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Article Marketing Services

Article marketing is still one of the most effective ways to grow your online business and increase profitability. The fact that most people think it is a thing of the past only serves to make it an even more powerful way to market your online business.

If you wrote just 1 article a week, and distributed it well, you would have 52 articles working tirelessly for you 24 hours a day, every day of the year. These articles could end up being featured on 100’s of websites and blogs, and in several newsletters.

And with a link in each article linking back to your website or squeeze page, it’s easy to see why your business could potentially enjoy a huge amount of free passive traffic for many years to come.

But the key to success with article marketing is performing each aspect of the process effectively.

So among other things, you need well written articles, enticing resource boxes that cause readers to visit your site, and effective distribution to highly targeted quality websites, blogs and newsletters.

You can find internet marketing services that efficiently take care of your article marketing needs here.

EBook Writing

If there is one thing that can really establish you as an expert or authority in your niche, it’s writing an eBook. Few things can really demonstrate that you are a credible source of real solutions.

In fact, ever since time immemorial, authors have enjoyed a certain amount of prestige and recognition.

And for some reason or the other, we all tend to believe what we read just because it is written down. So why not use this information to your advantage.

If we have a proclivity or propensity to believe in someone more after they write an eBook (or a book), then writing an eBook to demonstrate your expertise is a wise move indeed.

Now, you might say that that is manipulation. You have a point. It could be manipulation if you write an eBook with information that is false or ineffective just because you know some people will believe what you say.

But I’m sure that’s not your intention. I’m sure your intention is to provide high value information that impacts the lives of your prospects and customers in a positive way.

Having your own eBook also allows you to affordably market your online business very widely at a really FAST rate. For example, you could give your eBook away for free to people with large lists in your niche.

Many will be happy to provide their list members with high value by giving them your eBook. This could give you massive exposure and gain you several new presold prospects.

You could also do joint ventures with list owners. They could sell your ebook to their list and you could share the profits.

So if having your own eBook is that powerful, why doesn’t every online business owner have one?

Well, because writing an eBook is hard work and can be time consuming. It takes commitment. It also takes a desire to provide value of the highest order to your customers.

So if you are short on time or if you don’t yet know how to write an eBook or if you just want someone else to do it for you, here are a couple of wonderful internet marketing services that you can use to write a quality eBook in a short period of time.

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