A Guide to Profitably Using Private Label Rights Products In Your Online Business

Private label rights products can give you a big advantage when it comes to building your online business.

If you buy the right ones and use them properly, you can really give yourself an unfair advantage over your competitors.

So this article we will look at 5 interesting ways in which you can use them to take your online business to the next level.

But before we get to that, what exactly are private label rights products?

Well, they are products that you can buy and put your name on in order to sell or give away as your own.

In other words, not only do you buy the product, you also buy the right to sell or give it away. And you can remove the original authors name and put your own name on the product.  

There are several types of private label rights products that you can acquire. For example, you can acquire rights to a report or ebook.

You can buy rights to a video, an audio, graphics or even an entire information product. Nowadays, people even offer entire private label rights websites!

The real key is to know how to use these products profitably in your online business. So how do you do that? Here are 5 powerful ways.

Edit Them to Create a Completely New Product

The first way to use private label rights products is to edit them in order to create a completely new product.

This is the golden thread that will run through the remainder of this article and will be present in each unique way of using private label products that we look at.

It is a terrible thing to buy one of these products, slap your name on it and then sell it without making any other changes. The reason for this is that several other people are probably doing the exact same thing.

It’s the lazy thing to do so it’s also the popular thing to do.

And so when you sell or give away the exact same product as everyone else and claim that you created it, it could harm your credibility.

It would be better to just say, “Hey guys, this is an awesome private label rights product that I think you will find really valuable. Here are 7 great reasons why you should buy it from me”.

That would help you sell it while maintaining your credibility.

So how can you edit your private label rights products? There are several ways. Here are a few.

If you bought an ebook, you could rewrite the introduction and the conclusion and put the rest of it in your own words. With this method, you are not adding any new information.

You are simply presenting the information in your own words, using your own unique personality.  And everyone has a unique personality.

You could also beef up a private label product by adding more content. For instance, you could turn a report into a comprehensive information product.

A report will usually give an overview of a topic. If you expand on each point that the report makes, you could end up with enough information to create a home study course.

So those are 2 great ways to edit a private label rights product.

Change Their Format

The second way in which you can use private label rights products to make your internet marketing business more profitable is to simply change their formats. This is an awesome way to quickly create a completely new product.

So if you buy rights to a video product, you could transform it into a written product like an ebook by simply transcribing it. Obviously you would have to edit it in order to make sure that it makes sense.

Conversely, you could buy rights to an ebook and then use the content to create a video training program or a podcast.

See how that would totally change the product? All it takes is some creativity. So trying changing the format of the products you buy rights to.


The third way in which you can use a private label rights product is to make it rebrandable.

Making a product rebrandable simply means making it possible for others to insert their links in your product so that THEY can make money when they give it away.

This is using private label rights products in a viral way because it creates an incentive or reason for people to give your product away to as many people as they can.

Quite alright, your product will have your name and website on it. But it’s the fact that other people can also insert their own links in some parts of it that will make them willing to giving away.

It’s a true win win situation. You win by having your website address spread to many people. Your users win by marketing any website they choose within the content of your product.

And the beautiful thing is that it’s really easy to create a rebrandable product. All you have to do is use software called Viral PDF. It makes the whole process very easy.

Combine Several Products

The fourth way in which you can use private label rights products is by buying rights to several related products and then putting them together to create a bigger, better, more comprehensive product.

This is different from merely expanding on the points made in a smaller product.

Let me give you an example. You could buy rights to 12 reports on different topics that all relate to self improvement. So, one report could specifically deal with how to be confident.

The second report could focus on how to get along with other people. The third one could be about how to use your time in way that would make you more productive.  The fourth one could about how to quickly create great habits.

You could have 12 different reports, each dealing with a specific aspect of self improvement and then put them together in order to create a home study course called “The Ultimate 21st Century Self Improvement Home Study Course”.

That would be a powerful way of using private label rights products because no one else would put together the same combination of products to create the same new product as yours.

It’s highly unlikely. So try out this method. It’s fast and easy to implement.

Draw Inspiration

The fifth way to use private label rights products is to draw inspiration from them when creating your own content. You probably know how hard it can be sometimes to come up with ideas to write articles about.

If you are anything like me, sometimes you just stare at the white blank page and get stuck. All the marvelous ideas were rushing none stop into your mind while you were doing other things.

But now that you finally have time to write an article, they all vanish like a ghost in the midnight fog!

This is where private label products can really help. If you have a good collection, you can simply browse through a few and get some brilliant original ideas and write amazing unique articles.

For example, if your niche is about high tech gadgets, you could browse through some private label products on high tech. The author might say something like, “Gadget X never fails”.

That could give you an idea to write about “Why Some Gadgets Never Fail”. That would be drawing inspiration from your private label products.

So there you have it. You now know 5 ways in which you can use private label rights products profitably.

If you make sure that you focus on using only those products that are of high quality, you will really speed up the process of creating new products to sell or give away. And that will almost certainly help you make more money online.

In case you are wondering, 2 good places to get some high quality private label rights products are Nicheology and Easy Plr.

Both these sites are owned and run by credible internet marketing experts who provide only the best products.

It is tempting to use their products as is because they are so well written. But resist that temptation because you will do much better if you follow the guide lines above.

All the best,


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