These 5 Proven Internet Marketing Systems Can Help You Seriously Succeed Online

Internet marketing systems, it’s all about them. At least that’s if you want to seriously succeed online. They make your life easier by enabling you to make success predictable and repeatable. And that is important.

Most of us, when starting out online, go about things in a completely wrong manner. One of the things we don’t do is systemize our online business. The result of this is pure chaos. You probably know what I’m talking about!

And if we experience any success, we can’t really repeat it because it was just a fluke. There was no organized system behind our sporadic impressive results.

So it is unquestionable that you need to start thinking in terms of systems if you want to advance online and this article will help you do just that. You will discover 5 proven internet marketing systems for building a profitable online business.

Each of these systems is simple, duplicable and profitable. Critically, each of the internet marketing systems discussed below is proven and will keep working well for many years to come.

So let’s get into them! 

Content Rich Website

The first system we will look at is a content rich website. Essentially, this involves creating a massive website that is filled with content that all pertains to topics in one niche.

So the website is really focused on catering to the needs of a specific niche. It’s this seemingly simple point that the power of a content rich website stems from.

When your massive website focuses on one niche it has more credibility in the eyes of both the major search engines and your market.

The result of this is that search engines are easily able to tell what your website is all about and therefore quickly rank your website pages well. Furthermore, your visitors are able to find answers to several of their questions all in one place. Reckon that establishes your authority? You bet it does.

Since we are thinking in terms of internet markeing systems, your aim is to get your content rich website to a place where you are satisfied with the level of income it is generating for you through advertising, affiliate programs, your own products, etc., and then to start another website.

Repeat the same process of creating a focused website and grow your online domination steadily and surely.

The course provided by Solo Build It will make getting started with this system really simple for you.


Publish a Newsletter

One of the most under-utilized internet marketing systems is publishing your own newsletter. There is huge opportunity here for you if you can write your own newsletter articles or have them written for you.

It’s unclear to me why few people publish their own newsletter. Perhaps it’s because it is “hard work”. Whatever the case, it’s good for you and me that there is so much room for our newsletters.

Okay. Let’s look at some specific. The easiest way to publish a newsletter if you can’t or don’t want to do it yourself is to ask leading experts in your niche to write a column for you. If you have a monthly newsletter, each expert will only have to write 12 articles for you over the course of one year.

If you publish a weekly newsletter, they will have to do a bit more writing. But that’s not a problem for most people because of the free exposure they will get when your subscribers read their articles.

But how do you find these experts in the first place? Good question.

The first way to start is by using Google Blog Search. Here, you can find people blogging about virtually every subject under the sun. So simply find 12 or so bloggers in your niche who clearly know what they are talking about and invite them to write for your newsletter.

The second way to find writers is by using Various established authors post their information here.

Once your newsletter has a good number of subscribers, list it in the Directory of Ezines. This way, you will be able to gain even more subscribers AND people who want to advertise in your newsletter will be able to easily find you.

And when you first newsletter is up and running, you can repeat the process by starting another newsletter in another niche or on a different topic within the same niche! Armand Morin, one of the internet’s leading all time Guru’s used this system to penetrate several markets very rapidly.

Create an empire of several mini websites

One of the most popular internet marketing systems among newbies is to create a gazillion mini websites so that they can make many sells from a number of sources.

Undoubtedly, there is some sense in this approach. If you have one thousand websites all making you one dollar a day, then you will make one thousand dollars every day!

But the problem here is that beginners tend to focus on the wrong things. They focus on cranking out as many websites as possible but these websites provide no useful information whatsoever.

This is where sellers of one-click-wonder software programs that promise to make you rich over night by generating a gazillion websites have really made a killing and sorted out their retirement.

But I’m sure you know by now that this junk does not work. Furthermore, mini websites, whether generated by software programs or built manually, are useless unless they provide content that your market is looking for.

In fact, it is these content thin websites that Google frowns upon and penalizes with lower rankings. So if you choose to use this internet marketing system, make sure you go about the whole process correctly.

Yes, build several smaller websites using keywords that people are searching for. But provide real value even on those few pages. It is better to build websites at a slower rate than to crank them out at lightning speed while providing no value. You will progress much quicker if you put the needs of your market first.

The best place to learn how to build your own empire of money making mini websites is Healthy Wealthy Affiliate .

It is a site owned by John Gibb who is super successful at using this particular model. He will show you how to build mini websites using keywords that only attract buyers while selling products that will ensure you have repeat customers.

That’s worth reading again.

Endorsed Joint Ventures

You can’t talk about internet marketing systems without talking about joint ventures. They are rampant. And rightly so. They work! Especially when done correctly.

That is why the big name gurus love them so much. Not to sound hyped up, but you can make a lot of money online very quickly using joint ventures.

If just 12 of your partners each send you 25 sales in two weeks, that will be 300 sales. If you make $50 on each sell after paying your partners their cut, you will make a whopping $15 000 in just two weeks!

So the power of joint ventures is undeniable. Here’s how they work in summary.

Your partners will each tell their respective audiences that you and your products or services are the real deal. As a result, those people will buy your stuff in larger numbers because they trust your partners and those that they recommend or endorse.

But the key to making this system work for you is to provide your partners with real value for free before asking them to promote your stuff.

That way, they will be convinced about the value you have to offer and will have something to pass on to their respective audiences for them to try out and realize for themselves that you do indeed offer real value.

So value provision lies at the heart of endorsed joint ventures. You have probably seen how most big name marketers team up with several partners in their niche when launching a new product and how they provide lots of free stuff like free videos, tools and so on.

Well, you now know why they do things that way!

A great way to find joint venture partners is by visiting forums in your niche. Look out for those who contribute a lot and have influence. They may be authorities that have loyal followers.

Sell Several Low Priced Products on eBay, Amazon and Other Online Platforms

Lastly, one of the best internet marketing systems if you want to build a list of buyers quickly is to sell several valuable products at low prices so that your market views buying them as a bargain.

Your aim here is not to make a profit as such. Rather, it is to quickly penetrate your market by selling products that people will easily swap their money for.

In other words, your aim is to simply gain market share of buyers in your specific niche. Once people are on your customer database, you can then promote higher priced products to them.

This is a very effective marketing system that can help you make progress speedily. So find as many platforms as possible to sell your low priced products on. Market those products appropriately and watch your online business receive a steady stream of buyers every day.

This is lead generation taken to the next level because you know that ALL your leads are people who buy things not just freebie seekers.

The most common online platforms to sell low priced products on are eBay and Amazon. But search for more. Just make sure you do not break the rules of any one platform.

If you have done your math’s well, you can even start an affiliate program where other people market your low priced products for you and keep all the money. Yes that’s right.

Let them keep all the money from the sales of your low priced products. Why?

Because you will still be able to make money on the back end products that your new customers will buy from you later!

Now that you have these 5 internet marketing systems in your online marketing arsenal, take time to choose one system works best for you. After you do that, focus on that one system until it starts working for you. In my experience, that is the fastest way to make progress online.

And the reason is simple. FOCUS. Focused energy produces real results quickly.

After you have one system up and running, then you can decide whether or not to incorporate other systems.

To Your Success


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