A Proven Internet Marketing Tip For Quickly Creating Your Own Product

Are you interested in an internet marketing tip for quickly creating your own product?  If you are like most internet marketers then it should come as no surprise that you are.

The reason for this is simple. Creating your own unique product is one of the best things you can do for your online business. It increases your status and credibility in the eyes of your niche virtually more than anything else you can do.

Yet, creating a product is a task that involves a lot of risk if you don’t quite know what you are doing. I’ve heard of people who have spent one and a half years creating a product only to find that no one wants to buy it. A moment of silence for the pain they must have felt…

No names mentioned, but I actually know a guy who got depressed for a very long time after his product failed. He spent ages creating it and invested substantial money into the process only to realise that the product had no market.

But even if the product you plan on creating actually succeeds, you would still have spent a lot of time, focus and effort creating a level of value that causes people to be willing to part with their hard earned money.

Now, the obvious solution to this problem could be to just pay someone else to create a product for you. It can be done. I know a marketer who wanted to create a product on how to profitably import and export goods into a certain country but didn’t know a thing about the subject.

He knew there was a market for the product but just didn’t have the information to create the product. So guess what he did? He paid an expert a chunk of money to create the product for him. Additionally, he pays that expert a percentage of the money he makes whenever he sales the product.

That is obviously a great way to create a product…if you have the money. But seeing as this method is heavily reliant on spending a huge stack of cash, it is not the best internet marketing I can give you.

There is an even easier method. It is an internet marketing tip that I rarely share. It is to simply interview a number of experts and then compile the interviews in order to create a powerful brand new product!

But where can you find these experts?

That’s easy. Ever heard of Google blogs and Technorati? All you need to do is go there and find 12 experts and offer to interview them. If you let them know that you are using their interview with you to create a product, most will be very happy to work with you because they will gain massive exposure whenever you sell the interview.

But you don’t want to create just any product using this method. The best type of product to create is a CD of the month. If you interview 12 experts, you could create a membership site that offers 1 of the interviews on CD every month. You could then charge anywhere from $17 a month to $37 or more for access to that membership site.

If you want, you could just offer monthly digital downloads of the interviews rather than a CD. Personally, I love the CD method because it allows you to collect physical addresses and therefore have more ways to communicate with your customers.

Here is a powerful yet under-utilized internet marketing tip. Collecting the physical addresses of your prospects allows you to build a real business, one that does not depend on nothing but the internet. But that’s a topic for another day.

Creating a membership site that offers an informative interview every month would allow you to create a product that pays you a recurring monthly income. And that’s great because it provides you with a more stable income stream than just selling products that pay once.

Now, depending on the niche you are in and the expert you choose to interview, you may have to agree to give each expert you interview a percentage of the profits when their interview goes out. But most people are satisfied enough with the exposure they will gain when their interview goes out to your customers.

Other than the fact that a CD of the month membership provides you with a recurring passive income, one of its other powerful benefits is that it allows you to instantly have people to sell to.

How? Well, you could offer to promote your new CD of the month membership site on the blog of each expert you interview and/or to their list. You could then share the profits.

So you could say to Expert B, “Can I please promote my membership site, which contains the interview we did, to your list? We can share the profits.” Expert B will probably be delighted to showcase his expertise to his list members.

Now imagine making this type of deal with 12 experts! Making money online doesn’t have to be a slow and painful process. It just takes some smart effort.

So here is another internet marketing tip for you. You will succeed faster if you choose to cooperate with several other people and share the profits. People who go solo miss out on the speed that comes from collaboration.

Now, as I said earlier, I don’t know if this will work in your specific niche. It will work in most niches. But some people may want resale rights to the interview and/or a percentage of the profits whenever their particular interview goes out.

But if you take your time and search carefully, many experts will be satisfied with the exposure. I feel pretty positive that you can find 12 experts who would agree to such a deal in almost ANY niche.

So create a product by interviewing experts and give yourself an unfair advantage! It is a simple internet marketing tip but it is a proven one that works.

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