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Advanced Internet Marketing Technique # 2 - Begin With a Solid Website:

The second advanced internet marketing concept we will look at is the qualities a profitable website should have.

While there are several qualities that without doubt enhance the appeal and effectiveness of a website, the 5 following major qualities stand out..

Firstly, a profitable website looks professional. I know you may think this is obvious, and if it is to you, that's great. But if it is not, then this is something you must really take the time to learn about.

So what does a professional website look like? Well, firstly it has a clean layout and presentation. For example, it has a navigation menu either at the top or on the left hand side of each page. That’s where people are used to seeing the menu.

Secondly, the information is written in black on a white background. This makes it easy for visitors to read. It’s how we are accustomed to consuming information.

Other combinations make it hard to read your information and give the impression that you don’t quite know what you are doing.

A professional website also has colors that are appealing to your niche. If for example your niche is about “how to be a more effective executive”, then a more serious color like black, blue or white may be in order.

To get a good idea of how a professional website should look, visit and look at some of their free website templates. They will point you in the right direction.

The second quality of a profitable website is that it has ever green content. This is one of the best advanced internet marketing techniques you may ever come accross.

Why? Well because ever green content is content that's always relevant to your niche. It's content that will benefit your niche today and 10 years from now.

So when you create ever green content, you give yourself a huge advantage because that content will work for you for a long time to come.

It will allow you to serve your readers without having to slave away for hours always trying to come up with new content.

Ever green content will also enable you to put the monetization of your website on autopilot.

What does that mean? Well, when you write articles that your niche will need forever, you could join programs like adsense and not worry about producing more and more content.

If you have 100 ever green unique articles on your website, they could potentially provide you with a worthwhile passive income stream from adsense.

You could also weave in a few affiliate links into your content and enjoy another income stream without having to really do any more work.

Better still, you could move on to create another website while your “ever green website” serves your niche and provides you with a good income.

That’s the power of ever green content.

Thirdly, a profitable website clearly tells visitors what is unique about it. It tells them in no uncertain terms what differentiates it from all the other sites in the vast ocean of websites on the internet.

In other words, it has a Unique Selling Proposition or a USP. This is critical because it tells visitors exactly why they should stay on your website and do business with you.

This particular advanced internet marketing technique has been responsible for single handedly propelling businesses on and offline to the top of their niches.

For example "When it absolutely, positively has to get there overnight!" is a USP that propelled Fedex to the top of the airmail industry.

Whether you like it or not, the first thing visitors to your website think about is why they should stay on. So rather than leaving it to them to figure it out for themselves, why not just tell them in very simple and clear terms how your website will benefit them.

Now, how do you come up with a compelling USP? Or to phrase it differently, how do you come up with a unique offer that really appeals to your niche like Fedex did?

The trick is to know what your niche really wants, the thing that keeps them awake at night, the thing they wake up thinking about.

Once you discover this, all you have to do is create a USP that tells them that your website provides exactly what they really, desperately want.

When you do this, they will stay on your website longer and a good number of them will choose to buy from you.

So you have to do some detective work to know what’s going on in the minds of your niche members before you come up with a USP or even create your website. I guarantee you,it is definitely worth your time and effort.

The fourth thing that a profitable website must have is a unique brand. A brand is simply the feeling that you want to create in your website visitors.

For example, you may want your visitors to feel sophisticated and powerful if your site is about wealth creation. Or, you may want your website to convey a feeling of love and nurturing if it's about babies.

See what I mean?

So how do you create a brand? How do you create a specific feeling in your visitors? Here are 3 ways.

Firstly, choose a domain name that tells your visitors what your website is about. For example, if your website is about babies, your domain name could be

Can you see how that already starts creating a feeling of warmth?

Secondly, use colors and graphics that contribute to the feeling you want to create. So using the baby example again, the website colors would be soft and graphics could include pictures of smiley babies, soft towels, napkins and other baby related stuff.

Thirdly, the way you answer inquiries could also help create your brand. For example when talking to moms who want information about their babies, you would use a very warm friendly tone.

It would be funny to use a serious business tone as if you were talking to technical investors or members of the legal system!

So use these 3 techniques to help create your brand. The wonderful thing about this advanced internet marketing technique is that it will help make your online business memorable and that can only help your cause.

The fifth quality of a profitable website is that it speaks to your target market. We already looked at this extensively when talking about target marketing.

So it suffices to simply say that your website headings, subheadings and content in general must all speak specifically to your niche,

The content must be designed to solve the specific problems of your niche. This means that you should not write just about what YOU want to write about. Rather, find out what your niche wants to know about and then write about that.

If you use these 5 tips you will go a long way towards creating a profitable online business.

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