How to Create an Effective Internet Marketing Campaign

When starting out online, it is easy to believe that an effective internet marketing campaign simply involves writing an ad, placing it in an ezine or on some website and then sitting back as you watch the money roll in. But by now you probably know that that sort of thinking is rather naïve.

When I bought my first solo ad in an ezine I was pretty excited at the money I thought was going to make. I looked at the ezines home page and saw that it had hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Then I looked at the product I was promoting and saw that I would get paid about $47 or so for every sell.

I further remembered that the product owner had said that his sales page converted 3 out of every 100 people. In other words, for every 100 people that visited his sales page, 3 bought his product.

I did some quick maths that revealed that if just 10 000 people visited the sales page and 3% of them bought the product I was promoting, that would amount to 300 sales. That would mean I would get paid 300 multiplied by $47. That would be an easy $14,100 in my bank account.

It is alright if you are chuckling right now.

As you probably expected, reality set in rather quickly. I did not make anywhere near that amount of money. Not even remotely close. In fact I made absolutely nothing to be honest.

So I thought about why my internet marketing campaign was ineffective for a while. Eventually, I came up with these 2 reasons:

1. Poor target marketing. I bought an ad in an ezine that did not have people who were an exact match for the product I was promoting. In other words, the ezine had subscribers who were not really interested in what I had to offer.  

And yet marketing to interested prospects is at the very heart of an effective internet marketing campaign.

It is very tempting to think that all you need to do is find an ezine with a HUGE number of subscribers in order to make money online.

Well, the harsh truth is that you may not make any sells if the people you are advertising to are not interested in what you are promoting.

2. Poor ad writing skills. The ad I wrote was not compelling enough. Even if there were some people who may have been interested in the product I was promoting, I did not write the ad in a way that was compelling enough to make them respond.

An effective internet marketing campaign uses ads that have emotional triggers and offer huge value that compels visitors to take action.

Those are the 2 main reasons why my marketing was ineffective. They are also probably the main reasons why YOU are not getting the results you want.

So if you just take the time to learn how to write ads that cause people to respond and to find the right places to place your ads in, your internet marketing campaigns will start improving.

The right places to place your ads are the places where the people who want the product you are promoting can be found.

So for example, if you are promoting a dieting product, then a good place to buy ads would be a dieting ezine or a dieting website.

Of course it will also help if you learn things like which days to place ads and where to send the traffic that responds to your ads. The reason for this is that people respond better on certain days of the week and at certain times of the month.

You will also make more sales if you send people to your lead capture page in order to build your list of subscribers. This is because you will be able to market the same offer over and over again to the people who do not buy the first time they see your ad.

It is a proven fact that many more people will buy after you give them more reasons to buy over a period of time. But you can only do that if they are on your mailing list.

Alright. Here is how to create an effective internet marketing campaign in a nutshell.

1. Write compelling ads. These ads usually have an emotional impact on your readers.

2. Place your ads where people who are very interested in your product or service can be found.

3. Send the people who respond to your ad to your lead capture page and collect their names and emails.

4. Market repeatedly to those who do not buy your product the first time until they buy. You can also survey them to find out what they want in case they want something different from what you are promoting.

That is effective internet marketing campaign in 4 simple steps. One last tip is that you will get more people to respond if you simply offer something free in your ads and then do your marketing once people subscribe to your list.

They KEY is to make sure that people can only access their free gift after they subscribe to your list. That will greatly improve your internet marketing success.

So I encourage you to start acting on the information in this article. If you do, your marketing efforts will soon start to produce better and better results.

To Your Success


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