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When it comes to building a Time Rich internet marketing business, Follow Up Selling Systems is the course that really really educates you at a very affordable price. Its main aim is to show you EXACTLY how to successfully market and sell your products and services on autopilot to your email list.

So by the time you are through with Follow Up Selling Systems, you will know the PRECISE formula for creating a sequence of emails that you can use to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your marketing and selling.

Why does this formula work so well?

The reason it works so well is that it enables you to tap into the buying psychology of your prospects. What does that mean?

Well, it is now a settled truth that the more times you advertise a product to your list, the more likely they will be to buy it from you.

So when you send only one email to your list promoting your product, you leave a HUGE amount of money on the table. You miss out on the people who would have bought your product if you had sent 3 or 7 or 9 or 15 more emails.

Having said that, it is critical to note that it is highly important to send your prospects the right type of emails. Why? Because sending the wrong type of emails can actually cause less people to buy and more people to opt out of your list. When most people attempt to try follow up marketing or selling, they come across as spammers.

None of us like to be sold to. Especially not with a flurry of emails. That’s where Follow Up Selling Systems comes in really handy. It shows you exactly how to write promotional emails in ways that are none “salesy” or intrusive.

Your prospects will look forward to your emails rather than despise the very sight of your name in their inbox. This may all sound mysterious to you now, but once you learn the proven formula for creating email sequences that sell, you will realize how easy it really is.

Now, remember that I mentioned that the MAIN aim of Follow Up Selling Systems is to show you how to create a powerful sequence of emails that wildly increases the success of your email promotions?

Well, it does not end there. You see, if you only learned how to create a persuasive email sequence, if that’s all you gained at the end of the day, I guarantee that you would not be able to create a successful internet marketing business. So I would be doing you a grave injustice in recommending Follow Up Selling Systems to you.

But this course teaches you a whole lot more. It shows you how to build a profitable online business around those persuasive email sequences.  For example;

  1. It teaches you how to find a market that desperately wants solutions to their problems and is willing to pay for those solutions online. That’s critical, so read it again.
  2. It shows you how to find products that your market wants to buy. There may be many products that can solve their problems but they may not want to buy most of them. You need to sell them products that THEY perceive as solutions to their problems. They are the expert on what they want.
  3. It explains exactly how to promote a mix of products that will enable your internet marketing business to be immensely profitable. You will learn what products to promote and in what order so that you can maximize profits. There can be a world of a difference in your profits when you promote the right mix of products in the right sequence.
  4. It reveals a time tested method for creating a squeeze page (email capture page) that effectively persuades visitors to join your email list. It also provides you with the software to create your own squeeze pages. Remember, without a squeeze page you can’t build an email list. And if you can’t build an email list, you can’t enjoy the immense benefits of autopilot email marketing.
  5. Furthermore, it teaches you which traffic generation methods actually work. This is HUGE. The wrong traffic generation methods can waste large amounts of both your money and time. They can help you get poor quickly if that’s your aim. J

You will learn all these things inside Follow Up Selling Systems and a whole lot more. Charlie Page has really tried to over deliver here. In fact, I think he has succeeded. You see, most online business courses only teach you how to do something. But there is something critical they don’t do.

They don’t provide you with the tools to do what they are teaching you how to do. Follow Up Selling Systems is different. It provides the software you need to build world class squeeze pages. It then hosts those squeeze pages for you! It also provides several templates you can use to build persuasive squeeze pages.

So you get both the squeeze page building software AND templates you can use to create your own squeeze page design.

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