How to Build a Profitable Internet Marketing Business from Scratch

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Solo Build It!

Solo Build It! was created by Ken Evoy, a true internet marketing business genius. It teaches you how to create a money making website from scratch.  By the time you are through following the process, you will have a content rich website that you can monetize in many ways.

You will have a website that actually meets the needs of your market. Why? Because it will provide information that people are actually searching for. But not just any information. This is information that a sufficient number of people are searching for in order for you to create a profitable internet marketing business while serving them.

Yet, it is also information that not too many people are providing. This means you will be able to base your business on a segment of a market that is not overly competitive. And that’s a real advantage when you are first starting out online.

You will be able to find out what people are searching for using Solo Build It’s proprietary research software.

Furthermore, Solo Build It! not only provides you with step by step instructions that lead you to creating a profitable website. It also provides you with practically ALL the tools you need to build that website. You get the whole enchilada!

At its price, it’s the most effective internet marketing course I have ever come across. Period. In fact, I challenge you to find a better one at a price below $2000. I know you won’t find it. Why? Because it doesn’t exist.

So, other than the above reasons, why is it advantageous to start with Solo Build It!? Here are 5 powerful reasons:

1. Solo Build It! enables you to build a website that receives a whole lot of free traffic from major search engines like Google and Bing. In fact, if you check out you will see that 61% of Solo Build It! websites are in the top 3% of websites that receive the highest amount of search engine traffic online. Think about that!

Of course this does not happen overnight. But, if you follow the process without trying to take any short cuts, if you are true to the process from the very beginning to the very end, you will eventually have a website that receives a lot of free search engine traffic.

And if you are as penniless as most of us are when we start out online, that’s a major advantage indeed.

2. Another great reason to start with Solo Build It! is that it completely takes the “technical pain” out of your internet marketing business. When you first start out online, this is ABSOLUTELY critical.

Why? Because you don’t want to spend the majority of your time sorting out technical issues. If you are a technophobe like me, that’s a complete nightmare.  What you want is to spend your precious time doing the things that cause you to build a profitable, value providing online business.

Things like writing more content for your site, writing and placing ads in targeted locations, creating profitable joint venture relationships and so on.

Let the Solo Build It! team of technical Geeks at promptly take care of all your technical issues at no extra charge.

And I mean promptly. They are monitored by Ken Evoy himself, the founder and owner of Solo Build It! He will deal with your issues himself if no one else can! Talk about having a “technical pain free” internet marketing business.

3. The third reason to use Solo Build It! is that it has a world class suit of almost every online business building tool you will ever need. It has autoresponder software, newsletter software, list building software, and my favorite, content creation software that allows other people to create content for your website!

You can check out the entire suit of tools at

This tool will help you quickly and easily find high quality websites to get links from. Getting links from these websites will seriously increase the amount of traffic you get over time. So check it out. Ken explains the process far better than I ever could.

If you build your website using ANY other program, you will have to spend no less than $2000 PER YEAR to get access to the tools that Solo Build It! provides for a mere fraction of that price.

Why? Because most website creation software does not have the tools that Solo Build It! comes with. You have to buy the tools separately from other providers.

And the result of getting one tool from one provider, another tool from another provider and yet another tool from another provider, is that at the end of the day you WILL end up spending a lot, LOT more money to build and maintain a website that has the inbuilt power of Solo Build It!

Furthermore, Solo Build It! has a number of software programs that work in the background without you even being aware of them. For example, it has a program that spiders your website regularly to check if you have created any new content and then submits that content to search engines every day. 

This way, search engines keep noticing how active your website is and hence they send you more and more free traffic. Imagine having to do this manually.

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