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Advanced Internet Marketing Technique # 3 - List Building

Talking about advanced internet marketing techniques without talking about list building is like talking about France without talking about Paris. It doesn’t make sense.

Why? Because list building is at the very heart of the advanced techniques we are talking about here. Infact you could even say, it’s the most important aspect of internet marketing as a whole. It is that important because having a list enables you to generate income almost at will.

It gives you the power to market to a group of highly interested prospects over and over again without having to spend any money.

So since having a list of prospects is so important, let’s look at some of the things you need to know in order to build a profitable list.

Considering the fact that you now already know about target marketing, the first thing we will look at is how you can actually get people to join your list.

In order to build a list you need a squeeze page. Some call it a lead capture page. A squeeze page is simply a short one page site that is designed to collect email addresses of prospects. That’s its primary purpose.

Sometimes it is used to collect emails and names as well but its primary purpose is to collect emails.

It usually has a heading, a few bullet points and a form where prospects can enter their email and name. Sometimes it also has a sub headline or a pre headline.

As I said, the purpose of a squeeze page is to get people to enter their emails so that you can build your email marketing list. So it is very important to create a squeeze page that compels visitors to give you their emails.

The very best way to do this is to offer to reward prospects with something that they find really valuable if they enter their email.

So for example, you could offer to send your prospects a high value report free of charge if they join your email list.

Offering an incentive like this motivates otherwise undecided prospects to join your list.

Of course offering free incentives can also attract freebie seekers. These are people who only want free stuff and will never spend a cent on any product you offer for sale. That’s perfectly fine. They have the right to choose what they want to do.

The flip side of the coin is that you also have the responsibility to choose who you want to join your list.

If your list is predominantly made up of freebie seekers, they will never buy any of your products. It won’t be a mutually beneficial relationship.

They will gain and gain as you keep giving them highly helpful free reports, ecourses, videos and so on. But you will never sell anything to them and will eventually run out of steam.

So how can you avoid freebie seekers? Great question. We are now getting into some interesting advanced internet marketing techniques.

One way is to carefully select the bullet points you include on your squeeze page.

For example, you could include a bullet point that specifically says that you offer your list members regular discounts on your quality products.

That particular bullet point will attract people who buy things. People who buy things want discounts. They may be bargain hunters but at least they buy.

You could also use a bullet point that says you offer your list members high value bonuses when they buy your products. People who are attracted to bonuses are buyers.

They love bonuses because they want to get the greatest possible value for the money that they spend. That’s understandable.

Another way to build a quality list is to offer a free newsletter. This helps you avoid freebie seekers because people who join your list to receive a newsletter are usually committed to learning for the long term.

They don’t just want another free report or ecourse or video. They actually want to receive information about a certain subject on an ongoing basis in order to gain a great education on that subject.

These people who are this intensely interested in a specific subject will most likely buy products that help them know the subject of your newsletter even more deeply.

Another advantage of offering a newsletter is that it does not just help you build a higher quality list, it also helps you create and maintain a good relationship with that list.

When people join your list and keep on receiving valuable information that they are interested in from you, they start to like and trust you.

They start to like you because you keep giving them free information that helps them progress. They start to trust you because you demonstrate to them that you are a genuine expert.

And when you give, it’s a universal law that eventually, you shall receive. Except, perhaps, if you are giving to freebie seekers. Though, even there, I’m sure the law will find a way to work for you seeing as it’s a law!

But why not make things easier for yourself by giving to buyers rather than freebie seekers. :-)

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