How to Use Viral Internet Marketing to Grow Your Online Business

Viral internet marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to market your internet marketing business. 

Even in the days when traditional offline advertising was the only option, word of mouth was one of the best ways to sell a product because of its viral nature.

Now, with the emergence of the internet, the concept has reached a whole new level.

With viral internet marketing, you can expand the reach of your online business very rapidly without spending any money or much of your time.

So if you are looking for a free, quick and proven method of acquiring more prospects and customers for your internet marketing business, this article is especially for you.

You will discover 5 powerful ways to profitably start using viral internet marketing immediately.

Let’s get right into them.

1. Start with your prospects and customers. The easiest way to do viral internet marketing is to work with the people already on your list.

You already have easy access to them and they already trust you. So all you need to do is give them free content that they will want to share with other people.

That content must be something they are interested in. You can make sure they are interested in your content by getting their opinions through a survey.

Once you find out what they really want, the information that will help them solve their most pressing problems, simply give it to them for free.

After they use your information and see the results, they won’t be able to help but talk about it to other people.

They will blog about it, post about it on forums and recommend it whenever they get a chance. That’s how online and offline business work.

When I get a wonderful deal, I have to tell someone about it. You are probably the same way. Most people are.

2. Social media is potentially your best friend. The birth of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter has given ALL online business owners the ability to use viral internet marketing in previously unimaginable ways.

Now you can rapidly connect with thousands of people through the efforts of other people. The best part is that those other people won’t even feel like they are working when spreading the message about your online business.

The best way to use social media sites is to provide very helpful content that is fun and interesting.

So for instance, you could write short interesting posts on Facebook or write curiosity creating messages on Twitter. At the end of each post or message, you could refer people to your blog or website.

If you do this, people on these social networking sites will be inclined to share your messages with others. They can’t help but do that. They are always looking for something interesting to talk about.

For example, on Twitter, they will retweet your messages so that their followers can also see them. Imagine the power involved in that.

If one person retweets your message to her 1000 followers, that is free advertising to 1000 people!

On Facebook, people might “like” your post. When this happens, all their other friends will see what they like and might visit your fan page.

So if you are serious about viral internet marketing, don’t forget to use social media.

Facebook and Twitter are just the beginning. There are many other social media sites, and using them makes it hard for you to fail. Especially if your posts are interesting, unique and genuinely helpful.

3. Rebrandable reports: These are reports that you create and give to other people to insert their own links so that they can make money just by giving away your report.

In other words, once you create your report, someone else can come and remove your website links and put in theirs. That is, they rebrand your report with their links.

This is a very effective way to do viral internet marketing because people are motivated to promote their own online businesses. That means they will readily give away your report to as many other people as they can.

But how do you market your internet marketing business if all the links in the report belong to someone else? Well, a great way to do it is to make some of the links in your report unchangeable.

For instance, on the first page, you could mention that the report was created by you and include your website link under your name. You could then make this link unchangeable.

That way other people would not be able to replace it with their own link.

But you would still allow other people to change most of the other links in the report to their own links. Or, you could do it the other way.

You could allow other people to say they created the report and to put their name and website on the first page while the remaining links in the report would point to your products.   

It’s all about finding a fair approach. If you think it might be too difficult to create a rebrandable free report don’t worry. It’s actually very easy.

All you need to do is use rebranding software, for example Viral PDF. It’s the one I use.

4. Make sure you have the right connections.  If there is one principle that can take your internet marketing business to the next level, it’s “the law of the few”.

According to this law, you don’t need to have connections with many people to succeed. Why? Because very few of the connections that you make will actually help you make money.

In other words, if you allow 100 affiliates to market your product, only a small percent of those affiliates will help you sell more of your product.

The reality is that only about 10 of them might have amazing lists that they can market your product to and make huge profits from.

So what you need to do is to seek out just a few people who have access to several potential customers and connect with those people.

For example, if you found 10 ezine (newsletter) publishers, you could give them a free sample of your product to share with their ezine subscribers. That would put your viral internet marketing on steroids.

5. Informative Blog Posts. Last but not least, a great way to do viral internet marketing is to get into the habit of making outrageously informative posts on your blog. I’m not just talking about mere blogging. What you need here is high quality blogging.

If you start to write high quality blog posts on a consistent basis, other bloggers will notice your blog. And since it’s in their best interests to serve their audience with high quality information, they will start to link to your posts.

When that happens, your posts will be shared with several people who you might never have had the chance to reach by yourself.  In other words, your blog content will go viral. That’s the power of giving away great information on your blog.

So those are 5 ways you can immediately start to use the power of viral internet marketing in your online business.

Although it’s very easy to do, it can yield profits that can exceed the small amount of effort you put in. It’s a wonderful feeling to have other people sharing your content on your behalf and building your internet marketing business for you.

So get started right now. Why wait? Don’t wait.

 To Your Success


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