Video Marketing Services That Create Multiple Streams Of Targeted Traffic

When it comes to video marketing services, it’s no secret that Traffic Geyser leads the pack. They are the industry standard and know how to help you achieve your video marketing aims.

I recommend them for the following reasons:

1. They distribute your videos to several targeted websites. This helps you increase your traffic really quickly because of the HUGE amount of exposure your videos get.

2. They create a number of free reports for you so that you can have something with which you can entice people to join your opt in list.

In other words, they create freebies that you can use to build your list (the place where the money is). All you need to do is mention your free report in your videos and tell people where they can join your list in order to get it.

I'm not aware of any other video marketing services that do this.

3. Because of the massive and well targeted distribution of your videos, your website receives a HUGE number of backlinks. This helps it to significantly rise in search results.

4. Your videos are distributed to a diverse range of places. They are distributed to websites, blogs, podcasts, social bookmarking sites and social media. This increases the amount of people who see them even more.

Why? Well because different people prefer to get their information from different places. Some people primarily get their information through social media. Others get it through websites and blogs.

Yet still, others get it by listening to podcasts. So if your videos are only distributed to websites and blogs, you might miss out on a lot of interested prospects who get their information mostly through podcats.

This ability to distribute videos to a diverse range of places is one of the things that makes Traffic Geyser one of the most effective video marketing services.

5. Traffic Geyser provides you with a coupon creator that you can use to create coupons for your prospects. And coupons are a very effective way to market your products because everyone wants a bargain.

So you can create discount coupons or even free coupons and mention them in your videos in order to draw more people to your website or better still, your opt in page.

6. They also provide you with access to transcription services that you can use to transcribe your videos. This way, you can create written reports or ebooks from your videos and distribute them to reach even more people.

You can even sell the ebooks on Amazon Kindle and enjoy multiple streams of income. All this without doing any extra work other than transcribing videos that you have already created. How about THAT!

7. The seventh reason why Traffic Geyser is one of the most potent video marketing services is that it  has an automated follow up software that you can use to make sales on autopilot.

This software can sell your products for you 24 hrs a day. It’s the popular “make money while you sleep” appeal. Except, in this case, it’s actually true.

So if you combine the massively wide distribution Traffic Geyser provides together with the list building power of the free reports they create for you and the ability to make automatic sales to your list, what you have is a powerful service that can really help you increase the profitability of your online business.

And the beautiful thing is that you can get complete access to Traffic Geyser for 21 days for only 1 dollar.

You can learn more here.

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