The Plain Truth About Free Internet Marketing

The Good News

Ok, now that we have reality firmly in mind, let’s move on to some good news. It’s not all lugubrious doom and gloom as far as free internet marketing is concerned.

Thankfully, there are some free products and services that are of high quality, offer real value and are worth paying for when you seriously consider what they offer.

Needless to say, it can be really beneficial to your online business to use these products and services. But just before we look at some of these specific free services and products, here are some general benefits of using them.

Benefits of Using Quality Free Internet Marketing Tools, Resources and Methods

1. You save money. Obviously. This is especially helpful when starting your internet marketing business.

If you are starting out on a shoe string budget, nothing is better than being able to build some aspects of your business without spending any money.

2. You increase your profits. With the exception of effective marketing and sells, everything that you spend your money on takes away from your profits.

So when you use a reliable high quality free product or service instead of one you pay for, you will most likely increase your profits by cutting costs. Remember, cost cutting is one of the fastest ways to increase profits.

3. You have some peace of mind. This is an intangible benefit and is especially true when the free internet marketing method you are using is making you money.

You feel safe in the knowledge that even if something goes terribly wrong and you find yourself broke one day, you will still have money coming in from free sources!

You could then use that money to pick yourself back up. That's why I make sure that all my websites receive a lot of free search engine traffic.

Free dependable tools and resources.

Let’s now look at some reliable, high quality free internet marketing tools and resources that you can start using immediately to build your own successful online business.

I personally use these tools and resources and so do many of the top internet marketers online. Why? Well because they work. Just click on any of the links below to check them out.

1. Free Internet Marketing Resources

2. Free Internet Marketing Tool Set

Free dependable sources of traffic

Let’s move on to free traffic. Free traffic is probably the best thing on the entire planet from an internet marketer’s point of view. It literally allows you to make money online without spending any money. That is free internet marketing at its very best!

Better still, quality free traffic from quality sources tends to only increase over time if you keep working at it.

For example, if you write one article a week and post it on a highly targeted, high traffic website, or blog every week of the year, at the end of the year you will have 52 articles all working day and night to bring traffic to your website!

The only catch as you can probably tell is that you have to spend your time and effort writing those articles and posting them.

The same is true if you are creating and distributing videos on various platforms like YouTube, or posting interesting content on social networks like Facebook. You have to spend time and effort.

But, if you are not lazy and are willing to work hard, you can certainly create durable, lasting streams of interested website visitors using free traffic methods.

With that said, it’s imperative to remember that, as with everything free, there are certain things that you want to avoid. Not all free traffic methods are created equal. Some are a complete waste of time while others are really effective.

I have revealed in detail the free traffic methods I consider to be effective on the following pages listed below.

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