How to Build a Profitable Internet Marketing Business from Scratch

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Getting started online can be difficult. In fact really difficult. What you need to do in order to build a successful internet marketing business may at first glance seem obvious but in fact, it is often counter intuitive.

You see, the truth is that there are many intricacies and nuances involved in the process of succeeding online. Why? Because of the simple fact that your success depends on your ability to build a real business.

It is the people who take time to find out how to build a real business that succeed online. If this is all you remember from this report, you will be fine.

Now, while there is no doubt that the internet makes things easier, it is, in the final analysis, just a media, like television, the newspaper or the radio. Nothing more.

And you already know that no media by itself constitutes a business. Every media is simply a channel through which you can advertise the good or bad business you have built. The internet is no different.

In fact, if you build a poor business and that business happens to be an internet marketing business, you will just fail faster. The net as you may know by now is a very unforgiving place. Your competitor is not down the road but a mere CLICK away.

So it is undeniable that getting started online is tough.

As if that is not enough food for thought, the situation is exacerbated by the fact that several internet marketing “guru’s” push products that are nothing more than a boat load of rubbish.

Strong words, I know. But that’s the truth. It really is. Many products target internet marketing newbies who have no clue whatsoever as to how to build a successful internet marketing business.

When these newbies first become interested in learning internet marketing, they are fresh and ripe targets for the crafty marketers who make a living through misleading and deceptive practices. 

For instance, you have probably come across products that the owners expressly or implicitly say can make you a million dollars and yet you can buy them for just 37 bucks.

The sales letters that flog these products claim you will tap into some super-secret internet marketing system and make a million dollars in a couple of months. Come on, honestly?

I‘ve come across several of these products and I’m sure you have as well. So by now, we both know they don’t work. Never have, never will.

Quick Short Story

If you are as unfortunate as I have been in the past then you have probably spent a lot of money on products that promise the moon but deliver nothing more than a fleeting puff of smoke.

I mean, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on products that have done nothing but taken me further from my goals. I can easily prove how much I’ve spent by simply reviewing every product I’ve bought from an insider’s perspective.

Needless to say, the list is long and a bit embarrassing. For example, how on earth did I fall for “latest new internet marketing business in a box that will help you bank an easy 300 bucks every day starting today?” Or the new limited edition software that would extract thousands of leads from Google every day without any work on my part.

Come on guys. It ain’t gonna happen.

Yes, it’s true that the internet really is the cash emitting, money generating machine that the schemers said it was. And it has probably kept many people who would have had nothing else to do without it from going mental or landing in prison.

But we still live in reality and in a real world setting no one will sell you a course that can make you a million dollars in one month for only 37 bucks.

Why would they do something like that? If someone had such a system they would be working it half way to death night and day like a raging lunatic until it stopped producing results. THEN, they would let you know about it. Harsh but true.

So the million dollar question is, what works online?

Fortunately, the answer to this question won’t cost you a million dollars. The thing that works online is the same thing that works offline. And it’s to build an internet marketing business that is based on proven principles and systems. That’s it.

So Where is the Problem?

If building an online business is that straight forward, why do most newbies fail so spectacularly?

Well, we have already looked at the fact that most of the courses on internet marketing are nothing more than junk. They are created by people who in many cases just want to rip you off. Scam artists to be specific.

But there is another problem. It’s a more insidious one but it’s just as lethal in terms of how much damage it can inflict on your progress. It presents itself in the form of internet marketing courses that provide you with a HUGE amount of information that amuses you but leaves you still, if not more, confused.

What’s the point of having so much information if at the end of the day you can’t use it to make any real progress?

So what is the solution? Come on Musonda spill the beans!

Alright, alright.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that the solution is to educate yourself using internet marketing courses that focus on showing you the EXACT steps you need to take in order to achieve a specific result. And that result is, of course, creating a successful internet marketing business based on one proven model or the other.

I call these products Results Focused Products. By the time you are through with them, you have your desired result. That is, you have an up and running internet marketing business that can become hugely profitable if you consistently work at building it. Not just a lot of information in your brain that you can’t use in any profitable way.

You have a clear roadmap that shows you how to go from where you currently are [broke and busted, jokes, though it certainly was the case for me] to where you ultimately want to get. The promised land of having a functional online business that generates a great income for you.

So what follows in this brief report are 2 Results Focused Products that I have personally used to create my own business. I have gone through these products myself and at the end of the day, I have an internet marketing business that has a pretty solid foundation and (not to brag) is helping both me and other people achieve our aims.

I really recommend you get started with them as well. They will seriously help you get on the straight line to online success. You won’t have to meander in zigzags like I did because you will have step by step instructions on how to move from where you currently are, to having a solid up and running online business.

In fact, if you are better at following instructions, you will achieve your goals faster than I did. There is absolutely no hype in these courses. Just proven principles an systems.

So the 2 Results Focused Products are Site Build It! by Ken Evoy and Follow Up Selling Systems by Charlie Page.

Let’s take a brief look at each of them. And don’t worry about all the links. This report is an Affiliate Link Free Zone.

Alright let’s go.

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