7 Life Changing Internet Marketing Seminars!

Attending internet marketing seminars is truly one of the fastest ways for you to make progress online. Many now famous internet marketers credit their online success to some seminar that they attended at one point or the other in their online journey.

For example, Nicole Dean, owner of EasyPlr.com, a wonderful lady, credits a significant part of her online success to a seminar hosted by NAMS. We’ll get to that seminar a bit later.

I’m not famous, but I credit the beginning of my online success to a seminar I attended in Perth Australia. It was run by Mal Emery, Australia’s “millionaire maker” as they call him.

I could go on and on with more examples of countless internet marketers who attended a seminar and then EVERYTHING changed. So there is no doubt whatsoever that if you want to fast track your online success, it’s a really wise choice to attend an informative internet marketing seminar.

Things are very different when you meet your mentors, coaches and educators in person. They are able to give you personalized help for free over a casual conversation! Networking opportunities are seriously huge. One good joint venture is all it takes to catapult you to the next level.

So without wasting any time, let’s look at 7 internet marketing seminars that can be a real game changer for you. These seminars are held by highly successful internet marketers and organizations that walk their talk. This means that you can be sure that they are worth your time.

Let’s get into them.

Underground online seminar

This is one of the most respected internet marketing seminars in the world. Forbes calls it a top 10 seminar for all entrepreneurs to attend. It was originally started by serial entrepreneur, Yanik Silver and has developed into something much much bigger and better.

As the name suggests, this seminar features underground, virtually unknown but highly successful internet marketers who run the show from behind the scenes.

They provide you with information from the “trenches”, information that they have gained through severe trial and error and are currently using to stay way ahead of everybody else.

One interesting thing about this particular seminar is that at least 50% of the attendees make 6 to 8 figures per year online. That means the chances of you sitting next to someone really successful, someone you could potentially collaborate with, are very, VERY high indeed.

You can register for this seminar here. 


Armand Morin seminars

Armand Morin’s internet marketing seminars are world renowned. You can attend them in places like Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore and of course the US.

This internet marketer has his name featured on over one and a half MILLION web pages! And there is a good reason for that. His advice, products and services work.

One way or the other, you have probably come across Armand Morin already. Either, you have visited one of his websites (which may not even have his name in some cases) or you have visited his student’s websites.

 I’ve bought some of his products, notably Autoweblaw. So you are on one of his student’s websites right now!

What can you learn at Armand’s seminars?  Here are a few things:

·  How to become wealthy by building an online business that provides you with a passive residual income.

·  Strategies to help you quit your 9-5 day job in a relatively short space of time.

·  How to build a good income while being a stay at home mum.

· How to succeed in a downsizing economy

And so much more!

You also get to network with some of his students who collectively make a staggering amount of money online every year. You can verify this here.

So visit Armand’s website to check out when and where he will be holding his next seminar. .

Fast implementation boot camp

This is one of the internet marketing seminars run by GKIC. I can safely say that there is no better person to learn marketing from than Dan Kennedy.  He is arguably the most respected marketer on the planet and can help you implement effective marketing strategies on the internet.

At his Fast Implementation Boot Camp seminar, you will learn the fundamentals of internet marketing. You will discover how to drive HUGE amounts of qualified traffic to your websites. You will learn how to build websites the right way, significantly increase your sales and automate your marketing through email marketing strategies.

But the best thing about this seminar is that at the end of the day, you will walk away with a marketing campaign that you can implement immediately you get home. So you won’t just go home with lots of information in your mind.

You will also have a ready to go campaign that you can use to start making money online immediately.

That’s why this seminar is called Fast implementation Boot Camp. You can find out more about it here. 


Eben Pagan Semnars

If you already have some significant success online and you want to rapidly take your online business to a higher level, then Eben Pagan’s internet marketing seminars may be what you are looking for.

Eben Pagan is a serious internet entrepreneur who owns multiple 7 figure online businesses. He has created his own categories in the online marketing world and is, in my view, one of the smartest people alive today.

His deep knowledge of business, marketing and psychology enables him to help you thoroughly understand your market’s needs and implement strategies that can help you grow your online business very quickly.

It’s for this very reason that his seminar is known as Accelerate. And since this Eben we are talking about, you can be sure that his seminar will help you do just that. Just listen to his free information and you will agree with me.

While you are there, you can register for Accelerate as well if it appeals to you.

Mike Filsaime cruise

Who said internet marketing seminars can’t be fun? Well, when you hang with Mike Filsaime, it has now become manifestly obvious that they can be. In fact they can be serious fun. You’ll see why shortly.

Mike is the creator of legendary products such as Butterfly Marketing and owner of Paydotcom, an affiliate network. He came up with the idea of having an educational boat cruise on a luxury ship every year in January.

So he, a bunch of fellow successful internet marketers, their families, friends and other people, take sale every January on a tour of the Caribbean while casually discussing internet marketing and making million dollar joint venture deals by the side!

Sounds like fun?

You bet it is. In fact it is so much fun that sometimes more than 50% of the boarders book their tickets for the next years’ cruise immediately after they alight the ship!

So if you want to thoroughly enjoy yourself while learning some internet marketing and creating a successful fun loving network, this seminar is definitely for you.

Nams Seminar

Are you into niche marketing? If that’s your forte, the internet marketing seminars by NAMS are a great place to hone your skills.

NAMS stand for Novice to Advanced Marketing Systems. It is a seminar that is designed to help you succeed in niche marketing regardless of your current level of online success.

So it doesn’t matter if:

·  You are not making any sales online yet

·  You are making a few sales here and there but you have no clue how you are doing it

·  You are making money already but you are working too hard for it

·  You want to create a time rich business but you don’t know how

It doesn’t matter. The respected industry experts that present and help at these seminars can help you achieve the results you want. They include incredibly successful online business owners like Alex Mandosian, Nicole Dean and Jeff Herring.

So you are in safe hands indeed. You can register for a NAMS seminar here.

Google Seminars

Could there be a more trust worthy source of internet marketing seminars than Google? Probably not.

You already know about Google and about how rich and powerful it is. But did you know that Google runs Seminars for Success around the world in order to help internet marketers succeed online?

It has instructors that can teach you how to profit from Adwords, how to use Google Analytics and how to optimize your website for more traffic. Needless to say, these are instructors that have “been there and done that” and so can provide you with strategies that have been proven to work over and over again.

You can register for a Seminar for Success near you here.

Those are 7 internet marketing seminars you can attend if you want to seriously fast track your online success.  They are credible, impactful and designed with YOUR interests at heart. That’s why they are worth attending.

Before you go, here are 2 more internet marketing seminars you can attend. They are purely online based but I have included them here just in case you want some information now rather than waiting for the next offline seminar.

1.       Rich Schfren -  From frustration to freedom (Streamline Your Online Business)  

2.       Copyblogger -  Audio seminars on Content Marketing 

To Your Success


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