet marketing reviews is to let your prospects know how well the product or service achieves the goal for which it is designed. I touched on this in the last point.

So for example if you are reviewing an ebook cover creator, let your prospects know how the created covers end up looking. Are they sharp and appealing or are they blurry and unpleasant to the eyes?

If you are reviewing an seo service, let people know how well your pages ranked after using the service. Did your pages rise in the search engines or did they remain unmoved? Did they sink?! Let you prospects know how well the product or service achieves its intended purpose.

5. The fifth key to remember is to only offer constructive criticism in your internet marketing reviews. Almost every product or service you review will have some faults. Yet, it’s important to remember that most businesses try their best to create products that deliver.

So when you come across things that their product or service does not do well, it’s a good practice to make your criticism constructive. This works better than bashing them. Most of your prospects are polite people and will appreciate constructive criticism more than bad mouthing other people’s product and services.

The only exception I have in this regard is when you are reviewing a scam. In that case, it’s understandable if you plainly say that the product or service is a horrible waste of time that no one in their right mind should ever even consider considering.

6. The sixth key to writing powerful believable internet marketing reviews is to provide proof that what you are saying is true whenever this is possible.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in the context of reviews they are certainly right. So if you are reviewing a product and it would be helpful to your prospects to show them a few pictures to back up your review, by all means do so.

This would probably be the case if you are reviewing a physical product. I don’t think it would be allowable to take pictures of pages in an ebook. (ObviouslyJ)

Another way to provide proof is to demonstrate how the product works. So for example, if you are reviewing a software product, you could create a video that shows people how some aspects of that software work. But you would have to get the permission of the owner first.

7.  The seventh key to writing effective internet marketing reviews is to focus on reviewing products that you have used before. I know this is not always easy, especially when starting out online. Most people don’t have the money to spend on buying products just to review them.

So here are a few suggestions. Firstly, start by looking at the products and services you have already bought in the past. Do other people also have problems that those products/services can solve? If so, are you willing to spend time reviewing them? If you are, those are great products/services to review as you will have firsthand experience using them.

Secondly, you can also check with product sellers if they are willing to give you a copy of their product to review. Now, understandably, this is not so easy to pull off when you are just starting out as no one knows or trusts you. But it will certainly help your cause if you have a high quality, credible looking website from where you write your reviews.

People will take you more seriously when you ask for a copy of their products. Now, not everyone believes in asking for products to review. Some people (who I really respect by the way) believe that getting a free copy of a product is like being paid to write a positive review. In other words, since you have been given the product for free, if you write a positive review it may look like you were paid to write it.

I can certainly see their point. However, I tend to think that by getting products for free and then reviewing them, you are doing your prospects a huge favour. You are letting them know Exactly, what they will experience when they buy the product, something they wish they could find out themselves.

But the important thing is to remain honest even if you are given a free copy to review. If you believe a free copy will compromise the integrity of your review then it’s best just to buy the product or not to review it at all.

8. The next key to writing profitable internet marketing reviews is to make sure you talk about the features of the product or service. How many features you decide to talk about will depend on the type of review you want to write as you will discover shortly.

But whichever route you take, it’s important to mention at least a few key features and then explain the benefits of those features.

For example, when reviewing body work out equipment, you could say that, “It folds up easily for you to store under your bed” (feature) and then say, “This way, it won’t take up unnecessary space” (benefit).

9. The ninth key to writing profitable internet marketing reviews is to understand the type of review you want to write. What does that mean? Well, depending on your preferences and circumstances, you may want to write either a long review or a short review.

Each has its own pros and cons. Let’s start with the short review. It has been proven that short reviews generally convert more of your prospects into buyers. If you are an affiliate of the products you plan to review, this is especially important.

Short reviews tend to give readers a few key powerful points about the product or service and then provide a link to the sales page. This works wonderfully because readers become curious to find out more about the product or service and so they visit the sales page in larger numbers.

Naturally, if more people visit the sales page, more of them will buy and you will make more money as the referring affiliate. So what’s the disadvantage of using short reviews? Well, the answer lies in knowing the advantage of long reviews.

Long reviews tend to be more search engine friendly. Since they provide more information, they tend to get better rankings. This is especially so if the reviewer uses keywords people are using to find the product or service being reviewed.

That’s where short reviews fall short. You need to use internet marketing methods other than seo to get traffic to your reviews.

On the other hand, the downside with long reviews is that since they provide more information about a product or service, they don’t leave readers curious enough to visit the sales page. In other words, most people decide based on the review itself whether or not to buy the product. They feel they don’t need to visit the sales page.

That causes a few problems because the purpose of a review is to get people to click through to the sales page of the product or service being reviewed. Not to sale it. And since most people can’t write a review that sells a product or service better than a sales page, they make less money as fewer people visit the sales page.

So if you want to write longer reviews, ask yourself if you can write a review that will sell the product effectively so that the numbers of people clicking though to the sales page remains high. If you can do that, you can even ask the product/service owner if your review can bypass the sales page and link directly to the payment page.

However, even if you can’t write longer reviews that sell products and services like hot cakes, you may still choose to write them if you really want or need search engine traffic.

10. Last but not least, never duplicate other people’s reviews. If you do and are caught, that is conclusive proof that your opinion on the product or service is, in actual fact, not really your opinion. You just copied what someone else thinks. If you are an affiliate marketer making money through reviews, I can only think of a few things that would ruin your credibility faster.

So those are 10 keys to writing successful internet marketing reviews. If you use them, they will help you will improve the effectiveness of your reviews and become a more successful internet marketer in the process.

And that will only open bigger doors to you. For example more people will be willing to give you products for free so that you can review them. Secondly, you will be able to charge people for paid reviews. With this type of review, you can make it clear that you are getting paid to give your opinion. Check out this marketer who uses paid internet marketing reviews well.

Thirdly, with more people wanting you to review their products or services you will able to ask for higher commissions or special deals for your prospects.

So the benefits of being able to write great reviews are immense. And the above 10 points will help you do just that!

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