The Plain Truth About Free Internet Marketing

3. Free domain name

If you have read the Official guide to Internet Marketing Basics then you definitely already know that a domain name is the address of your internet marketing business.

A good domain name can help brand your online business and make it stand out from your competitors.

With that in mind, it’s a wise idea to buy a “.com” domain name. It is the most recognizable and respected type of domain. Just look at every major internet marketing business. They all end with “.com”.

Even this website is it’s not just any “.com” domain that you want.

The domain must have the format’s the format that looks professional and trustworthy.

The problem is that when you are new to internet marketing you may not be aware of this. So when you use a free website building software that gives you a free domain name like, you may settle for it. I did… for a while.

For instance, WordPress will give you a free domain name like when you use its software to create a free website.

This looks very unprofessional and no one will really take your online business very seriously.

Even WordPress itself encourages you to upgrade to a proper domain like It costs some money to get such a domain but it is certainly worth it.

4. Free Private label rights products

Private label rights products or plr products are products that are created by someone else that you can buy and put YOUR name on.

This way, you can, for example, claim ownership to an ebook, report, or an entire course, even if you did NOT create it. Depending on the terms and conditions, you can then sell it and/or give it away as your own.

This can be a wonderful thing when you know what you are doing. But if you don't know what you are doing, free private label rights products can cause irritating and unnecessary problems for you and your internet marketing business.

This is because there are always many many people using any one free plr product

So imagine how it would look if you got a free plr product, put your name on it and claimed that you created it, and yet several other people had done the exact same thing!

Imagine how embarrassing that would be for your online business. It could really harm your reputation because you would come accross as insincere.

So the solution here is to completely rewrite any free plr product you get and to change the cover. If you are using plr that you bought then it may be enough to just do some editing, add some extra content and change the cover.

The reason for this is that fewer people will use a paid plr product, especially if it costs a bit more money. So do not be afraid to spend some money when you want to build your business using plr.

One More Reason Why You Shouldn't Always Use Free Stuff

Apart from these specific examples of bad free internet marketing, there is another more general reason why it’s not a good idea to use every free thing you come across.

And it is that you cannot depend on a company that only offers free stuff if you are building a real long term internet marketing business.

Think about it. Such companies usually don’t last long. And if they do, they can’t afford to provide you with the high quality solutions and service that you need to succeed. They have no money to do so.

So it’s much wiser to build your online business on a firm foundation. If that means you spend a little money, then by all means do that.


As with every major rule, there are always exceptions. So if you really want to use any of the above free internet marketing tools and resources, I recommend you only do so when you are testing systems or products.

For instance, you can use free hosting to quickly test a new website idea you have in mind. Then switch to paid hosting when you have proven the idea and are ready to build your business.

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