The Plain Truth About Free Internet Marketing

If you are interested in using free traffic to build your internet marketing business then keep coming back here often as I will keep adding to the list as I test and discover other effective methods.

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1. Viral Internet Marketing

2. Search Engine Optimization

3. Twitter Marketing

4. Free Targeted Traffic

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I have discovered that the free traffic methods listed below are a complete waste of time. It took me years (literally) to realise this because I didn't know where to get real guidance.

Not only don’t they work, they also rob you of valuable time that you could have used to work on the other more effective free traffic methods. They are:

Traffic Exchanges and Safelists

You would be wise to avoid using these time wasters at all costs. Moving on…

Free Internet marketing ebook of the month

Gaining the knowledge required to build an internet marketing business can be expensive. Especially when you consider the fact that internet marketing is made up of many different aspects.

So imagine how much money you would have to spend to buy internet marketing ebooks on every single internet marketing topic.

From traffic generation, to copywriting, to product creation, to affiliate marketing, to website creation, and on and on.

Rather daunting I would say!

That’s why I am pleased to put this section together for you. Here, you can find my free internet marketing ebook of the month to help you gain the knowledge you need to create a successful internet marketing business without breaking the bank.

These are not ebooks that you can get from every Jim and Jack (sorry guys:)). They are quality internet marketing ebooks that actually teach you real online skills.

I thought about creating a paid membership site and revealing these ebooks to only my paying members.

But then, I remembered that the purpose of this guide is to help you by providing you with as much free internet marketing information as possible!

So check out the free ebook of the month here while it is still available.

To Your Success!


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