Internet Marketing Techniques That Have Stood the Test of Time 

Nowadays, new internet marketing techniques pop up every day. A few of them produce results but most of them are just plain nonsense.

They are unproven techniques that only deliver short term results. And the effect of focusing on such techniques is that your online business does not progress.

So the purpose of this article is to reveal 5 internet marketing techniques that have stood the test of time and will help you rapidly increase the profitability of your business.

The most successful online and offline businesses quietly use these techniques while the newbies spiral down a continuous rabbit hole of frustration. So you will do yourself a HUGE favor by imitating the prosperous and applying them to your online business as well.

Let’s get started.

Getting Endless Referrals

The first internet marketing technique we will look at is how to get referrals. Once a prospect buys your product or service and becomes a customer he or she becomes the very best person to effectively promote your online business.

They have tried your product and know exactly how beneficial it is. Therefore, they can easily persuade others by raving about how your product solved their most pressing problem.

This means that every single customer that you get is extremely important. If you over deliver value to them, and do your best to WOW them, you will gain yourself a white hot evangelist who will have to tell others about you.

So what is one of the easiest ways to over deliver value?

Providing top notch customer service. I know businesses that provide products that are as great as the next business, but they make more sales simply because of how great their customer service is.

I know this for a fact after watching internet marketers who consistently outperform other marketers with much larger lists of prospects and customers during various product launches.  

Their secret? Great customer service. We buy from them again and again plus we tell everyone we know to do the same. Those people become their customers as well and when the next product launch comes around they buy through their affiliate links too.

So get great at customer service and you too will start enjoying endless referrals. Check out for more information about how to improve your customer service.

Give People a Reason to Buy The Second Time

It is now proven that a customer who shops twice with you is much more likely to become a long term customer than one who only buys once from you.

So one of the best internet marketing techniques you can implement in your online business is to engineer a process by which a customer who buys one product from you comes back quickly to buy the second one.

How can you do this?

Well, let’s consider the story of the lady who used this technique to market her pizza shop. So in order to get her shop off to a flying start, she created a promotion whereby everyone who bought one pizza received a coupon to get a second pizza at a huge discount. Something like 80% off.

Guess what happened?

Almost everyone who got the first pizza raised up their hand and said “I want a second helping thank you very much” and bought that second pizza. But they didn’t stop there.

They also told their friends about this wonderful pizza shop where you can get a huge discount off your next pizza. Their exited pizza loving friends rushed off to see this for themselves and took advantage of the offer as well.

As you can imagine, her business exploded!

And the best part is that most of her buyers have continued to buy from her over and over again. So do the same in your online business. Offer a huge discount for your second product or service and watch what happens. In fact, discount the first product and then discount the second product further.

It’s counter intuitive, I know. But it helps you get a life time customer who buys from you repeatedly. What’s THAT worth to you?

Don’t Talk About Your Product. Talk About Market Data Instead.

One of the internet marketing techniques that is regularly used by successful internet marketers is to focus on market data rather than product data.

It is more and more the sign of an amateur to focus on telling people about your product rather than telling them about the market conditions that warrant the need for your product.

So for example, if you sell a product in the weight loss niche, emphasize things like solid statistics on what type of weight loss programs work best. Highlight trends that reveal what the most successful weight losers (no pun intended) have done over the past 10 years to maintain the their ideal weight.

Reveal new scientific evidence that proves that one type of diet is better than the other. That’s focusing on market data. It gives you more credibility. And that when you finally talk about your product, it is easy for your prospects to trust that you know what you are talking about and that your product is beneficial for them.

Focus on market data.

Use Testimonials

One of the most powerful internet marketing techniques is to get your previous buyers to truthfully narrate their experience with your product or service. They can either write this out or record it on video.

You can then include that testimonial on your website, blog, or sales page. This is an extremely effective internet marketing strategy. It is timeless and works as well today as it did in the past. In fact, it is even more important to use it today because your prospects trust you less than they did 5 years ago.

Who can blame them with all these scam artists lurking around?

Now, this strategy is obviously similar to getting referrals but there is a distinction.  And it’s this. With referrals, your customers go around telling people how fantastic you are at what you do.

With testimonials on the other hand, the experiences of your customers are recorded and published on your websites in order to positively influence others who visit your websites to buy as well.

Let’s face it, we all want to believe that people listen when we explain how great and beneficial our product is. But nothing could be further from the truth. Your closest fans and previous buyers will listen and maybe act.

But the vast majority of people will be skeptical. So one of the best ways to deal with this skepticism is to let your customers do some of the talking for you. What they say about you is more important than what you say about yourself. That’s worth reading again.

What your customers say about you is more important and more persuasive than what you say about yourself. In fact, some smart marketers create sales pages that are filled with nothing but one testimonial after the other. And those sales pages convert like gang busters.

That’s the power of testimonials. So start using them as soon as you can. Just be sure to use truthful testimonials and to be ready to verify the authenticity of any testimonial when requested to do so.

Outsource – Get Yourself Out of the Way

One of internet marketing’s little secrets is that marketers get rich because they outsource. They don't outsource because they are rich. The outsourcing comes before the getting rich. To put it in Earl Nightingale language, the outsourcing is the cause while the getting rich is the effect.

This is perhaps one of the most underutilized internet marketing techniques because of the misconceptions surrounding when and how to use it.

You see, most of the stuff that you are currently doing in your business is stuff that you should outsource. For example, dealing with inquiries from prospects, administrative work and sorting out technical issues are all stuff that someone else should do.

Why is that the case?

Because those tasks are low dollar per hour tasks. They are not the things that bring money into your online business. What you would rather do is spend your time on things like content creation, marketing, advertising and talking to highly qualified ready to buy prospects.

That’s where the money is.

So view outsourcing as a way to free up your time to do the things that actually put bread and butter on your table.


So those are five internet marketing techniques that you can use to easily and quickly increase the amount of money you are making online. As you can see, there is nothing difficult about using them. All you need us to organize yourself and start incorporating them into your business one by one.

In a less than a month, your business could be moving up a very different path!

To Your Success


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