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The mobile marketing era is upon us. In the recent past, mobile marketing was considered a strategy for the wishful or for those who had huge financial reserves that they could afford to spend on speculative strategies. Strategies that were not tried and tested.

But that’s no longer the case. Mobile devices are now a dominant force through which marketing messages can be communicated to really targeted prospects. There are now stories upon stories of businesses that have used mobile marketing to significantly increase their business.

These businesses range from small businesses to medium sized businesses, to large businesses. This means that no matter your type of online business, there is most likely a way in which you can seriously profit from the mobile era.

So in this article we will look at 4 key things that will open your eyes to the nature of the opportunity introduced by the rise of mobile marketing. We will specifically focus on mobile marketing as it applies to your online business.

Let’s get right into it!


According to the GFK report mobile devices now account for 17% of the total amount of time that people spend on the internet as compared to 12% in 2011. Desktops and laptops on the other hand account for 73% of the total time and have dropped by 10% from 83% last year.

So the obvious trend is that people are using their mobile devices more and more to access the internet and are using their laptops and desktops less. And there are good reasons for this. According to a white paper by Comscore, more than 125 million people in the U.S alone own a Smartphone.

Further still, the number of Smartphone subscribers in the US has increased 29 percent from 2012 and a whopping 99% from 2 years ago. And that’s just the US. We are not even considering other major markets from Asia and Europe and Australasia.

So it’s impossible to deny that mobile marketing has become a force to be reckoned with. If used correctly it can allow you to add a dependable and profitable marketing channel to your online business.

So how can you create that profitable marketing channel? That brings us to the next point.

The Way Mobile Phones Are Used Online

In order to understand how to profit from mobile marketing, it  makes sense to figure out what people use their mobile phones for when they are online. If you can do that, you can then structure your online business in a way that allows you to profit from what people are already doing rather than trying to make them change their behaviour.

So what do mobile users do when they access the net from their mobile devices? Well, according to previously mentioned GFK report, Smartphone users spend 31% of their time on social media. That’s far higher than the time spent on social media by people who access the internet from laptops and desktops (18% of their time).

After social media, the same report reveals that Smartphone users spend 16% of their time checking email. The rest of the time is used for various other activities. So clearly, Smartphone users spend the vast majority of their time on social media sites whenever they access the internet.

The question is how will this insight affect the way you approach mobile marketing? For me personally, it means making social media a huge part of my mobile marketing strategy.

As Robert DeFelice, Vice President on GFK’s Media team said, “Reading in-the-moment status updates and posting short comments, replies and likes are activities tailor-made for Smartphone’s,”.

So it  makes logical sense to include a Facebook fan page or Twitter profile to your online marketing arsenal. This way, you can, for example, build a list of fans on Facebook by driving your mobile traffic to a free gift that they can only get if they “like” your fan page or a short post you have written about your website.

What about your website? How can you use it to profit from mobile marketing? Well, you can include various social media buttons so that your mobile traffic can easily share your content. You can also update your prospects via Facebook whenever you post new information on your website.

Since they are on social media most of the time, there is a good chance that some of them will see your updates either directly from your fan page or from other people talking about them.

But those are not the only ways to profit from mobile marketing using your website.

2 Ways to Show Content on Your Website

In order to more easily profit from the mobile traffic your website receives, it’s important to be aware of how the content on your website displays on mobile devices.

Does it read well for people accessing your site from mobile devices or does it read in a way that quickly puts people off?

With this website (InternetMarketingDissected) for example, I have designed my website to look different in smart phones. I saw that the content did not read as well when I left it exactly the same as it appeared on desktops and laptops.

So I made a few changes. Solo Build It, my host has software that enables me to easily do this. If your host has the same capability (lol), you may, for example decide to make list building the focus of your mobile website. You can do this by simply offering a freebie that people can get if they sign up to your email list.

Or, you can add QR Code (Quick Response Code) to the mobile version of our site so that you can get people to quickly and easily opt in to your mailing list, access a special offer or visit a particular webpage such as one of your most popular website pages or your Twitter profile. You can learn more about how to use QR Code here.

Make Money with AdMob

As times passes, you will eventually build a substantial amount of mobile traffic to your website. When this happens, you will be in a prime position to monetize that traffic by joining Adsense for mobiles. This is Google’s mobile advertising network.

It’s similar to Google's regular Adsense program  but it focuses on displaying ads on mobile devices. So if you own a website that receives mobile traffic, you can join it as publisher and allow ads to be displayed on your site. You will then get paid a percentage of the money that advertisers pay Google to display ads on your website.

So that’s mobile marketing in a nutshell. As you can tell by now, it is a marketing strategy that offers your online business immense opportunities for growth. You can use it to speed up the building of your list of fans or prospects. You can also use it to make money as a publisher through Adsense for mobiles and in various other ways that we have not looked at in this article.

For example, if you can create apps or have them created for you, you can even join Admob and make money as a publisher.

One amazing opportunity (I almost never shared!) is that if you are an Admob publisher, the ads will only show within the apps that you include on the mobile version of your website. So if you hate Google Adsense because you find its ads obstructive, AdMob is a great alternative.

Your desktop and laptop visitors will still see a clean version of your site without adverts while you add another income stream by displaying adverts to only your mobile site app users. How cool is that!

So I encourage you to get started with mobile marketing as soon as possible. Truth be told, it’s here to stay.

To Your Success!


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